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  2. TuringMachine

    M is for Mama 4: S is for Shaving Shiloh

    I've been weirding my mom out lately cause all the people we follow make me compelled to thank her for being a good mom. I can't imagine being so concerned with appearances that you would get mad a what, 4 year old? for not meticulously keeping his shelf in order. Growing up, my mom's definition of cleaned up was simply not on the floor. She probably would've enjoyed it if I made a sculpture out of toys on the shelf.
  3. Frog99

    Lori Alexander 70: Blaspheming the Word of God

    Has anyone been able to locate the article Lori claims to have read from yesterday’s post? I can’t find anything, and a search for the exact phrasing she used links to her and to bloggers who share her posts, along with articles on lesbian feminism (many of which are peer reviewed and written at a higher academic level than where she is). Someone in the comments asks for it, but per Lori, the article has an inappropriate picture on it. Lori could have elected not to publish that comment, or she could have directly responded to the request- with or without the link- cautioning the reader about the @inappropriate picture”. I tend to think she made it up, but I’m not sure she’s that smart.
  4. Curious

    Andrea Mills of YouTube infamy has cancer

    I agree with this. When S and T pass I invision the family keeping the house and moving a few of the young adult unmarried nephews into the house for her to fuss after and keep an eye on or possibly all the unmarried girls will just stay there. I don't see Steve marrying off any of the girls because he'd lose control to the son in law who might not be Keen to live in a 2 mile radius if "extended family"
  5. DarkAnts

    Dillards 79: Sex Education on the Fly

    I do love that he took Michelle Duggar's joyfully available quote and applied it to men. She published it originally right after Ashley Josh scandal. It was her way of publicity shaming and blaming Anna for Josh cheating. I think Jill May have come quite a lot of baggage in some of these areas. I hope she is getting professional help. Thinking about it, I would not put it past DimBob to partially blame the older girls for Joshes sexual assaults. They were willing to shave one of the girls heads. They were willing to let him stay in the house until he did it to a 5 year old. Derick is a dick but at least he is not DimBob.
  6. HarryPotterFan

    Cam n Beccy Mosser: Christ-honoring Criminal Charges

    I am sending this to my future SIL who loves to cook I thought this too. Until I read this comment and thought, “Wait, that’s not what she said?” I never heard the “Jesus is a lesbian” thing before so I should have known I misread it. But I’ve also never heard Cinderella called a feminist tale before... I know a cat named Moses who loves sitting in baskets. So yes, cats DO know more scripture than these idiots
  7. In keeping with @DarkAnts‘s drift, I have several pairs of Walmart leggings that cost about $8 and have stood up well to regular wearing and washing. Meanwhile, last fall I bought a cute pair in a plaid pattern at a shop for $17, and the fabric is thinner, they lose their stretch and get saggy after half a day, and the color has faded. I’ve been reluctant to buy “nicer” leggings ever since.
  8. 47of74

    Bike ride adventures

    More time lapse goodies....
  9. Thread drift ahead. I am taking a how to sew custom leggings class. The teacher use to sew for the Oregon ballet company. She keeps catching herself right before she says something bad about LuLaRoe leggings or their business model. I have had a hard time not laughing. The class is worth it just for that comedy gold. It's also worth it because I now know have a custom leggings pattern and can adjust it based on the stretch in the fabric I am using. The teacher actually measured each of us individually and helped up make our patterns.
  10. catlady

    Bro Gary Hawkins 11: Bro likes his food

    @PumaLover has inspired a game of “What’s Worse.” Having to eat a plate of pink weeny gravy, or having to read GHaw’s version of the Dillards’ sex games. I think I’ll take weeny gravy for $1000, Alex.
  11. Florida Woman tried to get cops to take her bet that she would blow at least a .190 BAC
  12. Go figure My husband and I bought a circa 1975 raised ranch twenty years ago. We did not want that style but loved the street the house was on along with its general location. Housing is very expensive where we live and it was good price for where it was. The problem was that we had to redo every single room and remodeled the former two car garage on the lower floor into a very large family room. We did a lot of the work ourselves and it took some time. I mention this because the rooms in Jill's house resemble what we had to remodel (minus the junk) since nothing had been updated since the house was built. We've grown to love the style since we've made it our own and still love the neighborhood and the neighbors.
  13. Anybody else notice the social media blitz currently going on? I saw all the Duggar posts coming across my IG feed and it made me wonder why all of sudden are they all posting stuff. The camper home, the horse ride, the cute ivy pics, the sex advice, the rehab project, etc... so many posts in such a short time and then I saw the news story about the Jana thing about the grape festival and I went "oh, now I see." Although I think the jana thing is a complete non-story that makes me wonder "who the heck even cares?" I do notice the attempt at distraction.
  14. 47of74

    "The Unsullied" Unmarried Fundies 7

    My sister-in-law's due date was about April 23 but my niece had other plans and showed up on April 6.
  15. Today
  16. Audrey2

    Trump 42: Racist In Chief

    Now we know what the requirement is for a man to get a job at Fox News-small testicles.
  17. She Couples call each other all sorts of odd or silly pet names so To each his own. Maybe it’s an in joke between them or something.
  18. louannems

    Andrea Mills of YouTube infamy has cancer

    I really, really do worry about Eden. She has always been so quiet. In Andrea's dying and death room, Eden seemed especially pale and quiet, literally pressed against Grandma Kitty. Even while alive, out of all the kids, it seemed Andrea gave Eden the least amount of attention. And when Eden did tell Andrea something, Andrea would so often only answer, "Oh, really". Remember recently when a YouTube friend gifted Eden many birthday gifts? I wonder if others have noticed how no one seems to ever notice Eden.
  19. @Black Aliss, Thank you!!! Totally planning to start the podcast. I’m seriously obsessed!!!
  20. HarleyQuinn

    Dillards 79: Sex Education on the Fly

    Their advice got me wondering - how much does Wreck gaslight Jill with these safeguards while he's at school? She's dumb as a rock, so I can see him freaking her out with all these stories of him having to protect himself from these heathen women in "meetings" and needing to keep doors open. What happens if he has a job interview with a woman? How ever will he control himself?
  21. JenniferJuniper

    JRod 108: Selling the Grifted House

    Ah, but I have purchased three homes in the greater Boston area over the course of my life and all came with washers and dryers. Not that they were very new. One dryer was like 20 years old at the time and lasted another seven!
  22. Queen Of Hearts

    Andrea Mills of YouTube infamy has cancer

    You are probably thinking about Andrea Rein's husband who married Andrea pretty quickly after his wife died, leaving him with a large brood to raise. If I were a betting person, I actually wouldn't put money on Tom remarrying anytime soon. He seems to have a lot of local support from friends and family and he and Andrea were so close I could see him having a hard time letting anyone take her place. They seemed to be truly partners and I can't picture him reducing her to a commodity that was easily replaceable, at least not in the near future.
  23. usmcmom

    Maxwell 32: Wearing Your Vest in 15 Minute Increments

    My first job after college was at a long term care facility for mentally ill adults. My hours were 8-4 with a paid thirty-minute lunch, which was almost always eaten at my desk while doing paperwork. Occasionally, if our bitchy administrator/boss invited (ordered) all the department heads to go out for lunch with her, we would take 60-90 minutes. A really neat part about this job was that we could eat what the kitchen prepared for the residents. We just told the staff each morning if we’d want a tray and they’d make enough for us. They took it out of our check and it was $1.35 per meal! This was in the early nineties and I could not have driven to McDonald’s for that price. Plus, it was a full, balanced meal, because the menus were approved by dietitians working for the state.
  24. The Frazers live very close to the New Hampshire and Vermont border. It’s a beautiful area of Quebec. Should be a nice weekend for a wedding.
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