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  2. formergothardite

    Gwen Shamblin 7 - I am the Potato Chip of Life

    I'm not up to a whole Gwen video, but I started the video from Thursday and Gwen and Joe are trying super hard to seem like they are deeply in love. Gwen keeps clutching at him. Joe being unable to make facial expressions does make it harder for him to seem like he likes her.
  3. According to Jessica Ballinger’s (Bobby’s mom) Facebook, Joy was in Silver Dollar City last week, so maybe it was that day.
  4. JermajestyDuggar

    Maxwell 30: Buying a Vest Debt Free

    I much prefer the nickname Ivy for the fourth than “Kade.” I’m still rolling my eyes at that one. If you like the name Kade just call him Kade! Don’t make up a nickname and pretend it has anything to do with him being the fourth.
  5. We could have announced on Mother’s Day, but we purposely chose to wait the extra week. It can be an extremely difficult day for a lot of people - those who have lost their mothers, those who don’t have relationships with their mothers, those who have lost pregnancies, those who have lost children, those struggling to conceive, those struggling with infertility... the more husband and I thought about it the less comfortable we were with announcing it that specific day. Announcing it publicly at anytime could be difficult for some people to see, but it just seemed like a particularly loaded day to announce on and we didn’t want to cause additional pain to anyone accidentally. Perhaps Lauren and Si waited to announce for a similar reason. Or it’s possible they wanted to wait until after Lauren turned 20, as John and Alyssa Webster did when they announced her first pregnancy. Or it’s possible they wanted to wait until she was further alone to feel more confident about this pregnancy sticking around. So yeah. Lots of reasons they might have opted to wait.
  6. Marmion

    Fun with Personality Tests

    My result for Myers Briggs is INTJ ,and my Pottermore result is Ravenclaw . Some of the other personality tests really cut me to the core . These is my result for Ennegram https://www.personalitycafe.com/type-6-forum-loyalist/64856-overview-6w5-defender.html . And here is my result for Disc https://discinsights.com/personality-style-c , https://www.crystalknows.com/disc/c-personality-type . I think that my upbringing in the Holiness movement likely has nurtured me to become more so perfectionistic , for worse as well as for better . I think that if it weren't for the cult self I developed , my authentic self would have turned out differently to some extent . https://freedomofmind.com/a-response-to-academics-who-say-there-is-no-undue-influence-in-destructive-cults/ Speaking of which , here is a personality test my sister learned of , in her pastoral counseling course , at the Church of God Bible Institute she attended . https://openpsychometrics.org/tests/O4TS/ My result was Melancholic , just as she supposed , when out of curiosity I asked her to tell me which personality she thinks I have . https://openpsychometrics.org/tests/O4TS/results.php?dat=MTEgNCAxNSA1
  7. Poorly informed conservatives gonna need a handbook. Guys? Guys? Milo thinks you're stupid.
  8. I wasn't surprised that they were expecting again, especially since she was wearing Jinger's maternity dress in that one picture. Hopefully this pregnancy is easy and the birth goes well. As for the due date, I would assume that it would be in late November or early December, since Josh and Anna's is #16 and due sometime in November (November 22nd is the date that Duggar Data is using) and Josiah and Lauren's is #17, so it would have to be due after that.
  9. Pecansforeveryone

    Seewalds 40 - Here's hoping baby # 3 has a nice name

    I do think Ben does place some value on education. He has an associates from a community college. I think he is sincere and earnest in pursuing his studies. I hope he finishes them and pursues his own calling rather than one handpicked for him by Jim Bob.
  10. FullOfGravy

    Bro Gary Hawkins 10: Nouvelle Cuisine

    This is awesome! I currently only have two, but they're sitting in a drawer. I don't know if FJ does any fundraising-type giveaways or raffles I could donate to, or if it'd be worth setting up a side Etsy separate from my regular shop, where I could send the profits from any sales to FJ. The fun for me is in making things, even if I don't really have a use for them. Oof. We knew his literacy was questionable, but I hadn't realized his parents' homeschooling had failed him this badly. Even allowing for some hyperbole, this sounds like an elementary-school reading level at best. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some learning disabilities at play here, but with work and some appropriate materials, he could improve. Instead he keeps on struggling through the KJV, which is dense even for more fluent readers and is clearly over his head.
  11. allthegoodnamesrgone

    Seewalds 40 - Here's hoping baby # 3 has a nice name

    And less Duggars.
  12. JermajestyDuggar

    Seewalds 40 - Here's hoping baby # 3 has a nice name

    Have you been over to the Naugler threads?
  13. It was Si, not Lauren, who made the comment. He was referring to the Wikipedia entry that they were expecting a child in Nov. No one outside the family would know at that point, so it was ‘made up’. That’s why I suspected she was pregnant again...he didn’t say she wasn’t pregnant. As for not announcing on Mother’s Day, they simply may not have been ready yet for a number of reasons.
  14. keen23

    Itchy legs and razor burn

    UGH. It's THE WORST. I've found that really close shave makes me very itchy. For me, the best option is the stupidly expensive Schick Intuition. It's not the closest shave in the world, but it's the only razor that doesn't give me itchy legs at this point. I use cocoa butter lotion on my legs daily- right after the shower, before I get dressed. I don't shave a lot, just on Fridays, usually- I don't like wearing shorts to work, but I like wearing the on the weekend. Benadryl itch lotion is also great for trouble spots.
  15. Yeah, I generally don't weigh in on the pregnancy speculation debate, but principles aside, I've never really gotten the interest in figuring out if they're pregnant. These aren't private people who wait until the baby is born to let us know they were pregnant. At most we're beating them to the punch by a week or so. I could understand if Jessa Seewald were walking around seven months along with her belly button popping out like the Sears Tower and we all were supposed to sit on our hands and not acknowledge it.
  16. wallysmommy

    Bro Gary Hawkins 10: Nouvelle Cuisine

    I hope my parents are enjoying great fried catfish out of the River of Life and maybe some boiled crawfish out of the Swamp of Joy in heaven. Fundy Wonderland -- I lasted about a day. They're just too, too much for me. @PumaLover Thank you for the laugh! Your recaps are priceless. ETA: One of the songs was "When the Roll is Called up Yonder I'll be There" or as my cousin sang it when she was little "When the roll is filled with yonder I'll be there."
  17. Eh, he was home schooled by his mother, a former teacher, the rest of the time from a pretty decent sized library, not just left feral to roam about.
  18. JermajestyDuggar

    Seewalds 40 - Here's hoping baby # 3 has a nice name

    I bet those feet were RIPE.
  19. Sometimes I really wonder about Derick and how his mind operates. He clearly is a young man who has a variety of interests, seeks knowledge and has been successful in higher education. He is obviously intelligent enough to hold his own. Yes, he is religious, but yet he seemingly has not curtailed Jill’s personal growth or placed additional, JBesque restrictions onto Jill. He is not a recluse, has friends, has traveled and has participated in a variety of activities, both at home and abroad. I have a really hard time trying to reason why this guy would be attracted to and pursue a person who: has had a very limited life, no real education, never made an independent decision, was not allowed to have friends, read, go to school, have relationships aside from with her sisters, have no real hobbies, and on and on. It just seems like a very unlikely match. Personally, DD seems like the kind of guy who might remain a bachelor for a good long time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Another thing that always resonates with me was the scene where DD arrives back to the airport from India and his mom says to him, *” I can’t wait for you and Jill to finally get to talk privately and get to know each other.” Paraphrasing*... I think Cathy was always a bit uneasy about JB’s rules.
  20. The baby number 2 thing is weird to me. I've lost two pregnancies, one before both of my successful pregnancies. We did name both of those babies as they both had heartbeats we had heard before the ultimately stopped. However, we never called our children baby #2 and baby #4, yes they were our 2nd and 4th pregnancies but they are our 1st and 2nd babies.
  21. The majority of foot washing weddings I've heard of, each partner washed the other's feet. It was about service towards one another, not a submission thing. It's definitely not my cup of tea, but I think it being a symbol of female submission is the minority of cases.
  22. zeebaneighba

    Lori Alexander 66: An Assortment of Cheap Whines

    HAHAHAHA no. I had some relatively minor outpatient surgery recently and the hospital billed my insurance over FORTY SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! That's not including the bill for the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, or the pathologist. They didn't get that much; I think the negotiated rate was around $4500, and my insurance is excellent so I only have a $60 co-pay for the hospital (not sure what the other co-pays will be; somewhere between $20 and $60). I was only there from 5:30 am to noon. Medical costs in the US are ridiculous and utterly extortionate.
  23. Maybe she was busy with Carlin wedding related things? Like last minute preparative?
  24. There’s another fundie woman who talks about her miscarriages a lot. She claims to have like 28 babies because she includes all her losses over the years. She bothers me because it’s like a competition or something. We know some fundies do make baby making a competition. I don’t think Lauren is doing that. I just think fundies have a culture of counting every single pregnancy as a child they had. Fundies see miscarriages as exactly the same as their 10 year old kid because of their anti-abortion stances. I think that’s likely what bothers many people. Yes, it’s a loss. I will never discount that. But it’s not exactly the same as losing a 10 year old kid and therefore abortion is not exactly the same as killing a 10 year old kid.
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