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Supposed to be a hot one tomorrow




Supposed to be a good hot one in the upper Midwest tomorrow.  Here in Minneapolis it's supposed to be up close to 100 tomorrow.

In Iowa the various cities are opening up cooling centers and are advising residents to be careful about the heat. 

One of the local stations asked how well prepared the Minnesota power grid is for the heat. 


Here in Minnesota, we are part of the Eastern Interconnection, one of three sections of “the grid.”

The Eastern Interconnection includes nearly half of the United States.

Kevin Lee with the Department of Commerce’s energy resources division says utilities and operators can basically draw energy from this entire region during times of high usage.

“If you have a large event in one particular area that is producing a lot of demand, you may be able to compensate for that by bringing in energy from an area that is not experiencing that same event,” Lee explains.

In other words Minnesota won't be as fornicated as Abattoir land was or is when extreme weather hits the power grid.   

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Here in Minneapolis it's supposed to be up close to 100 tomorrow.

I'm sorry. :pb_sad:

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12 hours ago, Cartmann99 said:

I'm sorry. :pb_sad:

My watch says it's 88° out right now.  Finally broke down, closed the windows, and turned the AC on.  Only the second time I've run it for any length of time. 

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11 minutes ago, FiveAcres said:

Stay comfy!

Thank you!  Now it's 90° out.  AC works pretty good.  I have it set to 76° so I'm wondering now if my sister in law and my nieces would be grumbling that it's too warm at my place.  Parents have the house set at 76° and last summer my sister in law said that was too warm so I snuck it down to 73° and the girls seemed to be happier but mom grumbled it was too cold then.  I might actually turn it up a few degrees because it almost seems too cold in here.

I think I actually inherited my mom's temperature tolerances - she likes it warmer and I'm finding that after VSG surgery I like it a bit warmer too.  Or maybe it was just growing up without AC. 

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