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A Game of Thrones Reread: Bran II

Maggie Mae


Chapter 8: Bran II

Bran Stark is bored, as most of the men and older boys left Winterfell to go hunting. Bran experiments with voyeurism and is defenestrated.

Location: Winterfell


  • Bran Stark
  • Cersei Lannister
  • Jaime Lannister


Bran wanders about the castle, bored and lonely. His brothers and most of the men are hunting with the King. He tries to say his farewells to the staff who were staying in Winterfell. He sees his pony in his stall and realizes that it’s not his pony, he’s getting a horse, and leaving the pony behind. He starts to cry and runs away before anyone sees him. He gets bored playing with his yet unnamed direwolf puppy and decides to climb. The wolf pup starts howling when Bran got halfway up the hearttree.

He comes across some people (Jaime and Cersei) in the First Keep. They are having a conversation about how Jaime should be the Hand, but Jaime doesn’t want to be hand. Cersei thinks they are in danger. They talk about Stannis and Renly and Eddard, and Jon Arryn and Lysa Arryn. Cersei thinks they will be safer when Robert is dead and Joff takes the throne.

Bran sees them naked, “wrestling” and it’s weird to read about what a 7-year-old see when he sees people having sex. Bran recognizes them as C&J and Jaime pushes Bran out the window.


Characters Mentioned:


  • Prince Joffrey – Hunting Party
  • Robb – Allowed to join the hunt because Prince Joffrey was included
  • Uncle Benjen – Hunting Party
  • Jory – Went hunting with the group
  • Theon Greyjoy – went hunting with the group
  • Ser Rodrik – went hunting with group
  • Tyrion (not by name) – went hunting with the group


  • Jon – Was not invited to the hunt. Bran thinks he’s angry/grumpy with everyone and doesn’t know why.
  • Rickon – Bran’s baby brother
  • Old Nan


  • Serwyn of the Mirror Shield – Kingsguard (former, I think)
  • Ser Ryam Redwyne - Kingsguard
  • Prince Aemon the Dragonkight - Kingsguard
  • Ser Erryk – Twin to Ser Arryk – died on Ser Arryk’s sword hundreds of years ago. Kingsguard.
  • Ser Arryk – Twin to Ser Erryk – died on Ser Erryk’s sword hundreds of years ago. Kingsguard.
  • The White Bull, Gerold Hightower
  • Ser Arthur Dayne, The Sword of the Morning.
  • Barristan the Bold.
  • Ser Boros – Current member of the Kingsguard. Bald man with a jowly face
  • Ser Meryn – Current member of the Kingsguard. Droopy eyes and a beard the color of rust.
  • Ser Jaime Lannister. – Current member of the Kingsguard.
  • Gage the cook
  • Mikken – blacksmith
  • Hodor – stableboy


  • Grey Wind – Robb’s Direwolf
  • Lady – Sansa’s direwolf
  • Shaggydog – Rickon’s direwolf
  • Ghost – Jon’s direwolf
  • Maester Luwin
  • Stannis Baratheon – Robert’s brother
  • Renly Baratheon – Robert’s brother
  • Littlefinger
  • Lysa Arryn
  • Jon Arryn


This chapter, like the first chapter (also Bran’s POV), is an interesting and innocent look at Winterfell and life in the North. Using a 7-year-old to describe the buildings and his family and household is almost unfair. These early looks at Westeros make it seem much less dangerous that it really is. It could be because it’s “peace time” (but we’ve still been executing deserters from the Watch) or because it’s told to the reader from the view of someone who still rides a pony. Either way, Bran is excited to be going to King’s Landing, but sad because he’s leaving his old life (and childhood) behind. He idolizes the Kingsguard and Knights, much like Sansa will in her chapters. He likes the scary stories, Sansa likes the romantic stories. The Kingsguard that came north with King Robert are fascinating to Bran. Robb said that Jaime Lannister shouldn’t count as Kingsguard. Bran thinks Jaime looks more like the knights in the stories.

I never noticed the part where (spoiler) Summer tries to get Bran to stop climbing.

Lots of mentions of people we haven’t met yet who are later huge players.

I also forgot or missed the part where Cersei thinks everyone will be safer with Joff on the throne and Robert in the grave. Cersei, you are not very smart.

Poor Bran. He wanted to be a knight.




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    • mhainlen


      6 hours ago, Marmion said:

      This reminds me of this song from my childhood .  

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      In other words don't wallow in self loathing shame .  When God forgives , He forgets ; and we should not live our lives in regret .  

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      Wow. It’s been a minute since I’ve thought of Avalon.  Definitely had that album...and several others of theirs.

    • AmazonGrace


      10 hours ago, Xan said:

      I don't understand how Becky has gotten involved in this at all.  From what's available online, it doesn't appear that Autumn has "found Jesus" or anything.  She does appear to have tried to start a bunch of fundraisers but never ended up with much.  Maybe Becky just has sympathy for anyone who has lost custody of their children.  It just makes me wonder exactly what the story is with Becky and her children.  How does she still have Jacob?  And how could she choose Gary over her children (assuming that's what she did)?

      ETA:  I just realized that Jacob could be Gary's child and not Becky's.  Never mind...

      I find the logic usually goes like this: If the state is always wrong when the parent loses custody then it was wrong for me to lose custody. Therefore the state mest be always wrong.

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    • Peaches-n-Beans


      A couple thoughts on the latest in Braggie news: 

      1) Don't they also have lizards? What did they do with those, I worked in pet care for 5 years and owned bearded dragons in the past (I think she said they own a chameleon? or something) I know it can be hard to find someone to care for non cat and dog animals while you vacation under normal circumstances. I can't imagine trying to do it during a pandemic for anything short of "someone is dying and I have to leave to be with them" type reasons 

      2) why are children under 10 exempt from masks. Why. Everyone over the age of 2 who can wear them should be wearing them. I live in Asia, we have a mask culture here for when the air is bad and when we're sick even if there isn't a pandemic, and yes that includes small children. Now I know some people genuinely can't wear them, but that's all the more reason that everyone over age 2 who can wear them should. I'm damn glad that gas station didn't let them in until they were masked. The thing about the mask people is, I see them get all pissy that businesses mandate they wear masks but they think it's okay for businesses to refuse to make cakes for gay people. 

      3)who brags about high school once they're out of high school??? 

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    • Blue


      1 hour ago, RFsurvivor said:

      It’s interesting because even though we left not that long ago, so much has changed in such a short period of time that our experience doesn’t reflect the current shitshow

      I've found that too. We know someone who left 5 years ago or so, but already that doesn't seem relevant to the current state of the cult. 

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    • Dandruff


      28 minutes ago, Audrey2 said:

      To be completely honest, I'm as sick about this wedding as I was when Tabitha Paine married her pervert.

      Yeah, I wonder how that one is working out.

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