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  2. And require all states to make voter registration and access as easy as possible, even if only they can only mandate it for federal elections.
  3. CyborgKin

    Botkin 2: Geoff Tried to Advise Trump

    Ben replied that he's so in. and then had a few tweets about CRT
  4. Saxon math does have a separate homeschooling math curriculum package. Saxon is not religious, however. Some private schools use it and once upon a time some public schools did as well. It has fallen somewhat out of favor in the wake of newer curriculums that do not rely so much on the parent understanding the math to teach it and a plethora of online options. I've used it with my kids. It has some gaps, so I do supplement and move to different curriculum after Algebra.
  5. Ozlsn

    Bro Gary Hawkins 17: Naschitti

    How many churches has he "preached" at recently?
  6. The Hope We Hold is an Amazon best seller, print is number ranked 1, kindle is ranked 2 in the TV category.
  7. More evil than what Josh did, no doubt because she's a daughter of Eve, and her sins will always be considered worse. Anna won't leave him, and not just because divorce is such a sin. My guess is that there is no one in her immediate family who can afford to help a family of 8 in any meaningful way. Even if her non-fundie siblings could help get her started somewhere else, Anna will never work an actual job. Easier, and in her mind, safer to stay under Jim Bob's financial umbrella of protection while Josh is away. And when he's released from prison, she'll take him back and the cycl
  8. My family celebrates what I call secular Christmas. No religious affiliations, just Santa and baking and family. I think if your old religious items bring you comfort, you should wear them. The meaning to you is personal sentiment, and it is not appropriation because it comes from your personal history and only you can understand its full significance. Also thanks to everyone for their cute fluff pictures.
  9. I honestly wish I knew what was going on in that empty little head of hers. She obsesses over being single & perfect marriage. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over....... Although I am happily divorced, I was married for 13 years. During that marriage I can guarantee not one bit of her advice would have been useful. Not. One. Bit. Even when I was happily married & we liked each other. When you've been married less than a year and have followed a recipe written by your father to get to this point, you have no place giving advice about what makes
  10. I don't miss sitting through mass but sometimes I would like to simply go back to the church I attended growing up, at a time when no mass or other service was going on, to sit quietly and take in the sights and scents. As a child, when I was bored and just counting the minutes until mass was over, I would look at the various scenes depicted in the stained glass windows that went all around the church. There were always flower arrangements near the altar, and the scent of candles. I still occasionally go in to light a candle to offer up a prayer. ETA: In times of great stress and/or f
  11. Yeah the timing of the graduation is especially delicious.
  12. I'm so tired of fundies dodging blame for their own bad choices. It's either Satan or the devil made them do it, or computer access, or rock music, or women who show their collar bones in public, or, or, ... They run away from personal responsibility like it's rabies. So how do they reconcile that I, a spiritual but otherwise non-religious person who doesn't belong to any church, doesn't read the bible, is unmarried and working out in the evil world, listen to heathen music, etc. - still do not commit illegal or evil acts? I just wish they would simply say, for example, "we are sadd
  13. Today
  14. I missed it on redacting the information. This was posted before the latest modbox on it.
  15. I knew he’d graduate. It seems he has snapped back to reality. Now he needs to get a job and stick with it. He needs to be the role model of decent, engaged, contributing citizen and neighbor that Jill has seemingly never had.
  16. I’m am currently single, dated the same person for five years and we lived together for three. If it was an emergency I would drop what I was doing for him. Other than that no. We knew each other’s plans in advance so it was never an issue. I don’t get how she can give any advice unless it is advice that others have given her. The honeymoon stage isn’t meant to last forever. At some point you will have a fight, disagreement, over something. At some point your spouse will say something that hurts you, maybe not on purpose but still. My dad never wanted to hurt my feelings but there were a few t
  17. Honestly I didn’t research any others. If I went to another one, I’d go to just a straight blocking service I used that was free. It was K9 something. CE is expensive at $15 a month considering how crappy it actually is. like it isn’t even monitoring my husbands computer because he has an anti virus on it. also, it isn’t really a two way street unless you choose to do it that way.... so an additional 14.99 per person. Since Josh has a problem im sure his account is what is tracking all that Duggar families computers. I don’t think anyone could really use covenant eyes to tr
  18. CourtTV put up a short video this morning titled "Breaking: Grand Jury Subpoenas Issued in Doomsday Couple Case." According to "multiple unnamed sources" the Fremont County prosecutor's office is to convene a grand jury investigation into the deaths of JJ, Tylee and Tammy Daybell, starting May 17th. Subpoenas supposedly going out to members of the community. Whatever that means. Tammy Daybell's autopsy was finally completed at some point but I do not believe any details have been released about those results. I wonder if any of the peripheral people in Chad and Lori's circle have bee
  19. Are you saying you are certain a Duggar minor has been sexually abused? Because I believe the FJ rules prohibit such speculation.
  20. I was curious enough to look up Saxon math. It is apparently a homeschooling math package. At least God Strengthen my Hands has books for the kids. Lots and lots of books.
  21. Obligatory long time no see! In my capacity as an LEO (I am now retired) I have had 2 CP (CSA) cases and one involved the infamous file. All four of us seasoned officers (because you are not allowed to watch these by yourself) vomited. So just stopping by to say: Fuck you JimBob, Michelle, Josh, and Anna. Also, since I can't speak to her myself: Mrs. Reber you definitely have reason to fear Josh. Please do not allow yourself to be alone with him. Even though she is not a minor, do not allow your daughter to be alone with him. Predator is not a strong enough word.
  22. AmazonGrace

    Gwen Shamblin Lara 15: Rinse and Repeat

    Lactating cows are given calcium supplements, but sure, it's a total miracle.
  23. Jill's husband becoming a lawyer, while Josh said he wanted to be one... Also, the timing of Derick's graduation has come at just the right time. - it's a big middle finger up to JimBob! I bet he's fuming. Good on you Derick- we didn 't think you would stick it out but you did. Here's a screenshot from the streaming of the graduation ceremony- all the graduates had masks on, but took them off temporarily for a photograph
  24. Pecansforeveryone

    Katie & Travis 2: Here Comes Yet Another Bates Young Bride

    I think JB and Michelle wouldn't have had issues marrying Justin and Joy off at 17. I think it was largely PR issues that kept them from doing so.
  25. It has yet again occurred to me that another hypocritical factor in these people's lives in equating all sin is that... They really don't do that at all. You draw the line at divorce but forgive the serial cheating or abuse that led to the desire for it? Actually you just think of your own daughters as cattle. Which is ridiculously Paulean plus Old Testament foolishness, and also disgusting.
  26. As usual, the response so far is radio silence apart from a few thoughts & prayers.
  27. NarcissismKills

    Gwen Shamblin Lara 15: Rinse and Repeat

    Where's Joe? No really, where is he? Inquiring minds want to know.
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