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  2. Sorry to serial post but this church is hilarious. You can’t just go to this church. You have to jump through some hoops before becoming a member. You have to take a 4 part class. And then you are given a test, I mean interview. If you pass, you get to join. Lol. Boy does this church think it’s super special 🙄
  3. viii

    Meghan and Harry 7: Recollections May Vary

    You can speculate, snark, theorize, and call out BS for H&M without delving into mental health and twisting their words to fit a certain narrative that we have zero idea is true or not. And yes - I believe FJ should be mental health friendly. It's called being a decent human being to support people who are suicidal or struggling. PS - calling out your racism is part of the calling out BS part of FJ that you like so much.
  4. Sometimes I wonder if Josh is unconsciously driven by the desire to get caught and punished because of some deeply ingrained need to go through exposure, confess, and thus be absolved of guilt. (You know, repent and come back to Jesus.) He is a terrible person, but also a pathetic one because he seems to throw away all his advantages to satisfy his inappropriate sexual desires. Maybe it’s because he is stupid and entitled, but he does seem driven by compulsions he can’t control. Even if he doesn’t believe all the stuff his parents taught about God, even if he only pays lip service to the rhetoric of fundie repentance, I would guess that he has some sense of guilt and some fear of divine punishment deep down. So maybe when the FBI shows up at his door, he babbles in a way that shows he is guilty because (at that moment) he thinks The Lord may be intervening. Maybe (one hopes) he has been using CSA as a way to prevent himself from acting on his impulses and molesting children in his environment (one prays that is so). Maybe he feels that makes it okay, that though he has violated the law, what he has done is not as bad as molesting a kid. I am just speculating, and none of this makes his crime(s) less, but perhaps on some level Josh is crying out for help. He may be torn between wanting someone to catch and punish him and wanting to get away with it all. Maybe the best thing that could happen to him would be prison and secular counseling—if only he can let go of his need to conceal and seem better than he is. Just thinking aloud here. I am not excusing him in any way.
  5. Smee

    Maxwell 51: Empty Nesters, Empty Vesters? End of an Era

    Yes, they would take profit. I've never heard of an author paying a store to carry their books. As for how to get them to carry them, it may depend on whether the Maxwells are working with a larger distributor or if there's one connected to the printer. E.g. if you print on demand with IngramSpark, your book becomes accessible by the Ingram Group distribution network - so a bookstore would have a wholesale account with Ingram and might buy a few copies of your book (at the discounted wholesale price) along with a dozen other titles from various other authors and small publishers, that all gets invoiced and shipped together. Distributors like this have catalogues which they send to booksellers each month, and you can pay to have your book featured in the catalogue. Or you can approach the bookstore directly (many will have contact details for the person responsible for book buying on their website) and let them know about your book, reasons it might sell well, and how to order copies. The other thing that helps bookstores to keep things low risk is to make a title returnable - so if it doesn't sell within, say, 12 months, the store can send it back for a refund. Publishers/authors then have to wear the shipping costs associated with that, and figure out what to do with the extra copies of the book that didn't sell (often they get pulped). Not at all! But, I do find that handmade stuff with natural fibres lasts much, much longer than 90% of what's available in shops these days. Fast fashion is such poor quality. So as long as you actually wear your handmade clothes regularly, it can work out ok, financially. I have a dress that I made 5 years ago and wear regularly throughout the summers; I have one seam that I need to fix up where it's starting to fray (I made this before I had an overlocker/serger), but otherwise it still looks as new.
  6. catlady

    Jana Duggar 12: Will She or Won't She?

    I’ve heard this too. @Queen Of Hearts would have better info since she worked in the industry, but I’m pretty sure it was DeBeers or a similar company that began marketing diamond rings as engagement rings in the early 20th century because they wanted to sell more of them. Spending two/three months’ salary was also a marketing campaign. And it became a thing. I like sparkly jewelry as much as anyone else, but having been poor through my teens and twenties my personal priorities involve not spending money where I don’t need to. Rhinestones are as shiny as a diamond, so I’m content to buy those instead. This is also why I never got around to fixing my engagement ring even though I can afford to now; I’d rather direct my spending money elsewhere. oopsie on the quote box below; my phone got wonky and I can’t delete it.
  7. I read the memoir by one of the kids. He said the only truthful thing in the movie is that a widower with 8 kids married a widow with 10. According to him, when visiting the family for research purposes ahead of filming, Lucille Ball was creeped out by the father and told the production folks, “Keep that SOB away from me.”
  8. How could this church appeal to her? How can it appeal to anyone? Oh and now I see her husband sometimes preaches at the church. I swear to spaghetti monster that every time I look at his face, my mind screams “white supremacist run!” Sorry but he just looks like the face that would be under a pointy white hood.
  9. tabitha2

    Meghan and Harry 7: Recollections May Vary

    Since when is FJ meant to be Mental health friendly? It’s for speculation, snark , theory’s and for calling out bull shit if need be. Harry and Meghan are prime fodder for all that IMO. Also It could sure be harmful to me if I was not not so thick skinned more for certain individuals to try to twist my words, read into things and call me a Bitch and racist but I guess that’s ok.
  10. hoipolloi

    Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein

    The heat on Andrew is cranking up. Hereʻs a quick explainer of "letters rogatory."
  11. Having armpit hair isn’t gross. It’s just hair. As long as it’s clean I’m pretty meh about body hair. But going weeks without washing your hair is gross. Especially when it’s as long as hers and how much she works out.
  12. Well she has admitted to using a dirty fork to fluff her dirty ass hair (prior to a wedding, no less), so I’m sure her arm pits, that the general public rarely sees, are a REALLY LOW PRIORITY!
  13. Agreed. Plus, if he waits until after Nathan's and Katie's weddings, then 100% of the wedding-related attention can be on him!
  14. Maybe..though my guess is pregnancy related, during my last pregnancy I was advised to be on light rest and leave the house only when I had too. I wasn't on bed rest but I wasn't supposed to go anywhere or do any heavy exertion.
  15. viii

    Meghan and Harry 7: Recollections May Vary

    Which is her right to do so as it's her experience. Harry and Meghan are 99.9% blissfully unaware about FJ and the opinions shared about them. However, there are likely other FJ members here who have had similar suicidal experiences as Meghan and hearing the dismissive way some people speak about it or twisting it into manipulating spouses and whatnot is a piss poor look. It's harmful.
  16. Today
  17. EmCatlyn

    Meghan and Harry 7: Recollections May Vary

    I don’t think that Harry would worry now that he is “the sole reason” that Meghan doesn’t commit suicide because they presumably currently have a happier life as well as two kids who should be even stronger reasons not to commit suicide. However, I agree that this is something they should work out because his fear of losing her seems disproportionate and could become a source of later problems. About Meghan’s suicide ideation, it is worth noting that by her account it happened during her first pregnancy. Pregnancy can stir up weird emotions even when you are not already feeling pressured and homesick. Definitely her feelings should not be devalued, but it is not unreasonable to assume that the worst depression passed, especially since, after Archie was born, she was actively engaged in projects she could hope would improve her life.
  18. Not the person you asked but I believe Steve has heart issues.
  19. Victoria wouldn't surprise me, it's rumored that Sarah originally wanted to name Beatrice herself that. However, I agree that it's likely to be a name along the lines of Savannah, Mia, etc - aka nothing expected.
  20. Today Lori uses assorted prooftexts (mostly from proverbs) to belittle and insult people who aren't married. While it's true that a good marriage can be a very good thing for some people, (and the Bible does back that idea) it's not true that people were "created to be married" -- that's ridiculous. If anything the letters of the new testament tend to be a bit down on marriage from time to time! Lori does address Paul's promotion of singleness, but it doesn't make any sense. In Lori's opinion Paul is only promoting singleness for people completely void of all sexual desire. Everybody else should marry because, somehow, she thinks that Paul is worried about pornography? On the other hand, Lori doesn't think all marriage is good. Men should not choose 'feminists' for wives. (Advising men now, Lori? I thought women didn't do that?) Why not feminists? Because feminist women believe in equality, freedom, and dignity -- and Lori's God is opposed to all of those things. Instead men should look forward to marrying fictional women who think that love, respect, and humility mean that men matter more than women. These fictional women value obedience (nowhere in the Bible) and focus only on pleasing men. Ewwwwww! So men should get married, but they also shouldn't, because only imaginary women will do. Sounds great Lori! Lori finally begins to talk about young women, in particular the ones who are 'longing to marry' -- Who does that? I mean, people do fall in love and sometimes 'long' to marry the person they are in love with... but does anybody just 'long to marry' generically? Like, with anybody? It doesn't matter who, as long as they get a ring? I don't think those people exist. Anybody dreaming of marriage for the reason Lori gives: because they are alone, and that's not something they think is a good thing... those people are going to be in the messiest marriages on the planet. You can't just start a life with someone because you are lonely! Lori's advice? Young women should tread water in life: going faithfully to a male-centred church, offering to help people, and learning to do chores as if they are 'arts'. That's all you need to be prepared to fall into the lap of the first superficially spiritual man who crosses your path. Don't bother trying to make anything of yourself. Any bigger ideas are surely temptations from the devil. Maybe this kind of idleness and self-restriction might be hard on you, but it's for the best. Sacrifices are necessary to be the kind of woman Lori approves of. You might as well start now.
  21. tabitha2

    Meghan and Harry 7: Recollections May Vary

    Yes, because Harry and Meghan are reading Free Jinger and taking things we go on about to heart. But ,Hell, it might do them good if they did.Anyway I’ve seen more than few things in my time here that really make FJ look bad and this is not near the top.
  22. EmCatlyn

    Meghan and Harry 7: Recollections May Vary

    The thing is that Meghan herself brought her “suicidal thoughts” into public discussion. She made a big deal of them as one of the reasons they had to leave royal life. Further, Harry himself has made the connection between those suicidal thoughts and his fear of losing her. Any speculations based on these public statements are hardly “scraping the bottom of the barrel.” I do agree that we don’t have proof that “Meghan is pressuring Harry and manipulating his mental and emotional health.” However, it is not a “ridiculous speculation” to consider that Meghan might (consciously or unconsciously) use Harry’s fears of losing her to get him to do things she considers are “good for both of them.” She may not realize that she is being manipulative (a lot of people don’t) and she may just be trying to meet her own needs. It is not inappropriate, I think, to speculate on the way the people we discuss may be interacting and possibly manipulating each other so long as we ground our speculations in what they have actually done or said. I repeat that Meghan needs therapy as much as Harry does, and I wish their message were less about why they have all the answers and more about how they need to work on finding the answers—just like all of us do.
  23. This is what I fear too. Same with his other inaccuracies. It is easy to dismiss the whole video if he gets some facts wrong- also because he takes a very bias tone- I am hoping the documentary can just present the facts and timeline, since really, that is enough to show how sinister RF is.
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