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Blog Related Questions

What are the rules for blogging on Free Jinger?

Members can create their own blog on FJ.  Rules are the same for blogs/blog comments as for all posts on FJ.  No hate speech, no doxing,  no speculation on unnamed victims, no discussion of the sexual orientation of minors or adult children still living at home with their parents/families, self-promotion/spam, etc.  Please see ToU/Rules.

As with accounts and posts FJ Blogs are forever.  Blogs, blog posts, comments, etc. will not be deleted.  As with the other content, if there is an extraordinary circumstance you can contact an admin to discuss archiving the specific content, but there needs to be a clear and compelling reason for this to be considered (real life security issues, etc.)

One blog per member.  If you have a compelling reason you need more please contact Curious.

You can blog about any topic as long as it doesn't violate the rules or ToU.  

Only FJ members have access to leave blog comments.

Members on restricted status cannot start a new blog, but may maintain their current blog.  When on restricted status moderation applies to blog entries and comments as it does to the rest of the site.  


How can I start a blog on Free Jinger?

  • Site header > Create > Blog
  •  In the message box enter the name of your blog and a brief description > Create
  •  Optional:  Add a photo to your blog header via the photo dropdown in upper right hand corner > upload photo (should add optimal size) You can go back to the drop down to reposition he photo within the field and change by removing and uploading a new photo, when desired.







How do I update/maintain my blog?



·         Site header > Create > Blog Entry


·         Enter title (required) > select any tags (optional) > create entry/upload attachments > Submit Entry


·         To edit go to entry > Entry Actions > Edit


·         To lock entry > Entry Actions > Edit (the message "this entry is locked for further comments" will show in comment section.)





How will other members know when I've updated my blog?

Your readers can see updates the following ways:

·         Follow your blog and receive notifications of updates per their settings

·         Page Header > More > Activity Feed (shows all recent activity including blog updates)

·         Page Header > New Content > Blogs (will show blog updates for all users.)

·         Your profile > Blog tab and Activity Feed 

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