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National German Chocolate Cake Day - and Happy Friday




Haven't done one of these in years, but it's National German Chocolate Cake Day.


Fun fact, the cake isn't German like my father was German (i.e. being born in Germany to German people) but rather 



Sometimes I miss sugar more than I miss men.  And that's saying something.

Chocolate and coconut is by far my favorite flavor combo, followed by chocolate and black cherry (when is Black Forest Cake Day?),



and Italian dressing and cottage cheese.  That last one may be specific to me, though.

I feel like this week has already being going on for 19 days and I'm so ready for the weekend.  Last weekend I organized my storage area and put away my winter clothes and this weekend I plan to...shower and brush my teeth.  That's pretty much it unless someone on @Kailash 's status cares enough about productivity to post to do list motivation.

I know, Friday memes are trite and overdone and so true they aren't even funny...yet they still speak to me.







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I love Friday memes! I’ll see what I can do about a to do list. 😉 Sorry about you missing sugar. Just remind yourself that sugar hurts too. 💜

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@Kailash are you saying that sugar misses me, too?  And that it's somewhere also longing for the closeness we once shared? Ahhh....failed romance!

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Of course! It longs for your tongue! 😂

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GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE IS MY FAVE TOO but I am shook that it's not German! 

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Black forest and German chocolate are my favorite cakes too!  We have an amazing German bakery/sausage place near us.  Getting frankfurters and a cake for today. Not sure which one yet.  Happy 4th!

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    • finacial ice


      1 minute ago, My Fam in RF said:

      how do you know this? do you know the signals?

      oh i caught on eventually. then i started sitting back and watching them do it to other people. it was hilarious but kinda sick too 

    • JermajestyDuggar


      6 minutes ago, EmiSue said:

      Maybe because the Duggars are largely radio silent on social media right now? I don't think it's this soon, but probably sooner than later. 

      Maybe they just had a secret bridal shower for her and that’s why all the gifts were bought. 

    • Jackie3


      42 minutes ago, AprilQuilt said:

      I cannot personally imagine staying with a man who sexually abused our children, let alone continuing to enable the children's abuse, but then I have my own income, monetisable skills, an equal relationship, the confidence to stand up for myself, and the knowledge that marriage does not have to be forever. It's horrific but once you're trapped it only gets harder to leave.

      That's another thing. Brenda knew that her daughter was being sexually assaulted. So far as we know, Anna knows that Josh watched CSA, and there's no evidence of anything else.

      So Brenda ignored her 9-year's statement that she was being raped. Anna is ignoring the feds statement that her husband watched CSA.

      Brenda's denial is far worse than Anna's, imo. But Anna is thought to be foolish for remaining with her husband.

      Even the post title ("Oh, honey, it's . . . ") implies that the situation is so terrible that divorce is the best option. If watching CSA is a reason to go (and it certainly is!), then a little girl being assaulted should also be one.

      Both women had the same serious issues (lack of money, skills, childcare) that made leaving very difficult. I'm not sure why they should be held to a different standard.

      Most of all, though, I feel  sorry for Jessica Willis. It must be hard to be close to her mother. If the police hadn't become involved (thanks to Jessica), Toby would be assaulting the youngest Willis girls right now.  Brenda showed no signs of doing anything to protect them.


    • EmiSue


      1 hour ago, kbohn23 said:

      Yep I was thinking the same thing. November seems so far off for a Duggar wedding and no way would everything be purchased already. I have no reason to think this, its just a feeling, but I think the wedding might be this saturday the 31st



      Maybe because the Duggars are largely radio silent on social media right now? I don't think it's this soon, but probably sooner than later. 

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    • AnnaSofia


      Yeah, either the abuse happened, in which case Lisa is vile for putting it out there like that (potentially endangering lives, not to mention violating trust/privacy), or Lisa fabricated this for attention, in which case Lisa is just fucking vile.

      The bitch of it is, the people in Spanky's circle who take issue with his marrying a thrice divorced woman aren't going to change their tune, no matter how badly the two of them drag their former spouses through the mud. *Maybe* she could get away with the "Grace widow" route (aka the Stacy McDonald) if she'd had one previous marriage, but with three divorces? Fundies just aren't going to look past that, not matter how awful you claim your ex-husbands were. I disagree with it (I have many, many, many issues with Lisa, but that's the least of them), but fundies gonna fundy. And surely, Lisa had to have known that when she got involved with Spanky. Unless she just assumed she'd win everyone over with her sparkling personality. :?

      I was just looking at Maili's Instagram. Seeing the photos from Darby's wedding, and of the younger Sproul kids with JT and Delaney during their engagement just makes my fucking blood boil that they weren't allowed to attend the latter's wedding. Moments like that you never get back, and all because Spanky and the Queen of the Tacky McMansion have less emotional maturity than most toddlers.

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