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What are the Prayer Closet and Journey to the Heart?

Members are typically given warnings first* but it can sometimes become necessary to restrict a member's status in order to prevent repeated violations of the rules or ToU.  The two types of restricted status are the Prayer Closet (PC) and Journey to the Heart (JTTH).   Usernames if members in both groups are gray.

The Prayer Closet:  Posts made by members in the prayer closet will go into moderation and post once approved by a mod.  All posts which aren't in violation of the rules/ToU are approved as this isn't used to censor opinion.  Once approved they will post in the order in which they were originally submitted and not when they were approved.  All submitted content is moderation so including blog entries and status feeds.

Journey to the Heart:  For those who cannot follow the rules for the PC there are are additional restrictions:  cannot change avatar or location, PM other members (except for admin), start a thread, start a blog, or access AYTFJ.  

When a user is on restricted status a thread will be created for them in which is accessible for only by the restricted user and admin for the purpose of discussing their situation, should they chose.  This thread is unmoderated.

There is no prescribed time limit for restricted status.  Regular member status will be restored once the situation has been resolved to the satisfaction of admin.

*whether or not to issue a warning is at the discretion of the admin.

Why can't I delete my post?

As it clearly states in the rules:


Please remember that the internet is forever, and that includes FJ.

Posters are strongly encourages to think about what they post before submitting because posts are not deleted.  In exceptional circumstances it's possible to have posts archived and taken offline; please contact an admin regarding such requests.  


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