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What is my profile?  How do I edit my profile?

Think of your profile are your virtual introduction, or elevator speech, to the rest of the forum.  Its also a one stop shop for those members who want to see what you've been up to on FJ.

Items in teal are editable or optional fields.  Those in black are not.

Your profile info is populated by what you've entered in the Edit Profile Field and your activity on FJ.  (On profile screen in the upper right of cover photo and on main site in user link information > edit profile.). You can enter and much or as little optional info about yourself as you'd like.

Cover Photo:  this is the horizontal background photo behind your profile photo.  See FAQ on cover photo for instructions on how to upload and position.  Due to the configuration of the field background type images work great, as do anything which can be positioned to center in the space.

Profile Photo:  this is your avatar.  See change avatar FAQ for instructions.

User Name

Default Group

Content Count:  post count

Joined Date

Last Visited

Search See My Activity:  Search your activity thread for your own content (posts, entries, replies, etc.)

(Left Side Bar)

Community Reputation (see reputation activity will show posts where you've been given reputation)

Warning/Posts Restrictions:  if you have no warnings/ are not on restriction this will be zero.

Followers:  all the people who are openly following you.  Anyone following you but opting not to be visible will not be seen here.  (Options > you can select to not allow others to follow you, if you choose.  The default is to allow others to follow)

About You:  where you are currently viewing if online, badge indicates main group to which you belong,  and rank (post count title)

Profile Info:  info entered into your "edit profile" screen except for About Me.


Contact Options:  

·         AIM

·         MSN

·         Website URL

·         ICQ

·         Yahoo

·         Jabber

·         Skype





Recent Profile Visitors:  total number of profile views and those who have viewed it recently.  (Clicking the x in the upper right corner of this field will hide it from view and those viewing your profile will not be able to see it.)

Activity Feed:  Your activity.   Newest to oldest in chronological order.  

Status Feed:  where you can post your status (any topic not violating a rule or ToU is fair game...this is a place to post without it being tied to a specific topic.  Previous status posts are shown in chronological order newest to oldest.

About Me:  from Edit Profile information.  Entries/attachments from the About Me section will appear here.

Blogs:  If you have a blog on FJ this tab will appear and contain a link and stat info for your blog.


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