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  2. On another local news site it stated he has to have the probation officer’s permission to leave his custodians home.
  3. I wonder how Anna will explain to the Ms why daddy is living with the Rebers? And why he isn't allowed to see his little sisters/nieces/nephews? I mean if she thinks he is innocent?
  4. My guess is that this would simply allow him to attend certain things like men's ministry, men's Bible studies, or counseling during hours when the congregation isn't present. He is a certified idiot. I mean I'm glad he is, it will make him easier to take down. But what a doofus.
  5. If the charges weren't so serious, I would have hit the laugh emoji.
  6. To any lawyer here...could Josh's question "Why? Did someone download CP?" be considered an spontaneous or excited utterance?
  7. That might be why Josiah has been quiet lately. Maybe he was questioned? He and Lauren might have decided to lay low and get off the circus train.
  8. I've always been into true crime, never shied away from the details, but hearing the description of Josh's crimes is making me hold my newborn tatertot extra close. How someone with kids of their own can get off on other kids' abuse is beyond me.
  9. He told law enforcement when being questioned that other family members had access to the computer, yes.
  10. Also this! I have to assume the FBI agents were astounded by and grateful for the straight up stupidity. Especially when the criminal is such a blatant sack of shit. Must be nice to know you’ve got another one in the bag - and Josh is D.O.N.E. done here.
  11. It took JB 5 months to come around but when he gave his approval for the relationship to move forward, Jinger got cold feet. It’s not that JB didn’t like Jeremy, they just had differences of theology and Jinger didn’t want to have that conflict in her family. It seems that JB participated along with Michelle, and Ben and Jessa in getting Jinger to change her mind. Of course it’s messed up how she was raised to need everyone’s approval to decide to get to know someone. This was not even a courtship yet.
  12. I hadn’t read that-ugh that disgusts me and makes me so sad for Josiah.
  13. Apologies if this was addressed during my catch up, but I heard that Josh tried to blame the CSA images on his brother. Can anyone confirm that? His brother who worked at the car lot was Josiah right? So he was totally okay with ruining Josiah's life? Josiah, who used to look up to Josh when he was little? Josh is a straight up sociopath. I used to think he cared about his family but evidently not if he could screw over his little brother like that.
  14. Jacked

    Unmarried Fundies 9: Hoping for Plot Twists

    Lighthouse is the Caldwell’s church, right?
  15. It can definitely be considered at sentencing.
  16. So do any of the legal experts know if the fact that the judge was willing to allow Josh's teenage sexual abuse actions to be weighed into consideration for this bail hearing means that it will also be considered in the final sentencing and potentially result in a slightly higher sentence than the 3-4 years that have been thrown around as averages for plea bargains for similar charges?
  17. I'm still stuck on the Feds showing up to search the car lot and him going "Why, did someone download CP?"
  18. One of the things I don’t get about an accountability parter is once a woman is married she is suddenly and able to go out by herself?
  19. By the way—for all the people who are dealing with some level of retraumatization from this, whether from abuse or growing up/being involved this particular cult or similar fundamentalism—I see you and your pain is valid. This is hard stuff.
  20. Bluebirdbluebell

    Maxwell 47: Vestigial Tales of the Messy Towel Drawer

    And maybe she really didn't learn anything, because it's just an entertaining story? I'm not sure I learned something from every piece of literature I've ever read. I got relatively good grades, and I enjoyed many of the books I've read. I think enjoyment can be enough. I also know people like Mama Blue prefer to read nonfiction most of the time. She likes to learn about history or science while she reads. In a different family, Abbie's desire to learn something every time she reads could be seen as a desire to become a historian or scientist of some type (i. e. biologist, physicist, etc
  21. Caleb was arrested in 2018, so he couldnt be working there in may 2019 downloading anything.
  22. Actually, I think it is kind of a big reveal. Pretty much takes the "it must have been the nameless Mexican homeless guy who minds the store for me when I go on my three times a day Chick-fil-A trips" off the table.
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