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Migration Related Questions

Forums aren't loading for me in Tapa Talk, what do I do?

Delete FJ from Tapa and re-add.  

After you do the delete and readd on tapa, please also make sure you have turned off the tapatalk signature.

To turn off signatures in Tapa:   Me > Settings > Signature > turn the switch off.

I can't scroll the text in my edit box, how do I get to the bottom of the field to reply to a post?  (Issue for some iPhone/iPad users.)

The problem is the content within the edit box not scrolling up so you can get to the bottom where you type.  This is a Apple/Safari thing and not the site.

Within the edit box itself take two fingers (or index finger and thumb together as it can be easier...you need two separate points of contact hitting the inside of the edit box at the same time) and tap up the screen.  Don't drag/swipe like you do when you're scrolling up the whole window, tap it in succession - kind of like your fingers are hopping up the screen.  This will scroll the edit box up until you see the empty space where you can type - just tap the space to get your cursor there and proceed as you normally would.









I'm signed in but I can't view any forums?  What do I do now?

if you are signed in and can't see any of the forums there is a problem with your account.  PM Curious, Destiny31, or HappyAtheist to resolve the situation.

Some of the terms are different than they were on the old site?  Is there a old site to new site cheat sheet?

Transition Vocabulary Cheat Sheet 

Old = New

  • User Control Panel = User Link Menu
  • View Your Posts = My Activity Feed
  • Members List = Search narrowed by members
  • Likes List = Reputation
  • New Posts = New Content
  • Friends = Following
  • Foes = Ignored Users
  • Avatar = Profile Photo
  • Liking Post = Receiving Reputation


Why do I have a reputation?  Where is my Like button and what do the red and green arrows mean? 

Your reputation is your cumulative score for up voted/down voted posts.  This replaces and improves the function of the "likes list" on the old site.  Clicking on the reputation activity icon under an avatar will show the most recent reputation activity for that member.

Green Arrow = up vote:    You have an unlimited number of up votes to express approval of a post.  This is no different than how we 'liked' posts on the old board.

Red Arrow = down vote:  You have 5 down votes per day so use them wisely.  The purpose of down voting is to express disapproval of a post.  They are limited as to inhibit posters arbitrarily down voting others due to personal animus or trolling.  We hope the down votes will be a way to communicate community disapproval when warranted, while mitigating some of the piling on which can happen.  Used properly fewer dead horses will be beaten and we can self-police more effectively.

Clicking on the "See who gave reputation" icon in the lower left hand corner of a post will show you users who up/down voted.

A down vote does not negate the need to report a post in violation of a rule/ToU.  

It is merely an expression of your opinion.  Posts which need to be seen by a mod must still be reported with the report function (which remains unchanged.)

How does the quote function work?

The new quoting function is a huge improvement, making it very simple to quote to multiple posts in a thread in one reply.

To quote multiple posts in a thread:

  • click the + icon entitled "multi quote" in the far left corner of the post.  Do this for each post you wish to include.
  • When you have multiple posts selected you will see a pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen "multi posts" click this and it will bring up a reply with all selected posts quoted.
  • Reply as normal.  (Please remember to snip the extraneous texts to keep things tidy.  (it is so much easier to snip on mobile devices than it was on the old site)

To quote one post:

  • This is the same procedure as before:  Click "quote" on the post and reply.


Why did my two posts get merged?

In order to keep things tidy and avoid double posting this function combines your posts when you post consecutively on the same thread.  

What are the notification options?

We have a much wider range of notification options now, in addition to the awesome new system which separates PMs from notifications.  

This is a little cheat sheet for the settings:

Account drop down menu > Notification Settings > 

Section 1 - contains the content of which you wish to be notified:

  • Send me news and information subscribes you to the mailing list (from which you can unsubscribe at any time)
  • Options to automatically follow anything you post or reply to.  If you disable this you can still opt to follow content of your choosing by clicking the follow button in the content.  Enabling auto follow will result in a lot of notifications for frequent posters, so remember you can change your settings at anytime.
  • Method to use for followed content is the frequency of your notifications.  You can opt for an instant notification in your notification list (The number of which will show on your notification icon in the site header) or  get one email daily or weekly with your notifications.
  • When "Show pop up when I have a new message" is enabled you'll get s pop-up on your screen when someone sends you a PM.  You will not get a pop-up for notifications.

Section 2  - specific items about which you wish to be notified and whether you want them by notification, email, neither, or both.  


  • New content for things I follow (posts/entries on things you're following; forums, sub forums, threads, blogs, etc.)
  • Someone comments on something I follow (comments/replies to comments, etc.)
  • Someone reviews something I follow (reviews for all followed content)
  • Someone I am following makes a post (in any forum or blog.)
  • Someone quotes a comment or post I made - Hands down this was THE most requested feature in the "What would you change about FJ" thread and it's here!  (Notification whenever one of your posts is quoted)
  • Someone mentions me in a post (someone mentions you in the following format @ExactUserName so you'll know someone is giving you a shout out. It's kind of like scrying for a lost witch or calling your name three times (depending on whether you're more a fan of Charmed or Beetlejuice.)  For specifics on formatting so your message is heard see "How do I mention someone in a post?" in the site section of the F A Q.
  • Someone gives reputation for something I posted (Up votes and down votes.  This is the new equivalent of 'like for your post' PMs from the old site.

Messenger (this is the only sub-section where notifications are grayed out because you will always get an onsite notification when someone sends you a PM.  You can, however opt to also receive them via email.)

  • I receive a message (PM)
  • I am added to a conversation (in PM)


  • Someone follows me (when someone has "allow others to see that I'm following UserName" enabled.  If this is disabled and they are following you anonymously you will not receive a notification.)
  • Someone posts on my profile ((Status feed)
  • Replies to profile comments (replies to statuses you've posted or comments on your feed)
  • Someone I follow posts a new status (alerts when the people you are following are updating)

Reminder that you will not receive notification when someone has added or removed you from their ignore list, nor if someone stops following you.

If you have access to other functions (admin, mod, tech, etc.) you will see notification options per your access.




Where did my foe list go?

What was called the foe list on the old site is now your Ignored User List;  it functions the same.

Go to your account in the upper right hand of the site header and select "Ignored Users" from the drop down menu.  There you'll find all of your old foes.  You can also add new users to ignore as well as stop ignoring users from your list in this screen.


Where are the emoticons and how do I find the one I need?

  • In post text fields click on emoticon icon in the tool bar


  • Scroll down to see a sampling of emoticons in each category or click on Categories drop down for a list of the categories number of emoticons they contain.


  • To search for a specific emoticon you can use the search field and it will pull up all emoticons with your search terms in its name field.  (i.e. angry, ferret, leghumper, etc.)


  • Emoticons I’ve Used Recently in Overview contains…emoticons you’ve recently used.  It’s pretty intuitive.  :wink-kitty:


Where is the edit information on the migrated posts? 

The notes which indicate when a post was edited and by whom will not carry over from the old system.  Posts created on the new system will have that information.

Why does this old post look weird?

When migrating over 1 million posts some formatting can get a little wonky.  If you find an old post which looks weird just report it so we can fix it.

Why are the likes on old posts gone?

The likes on posts didn't migrate from the old system so this is a completely fresh start for everyone.

For those of you mourning the loss of your likes just remember, if people liked what you had to say before chances are they will like what you have to say again.

Why is my post count wrong?

Manually adjusted post counts from Yuku will not carry over so your post count will be from what you've posted since FJ moved to phpBB.

Where did my avatar go?

While most avatars migrated correctly, unfortunately some did not.  Simply upload your avatar again via the instructions for "How do I change my avatar" in the site related FAQ.  

Where is the member list?

The way to find members has been streamlined with the new search function.  To find a member go to the search field > select "members" from the drop down to narrow your search to members only > type in all or part of their username.  It will pull up any user with those search terms in their name, so even partial search terms will be effective.


Why isn't my keyboard popping automatically on my touchscreen (Windows devices)?

This is an issue many people running Windows devices are having with some forums.  Make sure your settings are configured to pull your keyboard up automatically:  Settings > Typing > make sure "Automatically show touch keyboard" is enabled.

Laptop/tablet hybrid devices need to be rebooted when going from laptop to tablet.  

Just a a couple of suggestions, This is nothing we can address at a site level, it's an issue with Windows 10 so keep a look out for an MS patch and in the meantime if the suggestions above don't work you can pull up your keyboard manually.

Help!  It looks like the site isn't loading (vertical ads)

As much as we'd love everything to work perfectly every time, on occasion vertical ads will load in the top spots which extends the amount of white space before the content.  

This is something we're working on, but in the meantime the super easy workaround is to scroll down until you see what you're looking for.  


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