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I think my car made a friend...




A couple times a week I see this red Camero SS on my commute.  Usually we're both sitting in traffic crawling along because other people insist on being on the roads when we're using them.  But once in a while traffic is nothing and we can actually drive like people and then this happens...

He smokes me.  I admit it, I won't go up over 90 but when I'm in the 88-89 range on an open stretch he passes me like I'm standing still.  But he gives me this little friendly honk as he does so I can't hate on the guy.  And although someone may come and repossess my car for saying this, I don't hate the look of the new Cameros.  They are sharp and look like a crouching cat.  

About time Chevy...you haven't turned out a decent looking Camero since the 80's.  You can thank Ford any time for reviving interest when they retooled the Mustang in 2007.

Anyway - he passes me on Monday because school holiday no traffic and as he flies by and honks I give him a little wave.  

I like to think of it as our cars becoming friends...and my girl is good...she doesn't mind losing to him because she knows we're not even trying*. :)

Anyway - saw this meme and thought of all the love being shared between former enemy camps...I love seeing battling factions coming together.


*I know he could smoke me even if we were trying, which I wouldn't because I'm a chicken and my self-worth is not tied into my hp to torque ratio.  I didn't buy her for speed, I bought her because she's cute, handles great, and makes me happy.   She makes my commute my happy place.

So Camero guy - who I doubt very much reads FJ - see you next week!



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    • Howl


      12 hours ago, NachosFlandersStyle said:

      Per her Facebook page, Lauren has remarried in Turkey.

      Hoping all is well where she is.  There was a 7.8 magnitude quake in Turkey/Syria followed later in the day by a 7.7 magnitude quake. 

      Istanbul, where she lives, is on the other side of Turkey.  However, it's a reminder that the 1999 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Istanbul killed 17,000 people. 

      Damn, she's a long way away from Tyler, TX. 

    • Smee


      I haven’t looked at her sister’s account in ages, gosh the eldest daughters from each family look alike! 

    • Kiki03910


      16 hours ago, Idlewild said:

      @SassyPants I think Jeremy has dreams of being some sort of celebrity pastor- taking a high profile role in the McCarthy church and being available for talking heads on TV shows or anything else where they’ll pay him. I certainly don’t see him ministering to the needs of parishioners any time soon.

      Jeremy thinks the J in JOY stands for Jeremy.

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      2 hours ago, Concerned said:

      She completely disappeared from his Facebook page as well. All the Remnant comments on his Facebook posts are sickening - it's as if she never existed. Everything is made to look "happy, happy." He's lifted up as if he's some angel. 

      What social media platform was this picture taken from?

      He posted it on Instagram. 

      2 hours ago, Concerned said:

      How many kids does Michael have? How old are they?


      4 like Elizabeth. 3 girls and then one boy is the youngest. The 3 girls have g names like Elizabeth’s. And then the youngest boy is Christian. 

    • Concerned


      How many kids does Michael have? How old are they?


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