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  2. Except that there was a lot of planning that went into the ceremony and they announced at the reception that she was pregnant. She had only recently found out from what I gathered from an exchange between her and Erin. I think she wanted a warm weather ceremony. But she talked a lot about wanting forgiveness for not having her birth parents at their first wedding. And then Nate also had to weigh in 🙄
  3. JermajestyDuggar

    M Is for Mama 2: Quiverfull/Pinterest

    I wish people would question her more. Maybe one day she will snap and go on some asshole tirade that makes her lose a bunch of humpers.
  4. Could they also label it a co-op too? I'm not sure if there are rules with co-ops either.
  5. EowynW

    Lori Alexander 60: Queen of Woo

    "Allow him to grow up as leader." ooooo that reminds me of my Mom telling us that "at first your husband will be harsh and/or overbearing or bossy after you get married. But don't take it personally because that's just him trying to find his footing as leader of his own house and family." DEAR GOD.
  6. JermajestyDuggar

    Bontragers and Bowers 3: Kittens Having None of Their Shit

    I think Jesse would make a cute couple with Lydia Waller. I bet their children would be adorable.
  7. The actual proposal is out of the norm. However it’s normal for young children to want to marry a parent. My youngest wants to marry me. He’s 4 and understands nothing when it comes to marriage and all that. He just knows he wants to live with me forever. NO! Lol
  8. TeaELSee

    Lawson Bates 3

    On the preview for next week it shows Evan, Carlin, Lawson and other family members at a Nashville studio. Evan “sneaks in” the recording booth and apparently sings a song to Carlin informing her of their engagement trip. This relationship is going to be turned into a musical.
  9. EowynW

    Real Life Fundie Encounters - Part 5

    My family and his family believe even a fertilized egg has the same value as myself and that birth control pills/devices = abortions. And while Mr. EW would stand with me, I know both sides would be fighting tooth and nail for the fetus and would be hurling all sorts of emotional charged religious guilt trip stuff at us and it'll be hell. I'm getting it in hard concrete writing. Terrifies me not to. I hope so!
  10. Somehow this ancedote if Peter has triggered a memory. Hasn't Zu claimed multiple times that her boys propose to her and such when they are little? And like say things like they want to marry her? Am I way off base thinking this is super weird? Because I do. It seems super weird to me. I adored my dad, still do. Was a huge daddy's girl. But the thought or pretend of marrying him never entered my brain. Nor was it a thing for either of my brother's who were again mama's boys. I can't imagine this being something that happened naturally. Like it had to be prompted or put in their heads somehow. But maybe I'm out in the wind here. Anyone with better memory than me remember if it was ever mentioned how this started for Zu? I admit to not being up for digging back into her blog a random ponderance this morning.
  11. It kinda feels like Anna adopted Jordyn. She's always with her.
  12. So I just saw this on Facebook, and the VERY first person I thought about was Jill....
  13. Well that one prospective suitor really disappeared with no explanation. It does make me wonder if the suitor ran. Jill sure gushed after they met up and how he “answered all the questions right”.
  14. OMG. Something has to give. We have a person so petty he will prevent the speaker of the house from traveling to do her job, and then use her plane to fly his wife to Florida for yet another vacation. This petty person is not only in the White House, he is the one with the nuclear codes! He's probably spent more time "working" in the White House over the last three weeks than the entire time he's been president. At some point he's going to be told he can't leave to go play golf and he'll throw a massive tantrum, and who knows what he'll attempt to do at that point. If we are very lucky, he'll try to find an excuse to resign. I think, though, we are more likely to see him pushing the limits to see just how much power he actually has. He's literally single-handedly put many thousands of federal employees on the brink financially. He's feeling caged yet also on a power trip, and thats pretty scary. Czechoslovakians? Really? Did Jaromir Jagr and his fellow hockey playing buddies recently come back from a weekend in Cabo or something? Prayer rugs. Sure. I'm betting whoever they spoke to can't tell the difference between a prayer rug, a sarape, and a carpet remnant.
  15. fraurosena

    Trump 38: Donald Trump and the Wall of Lies

    Oh. Czechoslovakians. Well... that rancher certainly isn't a millennial, that's for sure. Czechoslovakia was dissolved in 1992.
  16. HerNameIsBuffy

    Bontragers and Bowers 3: Kittens Having None of Their Shit

    So am I, you don’t see fundies clamoring after me! (I kid...I kid...)
  17. They really don't know how to deal with women who can't be bribed with expensive jewelry and spa treatments, so they just swing their dicks around in a clumsy fashion. Both of my senators are in that picture.
  18. HereticHick

    Lawson Bates 3

    So he's going to get down on his knees in some African village and propose courtship to a maiden with a heart for missions? Yeah, that isn't happening. And yes, he totally needs brown shoes with that suit. The song better be titled Batchelor Till the Rapture. Or a Rose for Jesus.
  19. IReallyAmHopewell

    Chelsy and John Maxwell 6: They're More Frightened of Her than Ashamed

    Sarah--she must wonder why God denies her a husband. I was struck, watching a documentary on youtube of Love and Marriage among ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel how much Gothardites (and Maxwells) have copied from them. The quick engagements, the no touching, etc. One girl says "its what we're made for" etc etc. Sarah, esp., must be deeply troubled at being found wanting in the marriage market. I've often said that like India Wilkes in GWTW she could catch an older widowed man with grown/nearly grown children, but unlike India, the sentence doesn't end "if she tried." It would be "if Steve would relent." I know she is filled with "God calls some to the single life and this season etc," but deep down she must really hurt not having a husband and children so that she can be seen as an adult. In a community that marries young and starts families immediately, it won't be long until the first of her age-mates become, yes, GRANDMOTHERS [18 or so when child is born, 36--40 when first grandchild is born].
  20. Sweet Rufus. Could they make it any more obvious the GOP is in thrall to the Russians?
  21. Cassandra McMurtry had her baby girl, Kelly. What a blow for Leslye, who just has a miscarriage on top of losing everything else including her talkshow host position. Must sting to see you best friend and former cohost with all the "blessings".
  22. Alisamer

    Lori Alexander 60: Queen of Woo

    I know, right? If I wanted to raise a child, I'd birth or adopt one, not marry one. Anyone who is an adult sharing a house with me better be an actual adult who pulls their weight and is an equal partner. If I feel the need to constantly feed and clean up after someone I'll get a cat.
  23. Why not! His big bro landed that ultimate fundie princess Chelsy, after all. The lad could try. Poor Jesse. We all dismiss him for his lack of hotness compared to John. I have a soft spot for him but my hopes of his doing a runner from Maxhell are dwindling. Allison is probably one of the few single women (other than his sisters) he gets to meet under the age of 80. I'm sure he is pining after her. And don't forget he had the initiative to clean up the woodpile all by himself and owns a house debt-free. He's a catch. A catch, I tell you!
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