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Too Many Eggs




Yesterday I noticed I had too many eggs. My overly producing chickens haven't noticed yet that it's winter,  it's cold and they should slow down. Since even after giving away a lot of them, the eggs were still too many, I decided to make an eggs-consuming cake, here we call it Torta Margherita or Pan di Spagna (Spanish bread). It requires 8 eggs,  300gr of potato starch,  300gr of sugar, half an orange's juice, baking powder, some cinnamon,  dried vanilla and grated orange skin. I whipped the whites with half of the sugar till hard. 20160111_182437.thumb.jpg.2ead698c6d2accThen I whipped the yolks with the other half of the sugar till they doubled and became creamy and whitish. I mixed them together in a very big bowl carefully stirring with slow bottom-up movements. 20160111_183927.thumb.jpg.e6ab495005c2b2I added the sifted potato starch bit by bit always carefully stirring as before. At the end I added a pinch of baking powder,  half an orange juice, a pich of cinnamon,  vanilla and the orange skin. Mixed carefully as before. 20160111_184836.thumb.jpg.5b9838cc037368 Then I cooked it in the static oven at 180ºC  for an hour. It's important to start with a cold oven, turning it on only after putting the cake inside. After an hour I checked if it was ready and then left it on a grid to cool down. The result is a very big cake that lasts for days (not in my home ;)),20160112_110522.thumb.jpg.8d2e7e21b2906a  best eaten with any sort of tea or caffelatte. If you want to reduce the doses you must half everything and use 4 eggs.


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  • Posts

    • Beermeet


      6 minutes ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I don’t think there a wide acceptance of this topic so I won’t say you are wrong or right. I think it’s an extremely complex issue. Of course I have an opinion that I likely can’t prove. I’m no scientist that’s for sure. I’m not great at the hard sciences to be honest. But I do have a belief that his parents play a role in his actions, not his pedophilia. It’s just my personal belief that there are likely to be pedophiles who may not act on it. It seems like pedophiles who are caught committing abuse are the ones studied. I often wonder if there are pedophiles out there who don’t offend. They likely wouldn’t admit it! It’s such a taboo topic that I doubt a person would even want to talk about it privately with a therapist. Maybe some people just live with those proclivities without acting on it. Without victimizing anyone. I personally can’t help but think JB and Michelle excused Josh’s behavior and this helped form his beliefs on how he can harm people and get away with it. A person’s actions should have appropriate consequences. I don’t believe he was ever given proper consequences to those actions and he may not feel the empathy a person should have when perpetrating harm on others. So this is my long winded response of saying it’s a mix of nature and nurture. Nature being the genetics and nurture being his parents’ inability to address it properly. Which isn’t surprising because I often say that when it comes to so much of human behavior! I’m predictable.

      In no way did Josh's upbringing help, we can all see that!   

      Taking emotion out of it, it seems to me, some people are born with certain tendencies, then, nurture moves that along as it will play out in one's individual upbringing.  That is a really interesting thought you had, about people who very well may have pedophile thoughts but don't put it to action.  I guess we would really not be able to study that because,  as you said, who is volunteering?!   

      Maybe one day science will have a better idea.  

    • HerNameIsBuffy


      19 minutes ago, EmCatlyn said:

      I am not sure Josh will care about having to support minor kids if he really wants to get away.  We don’t know that he wants to get away.

      As far as what will happen in prison, I see three possible directions for him:

      1. He will focus on being a model prisoner and invent for himself a new identity as a leader and example.  This could include his getting some sort of education, maybe even an associate degree or better.  He would possibly look into some sort of ministry (if he can fool people) or get into some type of “advocacy” group.  Anything to make him feel important and get him perks.

      2. He will turn to drugs to assist him in dealing with the prison life and the sense of having no escape.  So far, that is one line he hasn’t crossed (we think), but he might if he thinks it will give him some pleasure/comfort.

      3. He will hunker down, endure, pretend, do what he needs to do to get by but not put too much effort into anything except his immediate gratification and come out more or less the same as before, but older and more sneaky.

      These are just guesses, and he may combine elements from each, but I definitely think those are the three main directions.

      I think he's going to come out even worse if he's housed with other sex offenders.  Being in a community of like minded people normalizes what they have in common.

      I can see him taking advantage of education offered out of boredom, stay out of trouble, work up a redemption arc by starting in prison being involved in 'ministry' as ego salve.  Spend the rest of the time whining in calls home and commissary snacks.

      He should never get out.

    • anjulibai


      23 minutes ago, RosyDaisy said:

      Didn't "Alice" or "concernedmom" state that the Duggars had to report to CPS every 6 months or something?


      I don't recall, but it's entirely possible. That family is hiding a shit ton of skeletons. 

      • Upvote 1
    • imokit


      1 minute ago, EmCatlyn said:

      I think this characterization of her parents’ plans is incorrect.  It appears that as soon as her parents realized that Josh was “an abusive predator” they backed out for good. I think that is why Bobye feels guilty about Anna. They protected their daughter, but did not let others know, so Anna’s parents couldn’t protect her.

      I have no patience with fundie Christians and dislike the Holts’ views in general.  However, they were initially just encouraging a boy-girl relationship between their daughter and a boy they thought of as practically a nephew.  They hoped a courtship and marriage would happen, but there is no sense that they were going to “arrange” it if they didn’t feel it was in their daughter’s best interests.

      What they were doing is a time-honored way of not so much “arranging” as “promoting” marriage between the children of friends.  I had a dentist who would give parties at his house for the dental school students hoping that one of them would hit it off with his daughter.  When one of them did, he did not “arrange” a marriage but definitely facilitated it, bringing the young man into his dental practice.  I mention this to show it is not just a fundie thing, even in these days. 

      They stopped the relationship initially, but then a few years later, they let him back in their house in the hope things would restart.

      Even if at that point, they only knew about touching over clothes, when asleep and he'd had a chance to repent.  They let him in the house and wanted the relationship back on.  They let him in a house with their own minor children.  The daughter involved is their oldest, there were little girls in the house.  Knowing only a little, but still enough bad,  they let him in and wanted him to father grandchildren.

      • Disgust 1
    • FiveAcres


      20 hours ago, Cartmann99 said:

      I knew when I finished the first sentence that he would say that. :pb_rollseyes:

      I hate to kink shame, but damn!

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