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Things (First post)




So, I guess I'm starting to write a proper blog. Feels weird, because I can never really commit to these things, but guess I'll try to do it now that I have a little more time.

So guess, this'll just be a start, an introduction, probably comprised of information you may have already gathered if you pay attention to my posts regularly.

I'm 21 years old, college student (Senior now, haha) going to graduate December 2016. My major is Music Performance (clarinet)

I go to a large, diverse, public state university on the east coast with a very good art school, in a swing state. I grew up in a suburb very close to DC.

I'm an American citizen by birth, British citizen by descent.

Just finished a semester abroad at a prestigious conservatoire in the UK. 

I enjoy political discourse. I'm a closet Hillary supporter (some of my Bernie supporting friends would annihilate me if they knew.)

My fascination with fundies comes from the my totally secular upbringing. Specifically, my immediate family is almost the opposite of the Duggars (I'm the youngest of two, very well educated parents, grew up liberal and secular, totally not in the country, went mostly to public school, except during high school)

I also like food (especially Asian food), traveling, doing my makeup/nails, clothes, and taking baths. And I'm getting back into coloring. Thanks FJ.

Might write something more relevant later. LOL.

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Oh thank you!  I just realized how much I really want a long, hot, lavendar-scented bath after reading this. :)

Looking forward to reading more from you.

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How do you like studying music in that capacity? My friend studied music theory and played the flute in college.

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Just saw this comment, sorry for not replying sooner!

I'm enjoying studying music in this depth! It's very hard work, and a big time commitment, and often involves great highs mixed with great disappointment, but for me, and my friends, we love music so much we wouldn't have it any other way! And I do enjoy getting to play a lot of music, and learning all about composers and theory and everything.

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