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Snow's About to Hit the Fan Here in Minnesota




Looks like we'll be getting some more weather up here in Minnesota.  I guess it's payback for missing out on the storm that hit Iowa a couple weeks ago.  Various sources are saying we might get as much as two feet of snow.  Of course it depends who one listens to.

This is the joke that we all mention when the winter storms come in...


God only knows how much we'll get now.  I think even just yesterday they were saying maybe an inch in the metro and light snow at most in Iowa - and the heavy stuff would hit up in northern Minnesota.  But it looks like they're thinking it'll head further south now and even get in to Iowa now.   

I was going to head down to Iowa later Thursday afternoon but I think now I'll probably wait until Friday.  Take a 1/2 day and head down in the afternoon.  I think tomorrow or Wednesday morning I'll make a final decision.  I'm hoping that when I go down in April for Easter and niece birthdays weather isn't a factor.

And of course since all the roads and trails will be covered again it means an end to bike riding for a few weeks.  At least I got some mileage in this month.

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