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  2. Sarah92

    Lori Alexander: 63: Teacher of Foolishness

    I have to say that I appreciate my parents for generally respecting my dietary preferences because many of them didn't go away even as an adult. Of course, I had to try some things but often if I didn't want to eat what my parents were serving I could go make toast and eggs. It helped me learn to use the stove responsibly from a pretty young age and start learning to cook, a current passion of mine. My parents are very much meat, potato, and a veggie type of people so it wasn't like I was rejecting sardines and yams. Uncooked cheese tastes like chalk 99% of the time to me and my brain basically tells me that mayo is absolutely not allowed. I'm really glad that my parents didn't force feed these things to me. I had an aunt that gave me a mayo sandwich after I wanted a bread and butter one (looking back I'd never just eat cold bread and butter like that now). My brain had a mini freak out tasting the mayo. Speaking of food. What all did you make for dinner? I made fried rice with coconut aminos and lots of bits of leftovers. It was tasty. Plus store bought potstickers because they take far longer for me to make by hand.
  3. amendgitan

    Jana 8: Now with Instagram

    So what happened to Laura De Maisie? Did they force her to leave? If Jana is suddenly courting the timing will be suspicious to me. Like they're trying to stave off rumors. I have conflicted feelings about Jana. I think she is solidly indoctrinated and won't accept a life that doesn't toe the line. I think the spunk and spirit was beat out of her with plumbing line when she was small, based on various comments made about how she was so naughty in childhood and got in trouble so much, juxtaposed with how emotionless and flat she is. I do think she's been wistful about being married or at least able to join her married/dating siblings because she's still treated and viewed as a dependent child, no matter how much she runs that house. I agree with whoever said she's shy and had a lot of responsibility in the house hence it may have been harder for her to meet possible "suitors" or have them notice her. And of course her family relies on her so much they may not have encouraged her to get married. But even if she doesn't feel excited about marrying a man, she has got to feel lonely in a sense. Or infantilized. One wants their independence at a certain point.
  4. ophelia

    M is for Mama 3: B is for Baby Boy Born

    So totally random, but when she mentions the 5AM body combat class, does she mean she gets up at 5AM to be able to make it on time or that the actual class starts at 5AM? My gym doesn't even open until 8PM. Probably because it is cheap af.
  5. This whole retreat puzzles me: the costs, the fact that it is in Europe and people have to travel across continents only to pray and drink fancy coffee for three days and the apparent Switzerland connection that Allison seems to have that was never mentioned before. On one hand I really want this retreat to happen just to see who could afford to attend and on the other hand I doubt she will get enough girls to pay the price and travel on their own across the world. Some of these SAHDs can hardly run errands without a male headship! Traveling to liberal/socialist/heathen Europe? Sure!
  6. allthegoodnamesrgone

    JinJer 48: California Love

    They will have their own show.
  7. ophelia

    Birthing for Jesus: Upcoming Babies 13

    They clearly cared more about the J-pattern than about the actual names. Otherwise I can't explain why they chose Jinger. She was 'only' their 6th kid and they still had plenty of beautiful J-options: Johannah, Joy, Judith, Julia, etc.
  8. No, but I think I got a quick glimpse of Israel in the wedding party. They had a lot of little kids in their wedding.
  9. snickerz

    JRod 91: How RUDE!

    I believe this is the kit they used, $50 each, times 10, plus dirt. They spent over $500 on this gardening project. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Miracle-Gro-48-in-W-x-48-in-L-x-5-5-in-H-Unfisnished-Natural-Cedar-Raised-Garden-Bed/1000399053
  10. Today
  11. amendgitan

    Jana 8: Now with Instagram

    I'm sure people have responded and I realize this is old now but yes it absolutely does take away sexual pleasure. Not all but it desensitizes it quite a bit. It's a strange and gross obsession.
  12. Small Sacrifices was my entryway into true crime when I was 11. I love all things Ann Rule. Diane Downs always fascinated me because every time she had a chance to right her life, she inexplicably made the wrong choice. She was obviously smart but it was as though there was some chip missing. I always believed there was a possibility someone sexually molested her as a child, who I don’t know, because she used sex, or her sexuality, at the most inappropriate times. I mean this woman was coming on to the cops who were trying to figure out who shot her kids. The disconnect was amazing. I wonder about Becky. I feel bad for her to have to find out Diane Downs gave birth to her but I swear I have seen her on 10 different shows in the last few years. I only find it odd because the kids who were shot, and survived, have never done interviews and intentionally live under the radar.
  13. SuperNova

    Lori Alexander: 63: Teacher of Foolishness

    Do you remember the pathetic little salad lunch Lori made for her friends? Hardly enough to feed two people as an appetizer but it was meant for three as a main course. Of course she served it with her nasty 3 week old raw egg dressing. She also threw in some ice water and two slices of bread for three people. Oh, and an entire stick of butter.
  14. I recently watched a rerun of Michaela Bates wedding, and they showed Jana several times. She was a bridesmaid. I saw several other Duggars in the background of various scenes too. I guess UP isn't as anal as TLC.
  15. I loved that hug that Jana and John gave each other before John and Abbie flew away. I think that was a lovely, genuine moment. Go away Michelle and Jim Bob. Ugh. Nope. I didn't see them.
  16. SiRen's "Sugar Baby" pet name would be precious if she wasn't literally a teenager :S
  17. TXGirlInAMaterialWorld

    JinJer 48: California Love

    I think they will wind up staying in Cali and Jeremy will be surprisingly successful as a pastor in California. I hope that Jinger will gain a greater perspective of the world, but I am not holding my breath.
  18. RainbowSky

    Michael Avenatti

    Wooow. Dude came out loud and obnoxious. A good way to have people even more happy to turn your ass over.
  19. I’m glad that Jeremy and Jinger do not intend to get pregnant. They want to move and hang out with this baby. Joy....sad. I see myself pregnant or with Baby #2. It wasn’t even God’s will, like Kendra and Joe. Lauren....well, I hope if she does she waits to announce. That was excrutiating and I think she didn’t stop living it until this aired.
  20. I know they're good friends but If I'm not mistaken someone said that Nathan Bates was a groomsman. Maybe he and JD became closer doing Missions together.
  21. fluffy

    Lori Alexander: 63: Teacher of Foolishness

    I can only assume that "catering to her grandchildren's tastebuds" is different somehow than her recent gushing about how much she loves to be hospitable and is throwing herself into it whole hog and is "learning" to love it. Her insistence on feeding young children food they don't actually like out of some misplaced sense of not "catering" to them also seems to run counter to her claims of loving to serve. I thought women were keepers of home and were there to serve their families. As she often reminds us, the greatest of all was the servant of all.
  22. Don'tlikekoolaid

    Political Memes, Comics, and other Shenanigans, Part 5

  23. Hey Ben, it's a little late to be worrying about being outnumbered with 3 kids under 4. You think having 2 under 2 was a challenge....
  24. feministxtian

    M is for Mama 3: B is for Baby Boy Born

    there were (and are) times I'd pay big bucks for silence at home. BUT...I'd rather encourage the kids (talk to me about the guitar player upstairs) than try to squash them. In reality, once they moved away it was TOO DAMN QUIET for me. I missed and still miss the chaos that comes with kids. Even the days I'd pray "God give me patience because if you give me strength I'm gonna need bail money" I still enjoyed the hell out of the loudmouths. Now it's the texting and FB messaging...ALL THE DAMN TIME! I mean #1 son was messaging me from fucking Ethiopia! He's on another business trip and just HAD to talk to mama!
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