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More Spring Weather "Fun"




Xcel is still out cleaning things up and more bad weather is expected this evening.

They had said earlier that Washburn and 55th had been blocked.  The neighbor's shelter tent that just about went flying off last week during a storm was ruined.  She said it got tipped right over the fence in the wind.  Otherwise she said there was no other damage and I didn't see any other damage.  Had a couple co-workers that had to make alternate arrangements for working today due to power and/or internet being out at home.

Right now it's nice and sunny out but who knows how long that will last.

It is nice to be able to have the window open at home now even with all the airliners on final approach. 

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Just had a severe thunderstorm warning issued.  Got the AC on now for the first time this year.  Seems to do a decent enough job. 

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    • EmCatlyn


      5 hours ago, livinginthelight said:

      I completely agree with you. However, his lack of interest in Anna or the kids might be overridden by a desire to proclaim to the world "I'm a healthy normal family man! And my wife is willing to have sex with me. Nothing to see here folks!"

      If he doesn't create more children, the implication might be that she privately sees him as a monster despite her public support and refuses to have sex with him.

      Oh, I agree that when he gets out of jail, if Anna is still fertile, Josh will do nothing to prevent having more kids.    I was commenting on the speculation that they might get fertility treatments.   I don’t think Josh would want the bother or the expense (if JB doesn’t cover fertility treatments).  He would probably use the excuse that they shouldn’t interfere with God’s plan or something like that, but it would be more that he was lazy and unmotivated.

      I suspect that he will find many ways to proclaim to the world that he is still having sex with Anna even if they don’t have a little bundle of joy to prove it.  

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    • purple_summer


      Watching episode 2 of the new season (discovery+) and Kim’s sudden change of heart is very weird. I don’t particularly like anyone in this family so I’m essentially just along for the ride. 

      Moriah & Max broke up because he kissed another girl and criticized her (Moriah’s) clothes. 

    • Mrs Ms

      Posted (edited)

      This is when I haaaaaate being part of an international forum. I am sitting here at 8.50am Wednesday morning on the 25th (in New Zealand) and I think it is a perfectly fine time for the court to do its thing. Now I have to wait for Arkansas to catch up 😭

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    • Jinder Roles


      TW: justification of sexual abuse, general shittiness 

      Tweets from Caleb Williams (who is also a convicted child abuser) who the defense tried to infer actually downloaded the CSAM. According to him, Anna believes Josh was framed. 







      Caleb also went to the Reddit to defend his own history of abuse/grooming and made some blood-boiling tweets saying he was a victim of grooming. I hate these people so much. 

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      I bet he thought she would keep quiet since she always had. I bet he thought everyone would automatically forgive him for “adultery.” Well he was fucking wrong. I’m glad she didn’t allow him to stand up there and lie. Good for her. I really hope she can leave that church if this guy stays on as pastor. And if he’s kicked out, then yes! Good.

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