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Game of Thrones Reread: Jon II

Maggie Mae


Chapter 10: Jon II

Jon says “good bye” to Winterfell, and gives Arya a gift.

Characters Present:

  • Jon Snow: “Son” of Lord Stark. Lady Catelyn is not his mother.
  • Ghost: Jon’s direwolf. Not exactly a pet.
  • Bran: Jon’s younger ½ brother. Has been in a coma since his fall. Has lost a lot of weight.
  • Lady Stark (Catelyn Tully Stark): Ned Stark’s wife. She has long auburn hair, which is dull and tangled. “Looked as though she had aged twenty years.” She has not left Bran’s bedside.
  • Robb Stark: Jon’s ½ brother, Ned’s eldest trueborn son.
  • Grey Wind: Robb’s direwolf
  • Arya Stark: Jon’s ½ sister.
  • Nymeria: Arya’s direwolf.


Location: Winterfell



Jon climbs the stairs to Bran’s room, to be greeted by Lady Stark. She has not left Bran’s bed in a “fortnight.” Jon is leaving for the Wall, and wants to say good-bye to Bran. Lady Catelyn, supposedly in her grief, is rude and mean to Jon. Catelyn confesses that she prayed that Bran would stay with her as he was her “special boy.” (WTF?) Jon tries to tell her that it isn’t her fault and in return Catelyn tells Jon is should have been him (Jon.) Bitch. Sorry. I really hate Cat.

Sidebar on my dislike of Cat:

I know some people think it’s misogyny to dislike her, but her character is not someone I would get along well with in real life. All about the appearance and doing things the way she is “supposed” to, and living her life through her children. She literally has no other interests or hobbies than “having children.” And those children aren’t even really parented by her, they are mostly taught by Septas. Which also seems weird to me, because Winterfell is in the North. They must have brought Septa Mordane up just for Catelyn. What does she DO all day? What did she do when it was just her and Robb while Eddard went to war? What about when he left again to take care of Balon Greyjoy and bring back Theon?

Back to the recap:

Jon goes to say good-bye to Robb. Robb has snowflakes melting in his hair. Jon says that Starks are hard to kill. They hug. Jon leaves and goes to the armory to pick up a package, which he takes to Arya. They chat and say good-bye. Jon gives her a sword, which she names Needle.


Other Locations Mentioned: Pentos, Myr


Other Characters Mentioned:

  • Uncle Benjen
  • Ned
  • Mikken
  • Septa Mordane
  • Sansa



  • Jon is afraid to enter Bran’s room. Ghost helped him gain the courage to enter. Was he scared of Cat? What Bran might look like? Just saying good-bye? All of the above?
  • I know GRRM SAID that Catelyn didn’t always act like this towards Jon, and I can understand grief. I still do not like her behavior in this chapter. I also think that this chapter shows that it isn’t a one time deal with Cat taking out her frustrations about Eddard’s “cheating” on Jon, who is not the guilty party in this situation.
  • Lots of bird/tree imagery in regards to Bran. He is described as “half a leaf,” “his skin stretched tight over bones like sticks,” “frail cage of those shattered ribs,” “Fingers like the bones of birds.”  
  • “I better go. I’ll spend my first year on the Wall emptying chamber pots if I keep Uncle Ben waiting any longer.” And he becomes a steward.
  • Jon says black was always his color. Aren't Black & Red the colors of the Targs? 


Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.


Jon & Arya are going to meet again. 


Only one of these scenes was willing to embed. The first is Jon & Arya, the last is Jon & Cat. 




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    • NarcissismKills


      32 minutes ago, Xan said:

      To be fair, if you looked like Gwen, you might need protection.  If there's a stiff wind blowing, Joe might need to hold her to keep her from blowing away.  And she probably falls off her her chunky shoes a lot.  If her hair falls over her eyes, he might need to lead her around so she doesn't trip over things.  And she's always in danger of being hauled away to some place where they only let you write with crayons and where the walls are nicely padded.

      Yeah.  Gwen is a special case.

      Joe doesn't seem to be able to protect Gwen from showing us her underwear in every single video. 

    • tabitha2


      When there are  25 or 30 grandchildren 10 years  from now no one in the Duggar family is going to have time to care or be bothered that Joseph has a Mathias and Jinger has a Matthew or there is a boy Aaron and girl Erin. The kids will be damn lucky if  can remember their names as Is.

    • Confession I watch Sierra's stories on instagram. She did a demonstration of meal prep, and used regular butter on the broccoli and said she knew it wasn't dairy free, but it was a small amount, and she wasn't going to buy a dairy free option just for her. Maybe she already had that protein powder, and wasn't interested in wasting it, or realized it contained dairy too late (after opening and using it) and couldn't return it.

      I have done different diets over the years for migraines, and it can be an expense buying gluten free (GF) and dairy free (DF) products just for yourself, when the rest of the family eats those things. Making separate meals for yourself, or a GF DF option can be time consuming.

      For anyone who is dairy free I highly recommend Earth Balance "butter" it is GF, DF, vegan and you can get a soy free option. For reasonably priced GF products I love Aldi's their brand Live G Free is delicious. 

    • neuroticcat


      I think it really depends on the intent of the meal and the hosts’ expectation/understanding. I’m western countries when I was a vegetarian (and now as celiac) I have zero issue bringing my own food or politely declining. People are sometimes weird about it but I don’t think it’s insulting. 


      Even traveling abroad, I think you get a lot of leeway. To me, where I would bend would be not only cultural but also the idea of an honored guest. For me, something about an impoverished person offering me meat (which was an unheard of luxury for them) and me refusing seemed like several layers of personal insult and something they couldn’t understand. 

      That being said I never got I’ll from meat, it was more psychological. I think people of all cultures do understand allergies so I’d maybe go that route if eating something would physically make me really sick. 

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    • NachosFlandersStyle


      The bride and Adeline are longtime friends and crop up in each others' social media pretty regularly. Sarah has a blog, and while she's much more liberal than the Mortons she's still pretty deep in the patriarchy:





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