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Today is the 2 Year Anniversary of the Iowa Derecho




Two years ago today Iowa got hit by a derecho


It would eventually become one of the worst derechos in U.S. history, causing billions of dollars in damage, as winds ripped roofs off buildings and destroyed crops and trees and so much more.

The storm started in southeast South Dakota and northeast Nebraska, gaining strength as it moved.

The National Weather Service said maximum estimated winds were at around 140 miles an hour in some areas.

The storms left hundreds of thousands of people without power across the state for days.

Yeah it got really rainy and windy up by Dubuque but there wasn't any damage at the farm.  Nor did we lose power.  Others in the area weren't quite as lucky.  To say nothing of areas like Cedar Rapids or other parts of Iowa that got really hard. 

And it was two years ago today that I learned that there was a weather phenomena called derecho.  

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We are north of Chicago, near the Wisconsin border and remember the warnings that were issued for high winds and possible loss of power here.   Wasn't as bad as predicted but looking at the radar progression, looked it weakened somewhat by the time it got to us.    Though a storm chaser in the Rockford to the west area took video and it looked pretty intense there. 

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