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National German Chocolate Cake Day - and Happy Friday




Haven't done one of these in years, but it's National German Chocolate Cake Day.


Fun fact, the cake isn't German like my father was German (i.e. being born in Germany to German people) but rather 



Sometimes I miss sugar more than I miss men.  And that's saying something.

Chocolate and coconut is by far my favorite flavor combo, followed by chocolate and black cherry (when is Black Forest Cake Day?),



and Italian dressing and cottage cheese.  That last one may be specific to me, though.

I feel like this week has already being going on for 19 days and I'm so ready for the weekend.  Last weekend I organized my storage area and put away my winter clothes and this weekend I plan to...shower and brush my teeth.  That's pretty much it unless someone on @Kailash 's status cares enough about productivity to post to do list motivation.

I know, Friday memes are trite and overdone and so true they aren't even funny...yet they still speak to me.







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I love Friday memes! I’ll see what I can do about a to do list. ? Sorry about you missing sugar. Just remind yourself that sugar hurts too. ?

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@Kailash are you saying that sugar misses me, too?  And that it's somewhere also longing for the closeness we once shared? Ahhh....failed romance!

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Of course! It longs for your tongue! ?

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GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE IS MY FAVE TOO but I am shook that it's not German! 

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Black forest and German chocolate are my favorite cakes too!  We have an amazing German bakery/sausage place near us.  Getting frankfurters and a cake for today. Not sure which one yet.  Happy 4th!

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    • freefromthin


      8 hours ago, RFsurvivor said:

      If it was similar to other peoples experiences, it meant that she sent her accountability partner what she ate/how she did with temptation/etc every hour she was awake

      That’s the way that I understood it.

    • Tatar-tot


      6 hours ago, EyesOpen said:

      Yes I think JB is litigious. I think he’s been involved in many cases about his properties etc and yes I suspect they had everyone sign documents wayyyy back when we still could feel sorry for an impressionable Anna and I doubt she had any idea what she was signing

      It would be easier for her to break an NDA or a Pre-Nup if she was not represented by legal counsel…..”Hello. Gloria Aldridge do I have the case for you……”

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    • SPHASH


      3 minutes ago, gustava said:

      He's being called by the PROSECUTOR.

      Where did you see that?

    • Anne Of Gray Gables


      2 minutes ago, gustava said:

      He's being called by the PROSECUTOR.

      As were Jim Bob (albeit during pre-trial) and David Waller's brother, who royally pissed off the prosecution. 

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    • EmCatlyn


      52 minutes ago, EvilAthiest said:

      I do not believe you meant to offend people who have been abused.  I was with you right up until the last sentence.  But that last sentence, on top of this entire situation along with years of horrible memories, made me burst into tears.

      Many people reading this are SURVIVORS of abuse.  It is not “always the weakest”.  You must not understand the strength it takes to overcome (as best we can) unspeakable acts that happened when we were innocent children.  WE ARE NOT WEAK.  WE ARE SURVIVORS.

      First: I am sorry you had to live through that.  I am glad you survived.♥️

      Second: When I read statements about people preying on the weakest and using them as scapegoats, I don’t think of the victims as weak. If they survive at all it is because they are very strong. If they don’t survive (by which I mean emerge able to have a meaningful life in spite of what was done to them) I entirely blame the abuser (not the victim for being “weak”).

      Third: People may be perceived as weak by others and still be strong.  Children can be physically weak and dependent and make good scapegoats, but children grow and often show how much stronger they are. Survivors may have been “victims” once, but they aren’t any more.

      Just my two cents.  Hang in there. 

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    • Jinder Roles

      Jinder Roles

      If you’re looking for a new female rapper may I suggest Doechii. The girl is a genius
      · 3 replies
    • louisa05


      Business teacher discussing ethics in the room next door just told students taking a sick day for mental health reasons or “mild illness” is wrong. 🙄
      · 3 replies
    • SillyDillys


      I need Jill Rod to post something stupid right now. I don't want to give birth to Ms. Dilly after reading the description of the material that Josh downloaded
      · 3 replies
    • Cartmann99


      It's December and we still haven't had our first freeze of the season.

      In light of the issues with the electrical grid in Texas, perhaps I should make an appeal to Rufus to continue to keep us above freezing? 🤔
      · 2 replies
    • HerNameIsBuffy


      Advice needed from anyone with experience planning a Catholic wedding
      She's been engaged less than a week and I've got questions.
      Booking a church or venue is done way in advance so we're on that now.   
      Why do churches ask what the date is when they say specifically on the website that you can't set a date until discussing it with the coordinator?  Why can't they ask for a range? Since when have Catholic churches been such pains in the ass about being a member of that parish to get married there?  She's coming in from out of state for the wedding, she doesn't have a parish here.  I'm not religious and my local parish church is ugly.  My childhood parish waived this and said they could marry there, but it's not an ideal location and aesthetically it's fine but she'd prefer older and more cathedralesque if they do the church wedding.   My grandpa's old church is beautiful and she's in love with it....but they're the only one who hasn't gotten back to us.  (St. Hedwig's for anyone familiar with Chicago's Bucktown) Bribes still work, right?  In the old days you could slip the church a "donation" and they'd be a lot more lenient about weddings, annulments, and funerals for non-practicing Catholics.  How are we supposed to figure out the going rate for graft 2021?   I have no problem lying to the administrative staff and claiming to be a practicing Catholic if it helps, does that make me a sociopath?  Although I don't want to lie to a priest directly.  Can you be a sociopath with religious guilt? I've been married twice, both times to Catholics.  First wedding in a Baptist church and second in congregational or community something.  I did that because I suck at planning this kind of thing and fundy-lites will marry anyone with a 20 minute meet and greet, apparently.  I wanted to elope both times and was over ruled both times so I resentfully half-assed it so this is the first time I'm trying to help plan a wedding properly.  
      The church she wants will waive the bride and groom being members if one of their parents are.  I love my daughter so much, but if I have to start actually attending church to make this work I will expect her to pay for the increase in my wine and edible budget.  Member for at least four months.  Driving from the burbs into the city once a week timing it so I get there just in time to toss them an envelope with money I'd rather keep and skedaddle is something I'd rather avoid.
      I know lots of people think what I'm trying to do is awful.  That non-practicing Catholics shouldn't get married in the church, that it's a sin to try and game the system, etc.  That church shopping for the aesthetic is  a sacrilege or such.  I understand how people can feel that way, it's valid.  But people like that would disapprove of me for a million other reasons anyway, so I'm okay with that.
      This is how I'm rationalizing it. 
      I raised her Catholic and while not practicing as an adult she does believe in God, Jesus, giving a shout out to Mary and all that.  They are going to raise their kids Catholic in the sense of sending them to CCD so they have the religious ed and then they can make their own choices as adults.   I spent thousands of dollars on CCD over the years and two out of three of my kids don't know what an apostle is.  They owe me.   Being Catholic is as much a cultural thing as a religious choice and that's the only one we have.   You can't opt out of being Catholic, as my sister once learned when she went fundy-lite, due to the indelible mark of baptism so they keep you on the roster.  If you can't leave the church without a formal declaration then I there should be something in it for us.  One wedding and burial per Catholic no matter how lapsed seems fair to me. When my uncle died in the late 1950s the church wouldn't allow him to be buried in a Catholic cemetery so they put him in a secular one.  Several years later my dad made a sizable "donation" and voila, look who got exhumed and is now buried next to Grandma and Grandpa.  Wish he was here now to handle this.  
      · 16 replies
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