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  2. fraurosena

    Trump 38: Donald Trump and the Wall of Lies

    Oh. Czechoslovakians. Well... that rancher certainly isn't a millennial, that's for sure. Czechoslovakia was dissolved in 1992.
  3. HerNameIsBuffy

    Bontragers and Bowers 3: Kittens Having None of Their Shit

    So am I, you don’t see fundies clamoring after me! (I kid...I kid...)
  4. They really don't know how to deal with women who can't be bribed with expensive jewelry and spa treatments, so they just swing their dicks around in a clumsy fashion. Both of my senators are in that picture.
  5. HereticHick

    Lawson Bates 3

    So he's going to get down on his knees in some African village and propose courtship to a maiden with a heart for missions? Yeah, that isn't happening. And yes, he totally needs brown shoes with that suit. The song better be titled Batchelor Till the Rapture. Or a Rose for Jesus.
  6. IReallyAmHopewell

    Chelsy and John Maxwell 6: They're More Frightened of Her than Ashamed

    Sarah--she must wonder why God denies her a husband. I was struck, watching a documentary on youtube of Love and Marriage among ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel how much Gothardites (and Maxwells) have copied from them. The quick engagements, the no touching, etc. One girl says "its what we're made for" etc etc. Sarah, esp., must be deeply troubled at being found wanting in the marriage market. I've often said that like India Wilkes in GWTW she could catch an older widowed man with grown/nearly grown children, but unlike India, the sentence doesn't end "if she tried." It would be "if Steve would relent." I know she is filled with "God calls some to the single life and this season etc," but deep down she must really hurt not having a husband and children so that she can be seen as an adult. In a community that marries young and starts families immediately, it won't be long until the first of her age-mates become, yes, GRANDMOTHERS [18 or so when child is born, 36--40 when first grandchild is born].
  7. Sweet Rufus. Could they make it any more obvious the GOP is in thrall to the Russians?
  8. Cassandra McMurtry had her baby girl, Kelly. What a blow for Leslye, who just has a miscarriage on top of losing everything else including her talkshow host position. Must sting to see you best friend and former cohost with all the "blessings".
  9. Alisamer

    Lori Alexander 60: Queen of Woo

    I know, right? If I wanted to raise a child, I'd birth or adopt one, not marry one. Anyone who is an adult sharing a house with me better be an actual adult who pulls their weight and is an equal partner. If I feel the need to constantly feed and clean up after someone I'll get a cat.
  10. Why not! His big bro landed that ultimate fundie princess Chelsy, after all. The lad could try. Poor Jesse. We all dismiss him for his lack of hotness compared to John. I have a soft spot for him but my hopes of his doing a runner from Maxhell are dwindling. Allison is probably one of the few single women (other than his sisters) he gets to meet under the age of 80. I'm sure he is pining after her. And don't forget he had the initiative to clean up the woodpile all by himself and owns a house debt-free. He's a catch. A catch, I tell you!
  11. I was perusing the RC-Lisa facebook pictures and all of a sudden I realized that RCjr and Mario Batali look freakishly alike- especially now that Jr has grown himself a mullet! Does anyone else see it?
  12. I wish her critical thinking skills were as functional as her uterus.
  13. OyToTheVey

    Jana 7: Home Sweet TTH

    I wasn't even 16! I took the LSATs, was a paralegal for 3 months and quit. I HATED it so much. The rest I totally agree with you.
  14. allthegoodnamesrgone

    Dillards 72: Peak Pathetic

    Have you had KeyLime yogurt, I love it. But I love most things lime.
  15. Petronella

    Lori Alexander 60: Queen of Woo

    Wow. Thanks for confirming it’s a direct quote. I want to ask Ken: what about husband’s expectations? According to Lori, they should not only EXPECT slave-labor and near-constant sex, they should in fact DEMAND it. Why is it good for a husband to expect but not a wife? Asshats. (And why do fundies decide in advance what both husband and wife should want instead of letting each person want what they want and work it out nicely and mutually with their partner? But that is an eternal question.)
  16. I felt genuinely bad for Carlin last night. Kelly was talking about how Carlin always wanted to dance when she got engaged, then went on about their stupid rules to explain why she never had dance lessons or learned to dance etc.. Couple that with Carlin posting about a father daughter dance at her wedding and it seems like Carlin was just a kid who wanted to dance and was told it she would go to hell. The Bates just squash dreams that don’t fit with their rigid beliefs.
  17. Despite being homeschooled myself (uber-Christian version) and homeschooling my own kids now (secular version) and thus being in the homeschool world pretty much my entire life, I had no idea that these international homeschooling groups existed, held conferences, etc. That surprised me. I also don’t really get the why here. Seems like such a small, low power group to dabble with. I need to read the article again, after I finish my first cup of coffee and wake up!, to fully understand some of the ties and reasons. Thanks for sharing!
  18. luv2laugh

    M Is for Mama 2: Quiverfull/Pinterest

    How is “she” going to clean these rugs? Her children will. Braggie was snarky and defensive that someone had the audacity to question her placement of the rug near the kitchen sink. Compared to her pesky followers, Ms. Braggie is the cleanest of them all (AKA forces her children to her maids while she peruses Instagram and eBay). She has no respect for her fan girls and how dare someone question her :). Haha “we” move it and clean it a lot. No, your children and your mother do.
  19. Also, the taxpayers of Pennsylvania now have to foot the bill for a special election to replace him.
  20. AmazonGrace

    Trump 38: Donald Trump and the Wall of Lies

    So Pelosi's trip was canceled because Melania threw a fit about her plane?
  21. I would put money on there not being a Nuri wedding for at least the better part if a decade. I'm telling yall, something just ain't right. Something more than the issues we already discuss- shady education, spoon-fed theological beliefs, child of narcissists, Etc... Something is missing. Like if you peeled backed a few surface layers you would just find emptiness.
  22. Was just watching Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC. He was clarifying that, after 9-11, the Speaker of the House, as second in line for the presidency, is not allowed to fly commercial at any time. VP = first in line, Speaker of House = second in line. Also, the military plane used to fly Melania to Mar-a-Lago is the exact plane that was originally scheduled to be used for Pelosi's international trip.
  23. QuiverFullofBooks

    Dillards 72: Peak Pathetic

    My husband asked me to put lime yogurt on the grocery list. I like lime too, but I think it doesn’t really work in yogurt.
  24. luv2laugh

    Jana 7: Home Sweet TTH

    That is definitely possible. Although, I’d wonder why Jill wouldn’t re-tweet Derick’s outbursts nor post something on Instagram to defend his controversial statements in a somewhat Ken Alexander style. She appears to brush it all under the rug and churn out “best hubby ever” posts to make everything “all better”. We don’t know if Derick is either controlling or influencing her or whether she’s making these decisions herself. I can’t help but feel bad for Jill. I think it’s likely Derick influences her and she can’t win either way.
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