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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Williams Family Part Five: We're Gonna Need An Extension




At the end of Part 4, Lisa had just given birth to baby #5, Andrew.


As space was now rather at a premium, we purchased a bunk bed for the girls' room. 


My garden plants needed weeding, so I got going that evening whilst whistling my favourite hymn.


Once all the older children had gone off to school...


Success! Baby #6 was on the way!


Meanwhile, little Andrew became a toddler. We love you, Andrew!


Baby #6 turned out to be... another girl! We stuck the ultrasound scan up on the wall, alongside the others. Girls on the left, boys on the right.


A lot of leaves had fallen in our back garden, so Michael raked them up. 


I also made sure to keep up with my painting skills. I love being able to capture God's creation!


Andrew is a curious little kid, and loves to find out what things are and what they do. I came across him investigating the rubbish bin.


Rebecca formed a children's club by which she could meet and socialise with other kids. As well as inviting neighbourhood kids, she also included Joseph and Elizabeth.


Whilst I enjoyed painting, I also fancied trying out other ways of making myself a little money from home. So, I decided to try writing books.


It was time to give birth to my little girl! We gave her the name Naomi.


Daniel became a child! 


And... I got pregnant again! Wow, the Lord is truly blessing me with so many babies!


It was now Winterfest, and we were only too eager to decorate the tree. 


The children enjoyed playing with the snow outside.



Naomi grew up...


... as did Rebecca! I can't believe I already have a teenage daughter!


Naomi and Andrew were super excited to open their presents!


The day after Winterfest, I was really excited to go and get my ultrasound. 


To my shock, I discovered we were expecting TWINS! Two girls, to be exact. Man, we were definitely going to have to build an extension to the house in order to fit everyone in...


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Hmm, did I not explain things properly? This isn’t a blog about me personally but my Sims 4 fundie family. Lisa is expecting babies #7 and #8. 

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I know that. I am just sympathising with Sim Lisa. 

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Ahhh, I get it now. Yeah, Lisa might *think* she wants as many as the Lord will provide, but reality is another thing entirely!!

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  • Posts

    • Smee


      8 hours ago, Natalie22 said:

      I want to know the whole story of this wedding.  @Smee I feel like you've left us hanging 😆

      Haha ok. They were a young couple who were also pretty alternative. He was a member of the “gods squad motorcycle club” which is basically a Christian group that tries to evangelise to bikie gangs and follows many of the same rules/behaviours/culture and dress, minus the outlaw and drug stuff. Her dad was in the same group and she herself was a Harley-riding airbrush artist with a growing number of tattoos. Her engagement ring was a skull with diamonds for eyes. They got married at the local graveyard, her dad was the minister, and they both arrived and left in a convoy of motorbikes. The groom wore a leather vest. The bride wore a rockabilly style knee length white lace dress and carried a bouquet of dried (dead) roses. She had 4 bridesmaids each in their own (not matching) 50s style dresses that they picked up second-hand at charity shops, none of them had flowers. 

      The ceremony was big on Jesus and being saved, then the reception was at a local hall next to the community garden. Stand up canapés followed by an outdoor barbecue. Water guns were brought out to keep us all cool. The bride and groom sat there while a guy gave them freehand tattoos on their hands instead of wedding rings. She got a heart, he got a Jesus cross along his ring finger. A little while later they moved to a remote outback town and did some mission stuff with an Aboriginal community there. 

      Turns out he was an abusive asshole and they’re now divorced, she’s also very into exvangelical stuff these days. She’s been a huge support to me in my own separation. Still very artistic and not big on the mainstream.

    • Jrodseyeliner


      Why would Anna move? She is in the windowless warehouse for life.. 

    • EmCatlyn


      1 hour ago, viii said:

      I think the whole reason we saw Anna appear on Counting On was because she pushed her way onto it. I don’t think TLC cared that much about her. I’m not saying Anna is a genius mastermind, but I think it’s incredibly naive to say she’s not a sharp knife. 

      I don’t think she is all that clever.  She seems to be someone who is invested in her role and who knows how to make that role work for her but not much more.  Unfortunately for her, Josh has not been equally good at playing the role assigned to him.  So she is stuck with dealing with the messes he makes.  It limits her getting what she wants.

      I don’t think she pushed her way into the first season of “Counting On.”  I think her disclosure of how she had handled Josh’s fall, and so forth was very much wanted by TLC.  It helped get the new show going.   I do suspect that after that first season, TLC thought her connection to Josh was a potential liability and anyway her life wasn’t that interesting after the Fall of Josh version 1 had been “milked” sufficiently.

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    • EmCatlyn


      1 hour ago, Jackie3 said:

      Wow, I disagree. Anna doesn't seem like she's getting ANYTHING that she wants. She wanted Josh to stop looking at porn, for one. She didn't make that happen.

      @Jackie3 FWIW,  Your quote box makes it seem I am the one who said that Anna was able to get what she wanted.  I didn’t. I was quoting @viii, and although I grant that she may be sneaky and manipulative, I think she doesn’t have success on the big things she wants.  I pointed out that Anna is “hardly a domestic fundie Machiavelli.”  So I am sort of between you and viii on this one.  I think Anna does get some things she wants, but I not all.

    • Bluebirdbluebell


      Kristen Nicole Young is having a girl. They did a sex reveal on Instagram featuring pink bubblegum.

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