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How do I upload/change my profile picture (avatar)?

Your Profile > click image icon in lower right corner of Profile Photo to pull up the following options: - screen shot #1

·         Upload Photo (see "How do I upload attachments" for detailed instructions) screen shot #2, #3, and #4

·         Import from URL

·         Use Gravatar (this is a 3rd part avatar hosting software.  You store your avatar there and link it to forums/websites)

·         Remove Photo

The maximum size for the pic is 0.1 mb/100 kb.  If you try to upload a file that is too large it will not give you an error message on some mobile devices, if the process stalls check file size.

·         Uploading photo:  upload > reposition/crop option > save  screen shot #5 - screen shot #6 is final result

·         Import from URL:  Import > reposition/crop options > save

·         Use Gravatar:  enter the email you linked to your hosted avatar.  Other users will not be able to see your email address > reposition/crop options > save

Rules/Restrictions: (as with the rest of FJ, rules are few but crucial)

·         It cannot be animated

·         No hate speech is allowed in avatars as the rest of the forum.  If not being allowed to have symbols of hate in your avatar is an issue then FJ is not the right community for you.

·         Do not copy someone else's avatar.  

·         All avatars must be safe for work (no nudity, gore, etc.)

screen shot #1

screen shot #2

screen shot #3





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