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FJ Colorists Unite

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I have Adult Colouring but found it too difficult on my phone. I do like it on the iPad though. 

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I have colorfy and a mandala app on my tablet and colorfy on my husband's phone.   I don't use them all that often because I usually am near "real" coloring stuff.

Someone on the blog posts pictures from an app I keep meaning to try, but forget when I have my tablet in hand.  I can't think of the name off the top of my head, but one of her posts is Blitzen

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  • Posts

    • LurkerOverThePond

      Posted (edited)

      Curtis Bowers also has (had?) serious enough respiratory problems that made them move away from Iowa to a more favorable climate. His condition, if anything, should make them extremely careful with everything covid related. But at least to me, the Bowerses seem to be one of the most self righteous fundies there are. They just seem more smug and holier than most others.

      Yeah, I can't stand them...

      Edited by LurkerOverThePond
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    • JermajestyDuggar


      18 hours ago, HereticHick said:

      I finally went through all the pics of the Bowers clan's latest blog post, http://bowersbus.blogspot.com/, summarizing their recent travels. Its as if they live in a pandemic-free parallel universe. Zero masks. Zero social distancing. Giant indoor events and eating inside restaurants. I live in Maryland, and this all feels inconceivable to me.

      Curtis Bowers is a big conspiracy theorist so I imagine he thinks corona is overblown by the media and it’s no big deal.

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    • CreatedToBeACritic


      I know my views are a bit infantilizing but wanted to throw this in the group anyway: but does anyone feel bad for her and who she could be? When I look at her pinterest and youtube videos, I can clearly see she has an artistic eye (maybe not to my taste, but neither are many artists). She could make a real life designing and creating for a living in some way, and she is kind of accessing that through youtube, but this block on her leg, Husbland, drags her back into obscurity. Which is ridiculous, because she totally could have it all. She's pretty, she's smart, not afraid to speak her mind and clearly a people person. She so does not need an 'authority' over her life, not even spiritually, because she reads the Bible of her own volition and has had a thorough spiritual foundation through her family and education (again, not one to my taste but wathevs) . IT's a shame she doesn't have a husband (or wife, assuming that what she wrote on Reddit wbw was true) who could support her staying home with children for some of the time and let her work on art or designing for the rest of the time. The balance exists and she could definitely handle it. 

      I watched some of her vlogs in which she cried, and she called herself a highly emotional person. My mom was the same, yet took care of her own finances, spirituality and career her whole life. I'm scared that Caitlin is so indoctrinated that crying is making her buy more into the toxic women are emotional men are not bullshit. And if she doesn't believe she can make rational decisions, it will be all the more difficult to leave him. it must be exhausting to be around him; in her blogs she dials up the femininity to eleven when he's around; always acting, always ready. At a certain point indoctrinated people start self-indoctrinating, and that is what she often does in her video. It's clearly separate from her religion too because her Bible reading is quiet, focused and introverted, and when she speaks on femininity she is very serious and charismatic, but when she talks to Grumpy she giggles, fidgets... she loses her charisma. Literally dialing down her own intelligence and gravitas to make room for him. That's not a good relationship. She should be the more 'dominant' in the relationship, I think it will fit her much better. (not that everyone fits into these cathegories of course, but IMO she definitely does).


      Okay. this lock-down has me thinking waay to deeply about this in a non-academic way but I'm just fascinated!

    • JermajestyDuggar


      31 minutes ago, Glasgowghirl said:

      I hadn't heard of her until other channels started to expose her behaviour and I was shocked all the stuff she admitted doing online to those children. 

      The video that stood out most for me was one of her threatening to cut the head of one of her young children's teddy bears with scissors, the child was terrified it reminded me of a villian in a children's film, she had a sadistic look on her face. 

      I fell sorry all those children being subjected to this abuse, that goes beyond discipline 

      My boys are so attached to some of their favorite stuffed animals. They treat them like they are living animals. If I threatened to cut their heads off, I really think they would be traumatized. This makes me so sad. 

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    • Idlewild

      Posted (edited)

      12 hours ago, Bad Wolf said:

      2. Shouldn't there be 22 players on the field at the start of the game? Unless each team plays with 5.5 players. BEC I know what they meant.

      My answer would have been 22 - that’s how many players need to be on the pitch for the game! 
      The episodes sound really dull- especially when we know JB & M weren’t really doing the social distance thing most of the time plus they’re all off to Texas soon. 
      if Ben is teaching the kids I suppose it’s better than a Duggar- he’s seems to take education seriously- but I’m sure it’s all the universe according to Gothard on the curriculum. 

      Edited by Idlewild

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