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  2. allthegoodnamesrgone

    Amy and the Pickle 5: Trekking to TLC

    Layla will be a MOMMY DUH!
  3. A truly funny, silly book is Wonky Donkey. This video was out a year or two ago of a Scottish grandma reading it, her reading of the book is pee your pants funny!
  4. redsmomma29

    Plathville Coming to TLC

    I worked with a Naturopath once, he was full of a lot of woo. As a RN I found him to be very pro supplement and herb based, and not very science based. I also have found through the years that someone who goes by Dr. , usually is not a MD, but wants you to think they are. This guy would introduce himself a "Hi, I'm Dr. Woo Woo." To everyone, including colleagues and random people.
  5. Sullie06

    Josiah and Lauren 15: The Drama Llama Rolls On

    Same situation with my daughter. I had had a 12 week pregnancy loss two months prior to conceiving her and I just had a feeling I was pregnant again but my cycles were still crazy from the loss. I took a test and it was faintly positive, called my doc, went in for ultrasound and I had two sacs measuring just over 4 weeks. Came back a week later and one had developed a fetal pole measuring just over 5 weeks and had a low heart beat and the other was still empty. One more week later Baby A had a strong heartbeat and Baby B had a visible fetal pole measuring only 5wks but no heartbeat and never developed one. So technically I was barely 4 weeks and it was days before my expected period when I found out.
  6. SinkDweller

    Plathville Coming to TLC

    Kim does not have a 4-year degree. She dropped out of college and (used to) feel bad about it.
  7. 47of74

    Bike ride adventures

    Dropped the car off for routine maintenance then rode the bike to work. Still cold but not as windy today. The thermal undergarments also helped.
  8. Whoa.... Tom's snark towards Claudia in that video was completely unacceptable. She picked an adorable witch costume, and Tom said, "You wanna be a witch? That's a big surprise." (sarcasm) A few minutes later they find one in her size. Tom's response? "It's totally in your personality, anyways..." He finally wraps up by showing what each child picked. Naturally, he makes a snarky comment about Claudia's choice. "And Claudia's going to be, guess what? A witch." OMG! That is a 3 or 4 year old child you're talking about, and I'll tell you something else for free, Tom. At least she's not a grown ass man, exploiting his grieving family for free clothes, candy, and money. Get a grip on yourself. You are no one to be acting like that child is a witch. She's practically a toddler. Go sit in the corner somewhere and eat the garbage candy all your "fans" send you. That child has been through enough. She doesn't need your bullshit. Words like that stick with kids. They aren't as resilient as people tell you they are. Oh, and ps- I hope spokeswoman Rachel is right, because that baby does need a new carseat. And the straps? They are ridiculously loose. To the point of being useless. My kids are just about grown, and even I know this shit. It's not new knowledge. After 9 kids, it's time to get a clue, Tom. Maybe put the merry-go-round purchase on hold, and invest in the carseat she actually needs. I believe Wal-mart sells them.
  9. GreyhoundFan

    House of Representatives: Democrats in da house!

    "Trump tried to insult ‘unhinged’ Pelosi with an image. She made it her Twitter cover photo."
  10. JermajestyDuggar

    Plathville Coming to TLC

    There were quite a few pictures posted of Hosanna’s wedding and I didn’t see a single large camera in the background of any. I’m pretty positive TLC didn’t tape her wedding. This is only a 6 episode series so far. I doubt they even filmed the family for all that long. They are likely testing the waters to see if they should do more episodes in the future. I’m thinking this will end up being a one off for the Plath’s.
  11. Today
  12. formergothardite

    Plathville Coming to TLC

    Except that Naturophathic doctors study homeopathy as actual medicine when they go to college. I'm not sure how it is in other countries, but I looked at several of the American natropathic colleges and studying homeopathy was at the top of the list for all of the ones I looked at. If studying snake oil is a big part of their medical training then that is a huge red flag that people should avoid them and see real doctors. Jill is probably dying inside if Hosanna refused to have her wedding put on TV. How many times will she "drop by" the Plath house trying to shove herself in front of a camera? How long till the Plath's end their friendship because they realize Jill only wants to use them for fame?
  13. AmazonGrace

    Trump 43: King of Chaos

    Man not smart does history
  14. Palimpsest

    Missionary Gregg Schoof deported from Rwanda

    Oh, they are there. I found these IFB people recently, just north of Perth. http://www.northsidebaptistchurch.org.au/ and they are Trail of Blooders. http://www.northsidebaptistchurch.org.au/our-beliefs/ The PP has an outpost in Queensland. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Religious-Organization/The-New-IFB-Australia-460149967892676/ And there are many more. Although Australia has its own homegrown cults and fundies too.
  15. petrushka

    "The Unsullied" Unmarried Fundies 7

    Holding out hope for James as he appears to have an established career of sorts. Not sure at all about the rest, or poor squeaky Esther.
  16. I just made a comment about Tom being waiting to "receive" the missing colour clothes. Is he waiting for a delivery of an order or waiting for the "youtube people" to send it to him? After about $69,170 in donations does he still needs to ask for people to send him free stuff, or he is getting greedy for free stuff and easy money to pay for all his heart's desires. I also commented to a lady saying that as soon as she receives her pension that she would add more to the GFM account. Most of these people are very needy and have bills to pay, medicines, etc, and they ask for sorry for not being able to give more. FGS Tom has his own business, he already has a good amount of donation's money, why is he being so greedy and won't close the GFM account so people that actually needs the money can have some... I guess that Rachel Day, whoever she is, will block me for being honest in my comments… I wonder if she is an internet friend or a real life friend... the other day I made a comment and it was deleted… after that I made a second one and asked "are you going to delete my comment today also?", to what Mr. Tom answered : "i didn't deleted your comment 🙂". Anyway, it's very weird that anything I put there is a highlighted comment, even when it's a critic … Why is that? LOL
  17. Just be aware that the Berenstain bears have been sold out by the authors' son to big religion. If it has the "lamplight" logo, it's been rewritten by their estate to be christian. (Which, whatever. But I don't like to accidentally give religious stuff to kids-mine or otherwise) The old ones are secular, the new ones are evangelical. Article https://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/06/magazine/how-the-berenstain-bears-found-salvation.html
  18. Curious


    RIP Elijah Cummings.  The world is worse off today with your loss :(

    1. quiversR4hunting


      His life amazed me. We lost a true leader for the people. 😢

    2. redsmomma29


      Baltimore and the Country has lost a smart effective Congressman.  I am really going to miss him as my congressman!!

  19. Petronella

    Andrea Mills 2: Watching Tom Appear to Lose His Mind

    Both of these are so true and so sad.
  20. Gobbles

    Our 1st visit - Day 1

    The dog toy was not for her, I had it packed for me because I always bring one with me when I go on vacation. I showed it to her and she loved it and so I gave it to her. She even pulled it around. I had to remind her not to damage it once and she immediately stopped chewing on it and continued to play nicely. Being nice to stuffed animals is very important due to my love for them. I'm glad that she listened so well. (Still, she won't have unsupervised play time with them, only her doggy toys.) I'm sure she will adapt fast to her new life once she is here. Big sister wasn't potty trained when we got her and it took only a week or so. My Mum only said that our plans on renovating our floors are on hold until after that is done when she is here. Her big sister loves to pee with a audience. Haha! She likes it when we watch and even checks if we do. Kiki will have the time of her life during "potty training". A famous German dog trainer once said that you are praising them right if the neighbours think you are crazy. 😂
  21. I knew your sister had glioblastoma from prior posts. I'm sorry to hear it must be affecting her balance or something now. It's hard to suddenly be wheelchair-bound and have others doing things for you that are quite intimate even if it's a person you've been with for a long time. Loss of independence sucks and to be unable to take care of basic needs yourself is even hard, in my experience. Three years is amazing. I hope she continues to do as well. Cancer is such an awful disease, but something about brain cancer is particularly cruel, IMO. Surely some of Ryan's kids are old enough to read by themselves by now, aren't they? It seems like we've been talking about poor little Emma for at least 4-5 years by now at least. Does she sharpie out the bits she doesn't like and pencil in the 'right' words or does she just not allow the children access to books to read quietly on their own? Back when we (the US) and Italy started being friends...you know Ancient Rome
  22. nelliebelle1197

    House of Representatives: Democrats in da house!

    According to a former apprentice staffer, he snorts adderall
  23. onekidanddone

    House of Representatives: Democrats in da house!

    RIP Representative Elijah Cummings. A sad day for the people of Maryland and the country.
  24. RFsurvivor

    Gwen Shamblin Lara 9: Perfecting Hypocrisy

    One thing I find interesting is that she is quotes statistics but not providing sources. I would be curious to see the actual sources and if the stats she pulled mean what she claims in context of the study. She has a science based degree, right? She should know better 🙄
  25. formergothardite

    Gwen Shamblin Lara 9: Perfecting Hypocrisy

    Gwen, people are not just being polite, they fear your wrath, but people know you have a problem. We remember you admitted to drinking too much and I bet everyone around you notices that, especially since you also admit you wont' eat at events, you just drink. Everyone also knows that you suffer from greed because of your wealth. Just look at your house, and your expensive lifestyle! Time to repent Gwen, sell all that stuff, give up your alcohol and diet coke!
  26. Lori, a grown-ass adult who was in charge of keeping for little humans alive, couldn't figure out how to evacuate herself from a potential fire. She clearly needs simple instructions to function in life and a nursery rhyme sounds about her speed
  27. AmazonGrace

    Gwen Shamblin Lara 9: Perfecting Hypocrisy

    It sounds like mind control. If anyone tells you home truths about RF , cut them off. Today's Delusional is Part 2 of Blah Alcohol Blah. TL;DR: If you're not in RF it's a miracle you're not dead. There is a bit of honesty in the end (no doubt unintentional) . Yes Gwen, people can tell you're greedy for wealth.
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