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Baby Thor

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Hims 5 years old!




He's 5.

A whole 5 years old! Hims a chonky baby still living in the house with Princess. Life, money & health have all slowed the renovation process.

We're in& out pretty much every day whether it's to clean or visit them or deal with things that are stashed inside. 

He got yum yums & extra cuddles today.





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So hard to believe he’s five already!  But he will always be Baby Thor!

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They grow up fast!(My Shadow will be four in August.  It still seems like I just adopted her.)

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I know I say this every year but how is he 5 years old?! He’s baby. Little boy baby. I ❤️ him!!!

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    • Coconut Flan


      The house belongs to a church member who allegedly was going to let them live there while they looked for a house  It was supposed to be about six months or so, but they're still there and appear to staying until Jeremy is done with seminary.  It's possible that they are now paying at least a minimal rent. 

    • SassyPants


      Jessa is the female version of Jim Bob. She is a shrewd, narcissist. Remember when as a teen JB and M tried to break her spirit? It didn’t work. I’m not sure her personality (or JB’s) truly meshes with the tenets of Christianity. Sweet Jilly Muffin, OTOH, more closely mirrors the walk, and look how much JB despises her- oh, how ironic….

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    • Satan'sFortress


      On 8/10/2022 at 9:46 PM, GuineaPigCourtship said:

      The Duggars are not known for putting themselves out to help others, so the bill sharing ministry is for sure not something they'd be doing if they thought they were paying more than they got.

      I feel like I have to keep reminding people that Josh Duggar brought diarrhea medicine to a friend in the middle of the night. 

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    • displayname


      I think the lack of personal feel  also comes from the fact that they're living there free from a church if I remember correctly? Like they don't even pay rent? It would be pretty ballsy of them to personalize a house that they in no way own.

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    • Satan'sFortress


      8 hours ago, CarrotCake said:

      I never realised that coffee is decaffeinated in prisons but of course it makes sense.

      I am more determined than ever to stay out of prison now!

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