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  2. fraurosena

    Border Patrol Disasters

    A very dark day indeed.
  3. Ozlsn

    Epstein Barr

    If you're a dual (or more) national then it is quite legal to have more than one passport, one from each country in which you're a citizen. The only time I'm aware of that it's legal to have two passports in your name from the same country is when you are in the diplomatic service and have a diplomatic passport and your normal passport (for non-diplomatic travel). I'm pretty sure that having two passports from the same country or passports in different names is usually regarded as dodgy as hell unless you are a spy.
  4. fraurosena

    Epstein Barr

    Is it even legal to have more than one passport? And how can it be legal to have one that isn't even in your own name but does feature your photo?
  5. livinglongerthanyou

    JRod 105: Energy Bulls(hit)

    Yeah, that is most definitely not poutine. Real, delcious poutine is fries cooked in lard and topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. (A side of cholesterol medicine is recommended.)
  6. Is Ivy seewald he tag jessa on the baby's foot
  7. It's difficult to keep up your cognitive dissonance when confronted with the blatant facts, isn't it, Repugs?
  8. Ms. Squishels

    JRod 105: Energy Bulls(hit)

    I watched the video (just this part, since I can't stand his preaching videos). Yeah, it's just what you said. It sounded like he said something about how it could be missed down here (the molestation, I guess) but God doesn't miss it. It was hard to hear that part. And I guess they'll be rewarded for their trouble as long as they're saved. Seems like he is saying that God will take vengeance on the molester. I don't suppose that he cares too much about mean ole men who molest children, since it will be A-OK for his grandchildren to have an uncle who did that. Does anyone here ever think about the possibility that Josh Duggar's sons might do the same thing he did? Is that off limits to bring up? I realize they are just little boys right now, but I have wondered about that. I wouldn't want my daughter anywhere near Josh Duggar, and I wouldn't want my grandchildren around him or his sons. Is it bad that I wonder about that?
  9. Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit ridiculous that he's the "director" of a youth retreat at 20 when the age range of participants according to the website goes up to 25? What wisdom/leadership etc is he imparting upon these youth who are 5 years older with likely more life experience? Or is this another ego stoking title bestowed upon a duggarling because they are fundy royalty?
  10. fundiewatch

    JRod 105: Energy Bulls(hit)

    I also remember Nurie becoming convicted that one of the dresses she liked wasn’t modest enough. A few months back maybe? re: Bloody Mary garnishes— I’ve been a vegetarian for a super long time and really hate the idea of a meat stick in my drink yet it feels weird to follow up my drink order with “no meat on that.” Sometimes the server gives me a strange look if I say that. Alternately I don’t say anything and then that’s the time it comes with a small cheeseburger. It’s wildly inconsistent.
  11. snickerz

    JRod 105: Energy Bulls(hit)

    I, too, remember something recently about Nurie wanting to wear longer skirts (ankle length). It might have been when she was sewing dresses, or in one of Jill's modesty rants. Forget them buying a wedding dress, I'm hoping Nurie makes it! I'm hoping for a Joel-Betsy Foster Catlin style wedding!
  12. Starrynight

    JRod 105: Energy Bulls(hit)

    WTH? What is it with Fundies? 😳🤢😢 Please let his true meaning be lost in translation... That’s horrifying! And these people are the primary protectors of all those children. Way to minimize abuse and absolve abusers.
  13. I had no idea free snarks with drinks was a thing, let alone one that came in the drink. Certainly isn't here. Espresso martinis on the other hand are everywhere. No idea why, it's like the coffee culture suddenly morphed. I think Jill is going to struggle more than she realises with being a grandmother. Obviously she'll still try and make it about her, but I think she'll be more sidelined than she is prepared for as people shower attention on the new baby and mother. Some people get turned off more by the idea of looking visibly older soon than the far off, won't happen to me possibility of dying of lung cancer or COPD.
  14. Could it be Jessa’s baby? Looks like a Duggar baby🤷🏽‍♀️
  15. Today
  16. PumaLover


    My 17 year old dog went missing 3 weeks ago yesterday. I've been hesitant to post about it, because I am certain a mountain lion (Puma) got her and I still can't really deal with it. 

    I'm the PumaLover. I used to work with wild cats and we moved up here to the mountains because I wanted to live among the wildlife. I've studied pumas for 11 years and knew I was moving into their territory. We took all the precautions. I never, ever thought one would grab my dog around noon in broad daylight. A couple days after she went missing, my other two dogs were going crazy in their kennel and then I saw two large pawprints in the sand on the driveway. My 6 year old niece is no longer allowed out in the yard by herself.

    I've been trying to be positive and my usual cheerful self but it's been really hard, and y'all FJers are the only ones who really see who I am after everyone else is asleep. 

    1. fraurosena


      I'm so sorry for you. This must be so hard to deal with. Losing a fur baby is always difficult, but when you don't really know what happened to them, it must be excruciating. And when you start to realize it could be due to the animals you love, then that must make the pain even more poignant. I'm sending lots of love along with my commiseration on your loss. 


  17. waltraute

    JRod 105: Energy Bulls(hit)

    Yeah, I realized I was acting old-man-neighbor-cranky, hence the added 'get off my lawn' remark. I'm still sticking to my original assessment though. I'm all for free appetizers, but in my neck of the woods, the drinks that are embellished with shrimp, grilled sandwiches, steak strips, and so on, cost over the price of a full meal anyway, so I'm not feeling any savings. I know I'm in the minority here with my Scrooge McGrump opinion. Some of my nearest and dearest LOVE those bedazzled drinks, so you are in good company.
  18. Is it possible to see stories on mobile (android if it matters)? I went to his instagram but can't see what you're seeing.
  19. PumaLover

    Bro Gary Hawkins 10: Nouvelle Cuisine

    Clamato is a big thing here in Cali. We have a large Hispanic population. Cheladas are also big. At the job I quit last year, I did grocery ads for Hispanic grocery stores so I'm pretty familiar with all of that. (I made fajitas for dinner tonight!) I had never heard of Bro's joke but I still automatically knew he spelled "their" wrong. That is really one of my biggest pet peeves, right along with your and you're. (18 pages-front and back!!!!!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRqnc07hbR8
  20. Unfortunately in their circles this is considered deeply romantic. Their protest disgusts me so so much and I pray that staff and women using this medical site are safe and don't let their evil harassment get to them.
  21. My sister and my partner both know, although my sister probably doesn't realize to what extent I keep up with them. Not because she'd judge me but we're usually too busy talking about other things. She knows I visit a "duggar board" though (I've been lurking here for years, sorry y'all). It was actually my interest in true crime that led me deeper down the Duggar hole (wow that sounds weird). I mean I'd watched them on TLC and thought they were nuts but it wasn't something I really cared about. But eventually true crime led me down the cult rabbit hole, then the religious cult rabbit hole, and somewhere along the way the Duggars came into the mix. I'd say I started following them pretty hard around the time Josie was born. It might be one of the reasons I never thought to hide it, to me it's weirdly linked to my true crime obsession. Yes, I'm aware that makes no sense. My partner was actually the one who broke the Josh scandal news to me! I'd been slacking on lurking FJ and he texted me at work. "Did you hear about Josh Duggar?". To this day he still brags how for once he knew something Duggar related before me. 😳 I tried explaining JRod to him once and I truly think he thought I was exaggerating the crazy. Somethings you just have to see to believe, I suppose.
  22. Sarah92

    Lori Alexander 68: June Gloom Has Arrived

    I was told that holding hands with someone was cheating because he may not be my husband. I mean my boyfriend at the time didn't become my husband, thank goodness. He did manage to wrack up a couple felony gun charges though. But yep that palm to palm hand holding is real bad.
  23. JustEnough

    Dillards 78: Taste the Rainbow

    This made me smile. In our wedding DPs sister was his Best Woman and she wore a tux like all of the other (the rest male) attendants on that side. At the reception when she gave her speech she talked about how she had been in probably a dozen+ weddings already by that point but that this one was the first one she had *pockets* and went on about how much better that was than a dress with no pockets. It was awesome 👍
  24. thoughtful


    Last week, my sweet beagle boy had his last chemo treatment for lymphoma. He was diagnosed in February, and has been on a roller coaster ever since - 18 chemo treatments, with various unpleasant reactions (including one very frightening episode), constantly vacillating blood work, weight loss, anemia - the whole nine yards.

    But he has been in remission for a while, and has been bouncing back, gaining weight, turning back into his cheerful, lovey self. He didn't have unpleasant reactions to the last three treatments. I'd hoped the old guy could have some normal, happy time.

    While he was there, the vet felt that his thyroid seemed swollen. She aspirated and sent the tissue for biopsy. I just found out that he now has thyroid cancer. :cry:

    Besides hurting for him, and myself, I dread telling my mother. She adores this dog.

    :angry-cussingblack: cancer.

    1. Curious


      oh no!   I'm so sorry :(   Is it like thyroid cancer in people where it's one of the "better" cancers to get?  Poor guy and poor you and your mom.   I hope it turns out with as good a result as possible after making it through the first round and going into remission.


  25. kmachete14

    Lori Alexander 68: June Gloom Has Arrived

    In regards to statistics. My catholic high school and my mom both threw out the fact that virgins who do not cohabitate are less likely to get divorced. This is true, HOWEVER, think of the context. Probably couples doing this belong to a religion that really really does not “allow divorce.” Next point: I did my own research, and as someone stated above, being older than 25 and graduating college GREATLY reduces the risk of divorce and basically negates the risk from cohabitation/virginity. Again, context. An 18 year old and a 19 year old living together and having sex then getting married and not going to college probably don’t care about the religious part of marriage and (in my OP) probably aren’t making wise decisions about marriage in the first place since they are basically horny teenagers with brains still developing! These statistics can be fear mongering without the whole story! Also, who cares about remaining a virgin when according to Lori sex is gonna hurt, you can’t tell your husband what you like, you probably don’t even know what arousal feels like or what the clitoris is, must turn your own self on ahead of sexy time (good luck if he wants a quickie) using mental willpower, your pleasure doesn’t matter, it’s all for your husband to not cheat on you, just use lube, fake pleasure and satisfaction, ...... i mean cmon what is special about that????? Sounds awful.
  26. Spanger

    JRod 105: Energy Bulls(hit)

    I feel like if they ate food at Chuck E Cheese, they would have shown it. They always do at restaurants. This was probably just a quick stop in to do a couple games and go. Which actually, they could probably have home made or frozen pizzas for everyone at home for the same price as one pizza at CEC, so that would be smarter IMO. Im feeling vaguely persecuted by the hate for Bloody Mary garnishes. I like getting free snacks with my drinks. 😂 Usually prefer things that you can eat in a single bite off the skewer (so no sliders or chicken wings) but I’ll take all the pickles, olives, cheese cubes, shrimps, onion rings, celery and cheese curds you all don’t want.
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