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  2. I am working on a story exposing the churches I went to and the calculated denial of education that occured within them. If you are interested in working with the Houston Chronicle please comment here. Denial of diplomas, driver's licenses, jobs, etc. Physical abuse covered up by the church. You can keep your contributions anonymous if you'd like. We are looking for people who were homeschooled for religious reasons but suffered under Texas' lax laws that favor parent's "rights" over children's wellbeing. Right now we are focusing on GFBC, KBC, Crown and Covenant, and CBC. If you didn't go to these churches but still had an adverse religious homeschooling experience in Texas you are welcome to add to our list.
  3. Is due tomorrow. A couple 1200 word blog posts...on a topic I know nothing about besides the research I've done for them. Anyone that has any extra positive energy, good thoughts, and wordsmithy vibes so send my way would be much appreciated.

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    • Gobsmacked


      Thankyou!! I have three wonderful supportive friends who are Lesbian and a Fantastic Guy friend who is Gay so I’m very proud of this title!! 
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    • 47of74


      My offer on the Minneapolis condo was accepted this morning. 
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    • Destiny


      Sorry for the downtime friends. The warnings came in while I was sleeping. 
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    • 47of74


      In my condo/townhome hunting this would be an automatic NO.

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    • treehugger


      I deleted my Instagram account yesterday. This millennial has absolutely no social media accounts now, and I’m happy about that. I’m sick and tired of the drama.  
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