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Cold weather on tap




Yeah it's supposed to be really cold here in the upper midwest over the next few days.

For the Twin Cities the NWS is saying mid 30s tomorrow before the temp drops down close to zero Wednesday and Thursday.



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We’ve got the stupid windchill’s coming Thursday and Friday. I’m contemplating work from home those two days.

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    • purple_summer


      Watching episode 2 of the new season (discovery+) and Kim’s sudden change of heart is very weird. I don’t particularly like anyone in this family so I’m essentially just along for the ride. 

      Moriah & Max broke up because he kissed another girl and criticized her (Moriah’s) clothes. 

    • Mrs Ms

      Posted (edited)

      This is when I haaaaaate being part of an international forum. I am sitting here at 8.50am Wednesday morning on the 25th (in New Zealand) and I think it is a perfectly fine time for the court to do its thing. Now I have to wait for Arkansas to catch up 😭

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    • Jinder Roles


      TW: justification of sexual abuse, general shittiness 

      Tweets from Caleb Williams (who is also a convicted child abuser) who the defense tried to infer actually downloaded the CSAM. According to him, Anna believes Josh was framed. 







      Caleb also went to the Reddit to defend his own history of abuse/grooming and made some blood-boiling tweets saying he was a victim of grooming. I hate these people so much. 

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      I bet he thought she would keep quiet since she always had. I bet he thought everyone would automatically forgive him for “adultery.” Well he was fucking wrong. I’m glad she didn’t allow him to stand up there and lie. Good for her. I really hope she can leave that church if this guy stays on as pastor. And if he’s kicked out, then yes! Good.

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    • Mama Mia


      1 hour ago, Shouldabeenacowboy said:

      I always have a hard time understanding these scenarios. I love my husband and he's a great guy, but no matter what happens between us, my child(ren) will always be #1. I cannot imagine any scenario where I would pick a partner - or anyone else- over my child(ren). 

      My personal opinion. YMMV. 

      I agree, but these cases can be REALLY challenging. A large number of women stay because they - or their children, or other family members - have been threatened with death if they leave. And that is not always an unrealistic threat - CPS or restraining orders or cops not withstanding. Everyone knows the most dangerous time is after the victim leaves. The abuser knows this too, and plays up on this.  I have some horrible stories from when I was a social worker and trying to get families relocated. 
      Of course there are also other parents ( ahem — Anna) who will stay because they are desperately in lurve and put the abuser 1st. She’s the most frustrating type because despite her indoctrination she does have more options than many women. 
      And of course there is also always basic financial and emotional manipulation - depending where you are and what resources are available - CPS threatening to take the baby but giving you no place to stay, and the shelters are full, and your family has all been driven away, and you haven’t been allowed friends or work or cash or a car in the last 5 states you’ve been drug through  — where do you actually go? 
      But yes, the women who just choose to stay , when there are any other options, and lose their kids? I don’t get that. And it’s so common.

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