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Spring briefly appeared today




Nice and warm today up in Minneapolis.  It's close to about 70 degrees up here now.  It was raining out earlier today but it's stopped so I've had the window open for a while today.  First day it's been warm enough to do that.

I had the bedroom window open for a while but I decided to close it since if it starts raining suddenly I'm not in a position to move fast to close that window.  I ❤️ my place but of course I could do without being under the final approach for MSP.  Still not the end of the world though.

I checked the conditions down in Iowa and it's in the low 80s down there. 

Of course being the upper Midwest it's not going to last.  It's supposed to only be in the low 50s tomorrow then a few days with temps only being in the 40s.  Same down in Iowa too. 

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we had pretty much the same thing in western NY.  lovely warm weekend, then cooler yesterday with some crazy wind and rain for about half an hour; i had standing water in the back yard that was still there this morning.  and they're telling us snow flurries for tonight.

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    • hoipolloi


      1 hour ago, Howl said:

      What prompted this pastor to make a confession WITH HIS VICTIM PRESENT IN THE CONGREGATION. I mean, WTAF?

      According to the transcript, her brother had somehow seen them in bed all those years ago and finally decided that he would confront the pastor. So, Pastor Lowe - being a True Christian™️ -- probably decided to get ahead of the brother's report and tried to frame his crimes as positively as he could.

    • EmCatlyn

      Posted (edited)

      6 hours ago, DottyC said:

      That was my first thought too. In a previous job I had, this happened. Mum chose the pedo and the kids were taken off her including the one she was expecting when they took the toddler. When the time came they just went to the maternity hospital and took the newborn too, no messing. (UK here too)

      One thing to remember is that Josh isn’t going to prison for molesting kids; he is going to prison for CSAM.  There is a possible argument, because there are no known molestations since his sisters and that case never went to court, that Josh poses no danger to his kids.  He might be a viewer, not a doer.

      While viewing is regarded as equal to doing in this type of cases, it is only because the viewing further victimizes the children in the videos, not because there is a consensus that viewers automatically become doers.

      Although we know that Josh has been more than a viewer and we can speculate that he poses a danger to kids, without actual legal proof it would be hard for the state to limit his access to his kids when he gets out of prison, especially if Anna and the kids indicate they want him home.  

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      Editing out extra
    • Dandruff


      I wonder which of the Duggar family and friends will show up for the sentencing tomorrow.

      Anyone know what time it's scheduled for?

      1 minute ago, Mama Mia said:

      Of course there are also other parents ( ahem — Anna) who will stay because they are desperately in lurve and put the abuser 1st. She’s the most frustrating type because despite her indoctrination she does have more options than many women.

      I see no way that the molestations, then Ashley Madison, then the CSAM haven't set off red lights in Anna's head.  I don't think she's the brightest, but a three-digit IQ isn't needed here.  She has also been trained to be a loyal and submissive helpmeet and is in a position where persons of authority (JB and her father, as examples) support Josh.  She has a young baby along with six other kids, probably desperately wants to avoid the media, and I imagine feels fairly safe with a roof, food, and other bills being reliably paid.  I really don't see her budging, at least for a good while.  She appears pretty adept at creating an emotional bubble for herself, with an A+ for suspending judgement and obeying her marriage vows.

      I doubt Josh wants any more kids and would have been fine with no more than two.  I suspect Anna views intimacy as reinforcement that he loves her and isn't straying, and also enjoys having lots of babies.  If they're still together when he gets out - by which I mean he hasn't decided to leave her - then I'd expect them to let nature take it's course but no IVF, etc.

      Hope someone supportive is staying with Anna and the kids.  If Anna is stressed enough, which she should be, then the kids must be feeling it too.

      3 minutes ago, Mrs Ms said:

      This is when I haaaaaate being part of an international forum. I am sitting here at 8.50am Wednesday morning on the 25th and I think it is a perfectly fine time for the court to do its thing. Now I have to wait for Arkansas to catch up 😬

      Yeah, it's still late afternoon on the 24th here (DC area).  One night's sleep away from finding out that number.  Still guessing 7.75 years.  Depending on the time of the sentencing, perhaps you can stay up late?

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    • noseybutt


      21 minutes ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I bet he thought she would keep quiet since she always had. I bet he thought everyone would automatically forgive him for “adultery.” Well he was fucking wrong. I’m glad she didn’t allow him to stand up there and lie. Good for her. I really hope she can leave that church if this guy stays on as pastor. And if he’s kicked out, then yes! Good.


      Amazing arrogance on his part. Amazing bravery on hers.

      And, so we are clear, this should never be expected of a survivor. Only if the survivor chooses this path. Running away and never confronting him publicly is also a valid path. What this woman did was model a completely different approach than has been the norm in evangelical and fundamentalist churches. And I am all for different options being modeled.

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    • EmCatlyn


      5 hours ago, livinginthelight said:

      I completely agree with you. However, his lack of interest in Anna or the kids might be overridden by a desire to proclaim to the world "I'm a healthy normal family man! And my wife is willing to have sex with me. Nothing to see here folks!"

      If he doesn't create more children, the implication might be that she privately sees him as a monster despite her public support and refuses to have sex with him.

      Oh, I agree that when he gets out of jail, if Anna is still fertile, Josh will do nothing to prevent having more kids.    I was commenting on the speculation that they might get fertility treatments.   I don’t think Josh would want the bother or the expense (if JB doesn’t cover fertility treatments).  He would probably use the excuse that they shouldn’t interfere with God’s plan or something like that, but it would be more that he was lazy and unmotivated.

      I suspect that he will find many ways to proclaim to the world that he is still having sex with Anna even if they don’t have a little bundle of joy to prove it.  

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