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Snow totals




We wound up getting about three inches in the SW Minneapolis area where I'm staying right now. 

I talked to my mom this morning for a bit and she said they got a couple inches yesterday.  Down in the Des Moines area where my sister lives they got about a foot of snow. 

Even though it snowed pretty much all day yesterday traffic was humming right along up here.  Not like other areas of the country where so much as a dusting is enough to shut down an area.  It's sunny out today up here but the temperature is only in the teens.  Doing some laundry right now then I'll probably head downtown for a few hours later today.  

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    • JermajestyDuggar


      I bet he thought she would keep quiet since she always had. I bet he thought everyone would automatically forgive him for “adultery.” Well he was fucking wrong. I’m glad she didn’t allow him to stand up there and lie. Good for her. I really hope she can leave that church if this guy stays on as pastor. And if he’s kicked out, then yes! Good.

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    • Mama Mia


      1 hour ago, Shouldabeenacowboy said:

      I always have a hard time understanding these scenarios. I love my husband and he's a great guy, but no matter what happens between us, my child(ren) will always be #1. I cannot imagine any scenario where I would pick a partner - or anyone else- over my child(ren). 

      My personal opinion. YMMV. 

      I agree, but these cases can be REALLY challenging. A large number of women stay because they - or their children, or other family members - have been threatened with death if they leave. And that is not always an unrealistic threat - CPS or restraining orders or cops not withstanding. Everyone knows the most dangerous time is after the victim leaves. The abuser knows this too, and plays up on this.  I have some horrible stories from when I was a social worker and trying to get families relocated. 
      Of course there are also other parents ( ahem — Anna) who will stay because they are desperately in lurve and put the abuser 1st. She’s the most frustrating type because despite her indoctrination she does have more options than many women. 
      And of course there is also always basic financial and emotional manipulation - depending where you are and what resources are available - CPS threatening to take the baby but giving you no place to stay, and the shelters are full, and your family has all been driven away, and you haven’t been allowed friends or work or cash or a car in the last 5 states you’ve been drug through  — where do you actually go? 
      But yes, the women who just choose to stay , when there are any other options, and lose their kids? I don’t get that. And it’s so common.

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    • Howl


      The Conservative Baptist Network:  "While we disagree with certain aspects of the report..." 

      Just **** these people...they don't get it because they refuse to get it.  I hold no hope for substantive changes because this is an inherently and explicitly patriarchal organization.  Patriarchy does not hold men to account, especially not for sexual transgressions. 

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    • NotQuiteMotY


      5 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      The thing about car seats is that you often can’t fit all those car seats in regular cars. It’s a huge pain in the ass to put three car seats and three boosters in an ordinary mini van. So they are forced to get those huge passenger vans or just say fuck it when it comes to car seats. If we had a third child, we would have been forced to get a minivan due to car seats. There’s no way 3 car seats (not boosters) could have fit in our outback. So they either have to spend a bunch of mo eye on a passenger can or they don’t follow car seat laws. And most fundies aren’t overflowing with money so we know what they will choose. And then they all rub off on each other. Since everyone in their family are lax about car seats, they think it’s fine that they are too. I think a big part of the way fundies act is because of the “fundie culture” they all seem to think is normal. 

      That's definitely at least part of it. New Baby meant that we needed a vehicle that could hold three car seats, one front-facing. We might have been able to get away with promoting Elder to a booster instead and squeezed them in that way, but while he fits the age requirement he does not fit the size ones. Ditto moving Younger into a front-facing (yes, my kids are small). Our choice was significant cost outlay, since large vehicles aren't cheap, over a riskier car seat arrangement, but I can see a lot of big families pushing the limits to save costs.

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    • Howl

      Posted (edited)

      What prompted this pastor to make a confession WITH HIS VICTIM PRESENT IN THE CONGREGATION. I mean, WTAF?

      I read the transcript.   Again, WTAF?  He raped a 16-year-old girl wearing a purity ring and continued the abuse for years. I hope she sues, because he admitted this in public.  He won't be arrested and sent to prison - statute of limitations - a lawsuit would get the attention of his obnoxiously (un)repentant ass. 

      To get some idea of what this rapist pastor missed out on, Jack Schaap just finished serving about 10 years for the same crime (released this month to a half-way house). 

      Edited by Howl
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