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What is a warning?  What do the points showing on my profile mean?

When a member violates a rule or ToU they may get a warning from mod or admin in a red box at the top of the page being viewed.  The number of points issued is at the discretion of the mod or admin issuing the warning.

The warning will contain details of the violation and you must click to acknowledge receipt of the warning before you will be able to post, comment, create content, etc.  

In the right sidebar of your profile it will show your current total of warning points with a link to recent warnings.  This information is visible to mods and admins only.  Other members who are not mods or admins will not see any reference to your warnings.  

If if you disagree with the warning which has been issued you can PM a admin to discuss it.

Warning points drop off automatically after 12 months.  


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