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I like people in small doses




The concept of having to talk to someone and having to socialize bores me, don't get me wrong i'm not an introvert, even though that's the impression most people have of me, i'm very outgoing when i feel like it but it has to be on my terms. It's funny because everybody says that either i'm shy or i'm a stuck up, which is far from the truth. 

Another big issue is that I get tired of people very easily. When someone dissapoints me or do something that I don't like, I give up on them, plain and simple. Right now I'm trying not to give up on one of my best friends who is going back to her old ways, she was a pain to deal with, every single person needed to make an effort to stay in her life because she's always busy and pulling lame excuses, I was one of them. She almost lost me and her fianceé broke up with her at the same time last year because of her BS. After a few great months, she's behaving that way again. I'm pissed right now but really trying to let it go.

So, I guess therapy is working, I'm battling really hard against my worst judgement and when depression tries to hit me, I hit it back. I'm currently feeling strong and powerful unlike my old weak me.


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I need glasses, I read your title, "I like people in snail cases" 

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Most introverted people only tolerate public groups in tiny doses. I know for me a party, being in a large group or any other situation where I'm in public drains me quickly and then I need to recharge at home by myself. I know you said you are not an introvert...just commenting that as a card carrying introvert I can relate to how you feel. :) 

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@Criscat I don't think I am, I'm very outspoken lol but I understand you! I can be like that sometimes, if i'm with new people or in some place i'm not comfortable. Maybe I am shy, who knows? I don't feel that way but it's a common perception of me.

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