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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Williams Family Part Four: They Just Keep Coming



Having been blessed with four pregnancies so far, I had gained a little weight. I also hadn't had much time to exercise and keep fit, so I decided to have a go on the treadmill.


Household chores aren't just for girls you know! Elizabeth had made a bit of a mess with the potty, and Joseph decided to clean it up. Such a good kid!


As our kids were going to public school, we naturally required that they worked hard and did their homework. 


And... baby #5 was on its way! 


Meanwhile, baby #4, Daniel, grew up. I can't wait to see what a great man of the Lord he will be!


Eventually, having sold enough paintings, I was recognised as a Notable Newcomer. I wasn't particularly interested in worldly fame, but it was still nice to be recognised. The fact that I was able to do this whilst staying at home was an added bonus.


"Oh, you're pregnant again!" said Bella as we congregated in the kitchen.

"Yes, I'm so excited! My husband and I want as many children as the Lord will give us."

"Aha, you're the religious type," Bella nodded. "I should have guessed."

"Well, a lot of women wear long skirts these days," I replied. "Don't worry, I won't try and force you to dress like I do! It's more authentic for someone to come by faith themselves, rather than be forced into it." *

"Yes, I can see that might be best. Well, you're friendly to me which is all I ask."

"Oh, of course."

* of course this isn't typical fundie speak... I just had Lisa say that so that she didn't freak out her friend. Saying one thing and thinking another is pretty typical for fundies, right? And besides, it could have planted a seed in Bella's mind. (I'm not to about to change Bella into a submissive fundie maiden or anything, I never mess around with premades).


One of the things I highly dislike about pregnancy is that you constantly need the toilet. So I guess it was inevitable that I ended up peeing myself one day.


That Thursday was Harvestfest, and I cooked the grand turkey meal. 


Everyone who was able to sat down and enjoyed the meal. (Toddlers can't sit at the table, but they can grab a plateful of food and sit elsewhere).


The next day was Elizabeth's birthday! Oh, they're all growing up so fast. 



Number #5 was another boy, and we called him Andrew.



04-18-21_3-18-20 AM.png

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    • Sarah (Stelzl) Shultz has been married for more than two years now, and still no baby (her Instagram is public). She is in her mid-late 20s. Her family is very prominent in the IBLP circles, and the FEW conferences circles (good friend with the Staddons, the Neelys, and the Wilkeses), and she's also attended Jill Duggar's wedding. Her family's blog hasn't been active in years. Does anyone here have info?

    • Ozlsn


      1 hour ago, Melissa1977 said:

      What was God thinking??? 

      "Get a vasectomy Shaun"?

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    • Green bean satan


      I think Ellie has gotten a lot of backlash over Josh’s most recent sex crimes, bc in 2015 she said that we shouldn’t believe all the stories about Josh and that a lot of people were out to get him. I’m sure this crashed over into her personal nashvillewife blog, which is all about car seats and organic food and staining furniture. I bet a lot of people don’t like it that she’s good friends with a childmolester. 

    • Melissa1977


      3 hours ago, mhainlen said:

      What is her typical baby spacing? When might she start trying for the next one?

      She will start after twins first birthday. But maybe she will delay it a bit this time. Anyway, she said she uses natural birth control (which failed and she got pregnant with the twins too early). But it's apparently up to God because God can send o not a baby to you. One may think that she should have had considered the twins a God's gift... but she was pissed because they came too early, they were twins and they were boys. What was God thinking??? 

    • Melissa1977


      1 hour ago, Idlewild said:

      All the kids being restricted from TV and internet, yet Josh was given a computer with apparently unchecked access?

      I think that Josh was being punished for the molestations, but as Duggars couldn't say that, they said he was guilty of watching porn. I highly doubt Duggars had free internet at home and there weren't smartphones in 2004. They needed an alibi, because sending their son to be punished for weeks would cause people to gossip, and porn was enough for an explanation. Molestation would have been too hard to explain.

      When Duggars said Kellers knew about Josh sins, I bet they were talking about watching "mainstream" porn, not molestations. 

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