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  2. Maybe she was busy with Carlin wedding related things? Like last minute preparative?
  3. There’s another fundie woman who talks about her miscarriages a lot. She claims to have like 28 babies because she includes all her losses over the years. She bothers me because it’s like a competition or something. We know some fundies do make baby making a competition. I don’t think Lauren is doing that. I just think fundies have a culture of counting every single pregnancy as a child they had. Fundies see miscarriages as exactly the same as their 10 year old kid because of their anti-abortion stances. I think that’s likely what bothers many people. Yes, it’s a loss. I will never discount that. But it’s not exactly the same as losing a 10 year old kid and therefore abortion is not exactly the same as killing a 10 year old kid.
  4. llucie

    Carlin & Evan 5 - Carlin Is Still Engaged?

    Not surprised, they look cheap as fuck. I am sure they will be ruined in a couple washes. But i agree the design seems nice, specially if you are into comfy dresses.
  5. just_ordinary

    Duggars by the Dozen 37: Your new thread

    Friends of used one a couple of weeks ago and were absolutely happy. You mostly don’t see your pre/post natal midwife during birth in hospital. The midwives working there will be there for you but depending on how busy it is you mostly don’t get a one on one support, especially if you are low risk and proceed normally. The doula as with them before and during birth all the time. Massaged and helped breathing. Looking back I would try that as well. Even though we theoretically knew what to do we were both a bit helpless and overwhelmed when our baby actually came. To avoid misunderstandings: abortions are not legal in Germany but they will not be prosecuted before 12 weeks and later when you are diagnosed with a medical condition like a disabled/ill child or mental problems (rate would probably be such a case) yourself and you choose to terminate. Abortions are covered in our health insurance iirc and are done in normal hospitals by a medical team.
  6. The correct Fundie terminology is 34 children here on earth and 6 in heaven. The 7 farmgirl sisters all used to wear head coverings, although some have stopped. So did the Seppis. And Elizabeth Frazer, engaged to Michael Staddon, is a headcoverer. Not sure about the 6 inch ruler with any of them. But, oh my, have there been weddings I missed! Staddon weddings are always snarkfests.
  7. I feel bad snarking on the name giving the circunstances but really hoping its a special choice since they didnt know the gender, kinda like Jubilee, and they will choose something more normal for the second baby.
  8. I talk about fundie long hair sometimes on FJ. I always thought Jinger would be the first to chop off her hair.
  9. I don’t remember the circumstances around Lauren saying “someone just made that up” but if that’s all she said, she didn’t truly deny it. She basically just said the person who said it doesn’t have any info. Now, if she actually said no, she isn’t pregnant, then everything I said is null and void. As for Mother’s Day, maybe she was waiting to hit a certain gestational age?
  10. “Baby #2”, huh. And this still isn’t pro life propaganda?
  11. What better way to push the "abortion is murder" idea than to blather on about BABY #2? Ugh.
  12. TeaELSee

    Carlin & Evan 5 - Carlin Is Still Engaged?

    I looked. If you click on the item it gives a description. The 2 dresses I clicked on were both Rayon and spandex. Nope.
  13. Where is Joy? She's the only sister not there, and Jill is her sistermom.
  14. I was fairly convinced an an announcement would be coming soon when Anna bellowed her happy mother’s day wishes on instagram. Then seeing her wearing Jinger’s dress made me 100% sure we’d be hearing news soon.
  15. Why did Lauren lie around Easter time and respond to a commenter who asked if she was pregnant by saying “Someone just made that up”? Why did Lauren wait to announce after Mother’s Day?
  16. allthegoodnamesrgone

    Dillards 76: Somewhat successful social media?!?

    I don't get that from this post, I'm sure Jill ate it up, she strikes me as the type to love the silly mushy gushy crap like this. Yes, Derick is an epic ass hat for what he did to Jazz online, and a douche in general, but I think maybe just maybe, these two are getting their shit together and finding their groove, FINALLY. They both look happy, the kids look happy, I'm not seeing that nervousness in Izzy's face anymore in photos, Jill doesn't seem so strained or afraid or worried, and Derick is starting to look like the "nice" guy who busted onto the scene to steel little Jilly muffins heart.
  17. Agree: Jinger’s maternity dress was as good as an announcement. Bodies can look very different due to posing, lightning and clothing (see Jessa right no- big to no visible bump in a day) but wearing your sister in laws maternity dress is quite a statement. Have to admit: I do wonder about Jinger now. Lauren and her didn’t seem too close so why her dress? Was their year without baby entirely by choice? Is the dress a lucky charm? Did Lauren just like it and maybe even just bought it herself? Do they generally still share clothes? I guess we will never find out.
  18. PumaLover

    Bro Gary Hawkins 10: Nouvelle Cuisine

    That's how it is over here, although I've only seen one MAGA hat. There is a guy in Clovis with a huge red MAKE CALIFORNIA GREAT AGAIN sign in his yard. 😏
  19. JermajestyDuggar

    Birthing for Jesus: Upcoming Babies 13

    True. He seems to just quit when things get tough.
  20. anjulibai

    Birthing for Jesus: Upcoming Babies 13

    I wouldn't be surprised, either, but I'm not sure it'd be her decision as much as Derrick's. Plus, I'm not 100% convinced Derrick won't drop law school in the next year.
  21. SweetLaurel

    Lori Alexander 66: An Assortment of Cheap Whines

    Yeah, that is actually a small amount. My daughter fell and smashed her teeth. Over 6 thousand bucks and not covered at all. My son got a concussion - the 6 hour hospital bill was over 5 thousand bucks and I owed 2 thousand of that. Then he hurt his back jumping off a roof. $1,500 of my part and then chiropractic bills paid out of pocket. When my husband passed, he was in the hospital for less than 12 hours and it was well over 10 thousand bucks for them to all tell us he was gone. The ambulance was $800 and not covered at all. I simply can't afford doctors anymore. Its kinda not an option.
  22. LOL - yes, I do. It's the visual aspect of a jello salad with chunks of beef or chicken floating in it that I find visually unappealing. But now I'm reminded of the Friends episode where Rachel makes a trifle but two pages are stuck together so what she makes is: RACHEL’S THANKSGIVING TRIFLE: a layer of ladyfingers a layer of jam custard (made from scratch) raspberries, more ladyfingers beef sautéed with peas and onions a little more custard sliced bananas and whipped cream. ETA: It looks like the boys had a great time at Silver Dollar City, and with their younger cousin.
  23. theotherelise

    Lawson Bates 3

    One problem with growing up in an isolated, sub-culture, insular, religious sect is that even if you start to question some things you were taught or branch out a bit, you are susceptible to being drawn into a different insular community. A lot of these white, fundie men, especially those who haven't been able to land wives (a la incels) are one smartphone search away from the worst white nationalist hate communities. Lawson seems to have taken all the worst parts of his family beliefs: women's submission, exclusionary salvation ideas, desire for Christian theocracy and dominion. And now he is combining them with more and more of the alt-right type ego, disdain, racism, sexism, homophobia. Of course those tendencies already exist in the religion, but the way he is talking about things now is definitely influenced by right wing provocateurs. I could see Lawson becoming less religiously fundie. Unfortunately, I think what will fill that vacuum for him will be more of this garbage.
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