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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Williams Family Part Three: More Kids Than Parts



At the end of the last part, Lisa had just given birth to baby #3, Elizabeth, and Rebecca had become a child. 

Joseph was rather stinky, so I was only too happy to give him a bath. He was such a sweet little kid. 


I like to try and feed my family a healthy diet, and I also like to make use of leftovers. With this in mind, Rebecca ate some leftover grilled fruit for breakfast before school.


Both Michael and I had been homeschooled as children. I had been prepared to homeschool too, but then Michael had told me about what happened to his older sister. She had been a happy homeschool mother, before her husband died of liver cancer. She had found it incredibly difficult to both homeschool and be the sole breadwinner, and she'd been hampered by the fact that her education hadn't been great. Michael had therefore decided that we should send our children to public school.

"But what about the other kids?" I'd said.

"Well, we can use it as an opportunity to try and encourage others to adopt our lifestyle. Rebecca will still dress modestly, of course. Passing out tracts is all very well, but I think it'd be good if others could see how we live our lives in a more direct way."

I wasn't sure that I was entirely convinced, but I nodded anyway. I was also unsure about the stuff Rebecca would be taught, until Michael pointed out that there were plenty of politicians who believed similarly to us, and who hadn't been homeschooled. He also argued that Rebecca, and later her siblings, would be better placed to argue against stuff like evolution if she understood the pro-evolution argument. So, with all that having been said, Rebecca happily went off to her first day of school.


Music has always been a hobby of mine. My main instrument as a child was the violin, but I also had a hankering to learn the piano. I purchased a small keyboard to start me off.


Time to get going to see if we can conceive #4!




I wanted to improve my cooking skills, so I found the culinary channel on TV to get some ideas.


Elizabeth grew up!


It was a warm day, so I made some lemon gelato, and served it with orange slices and sprinkles. Ymm!


Rebecca turned out to be similar to me in that she loved playing music. I bought her a special child-sized violin.


Rebecca was now old enough to help out round the house, and immediately took her breakfast plate to the kitchen sink after eating.


There's a small playground near our house, so I took Rebecca there after school. 

"Hey Mum!" she called.

"Hey honey," I replied. "Sorry, I've got to use the toilet!"


Rebecca met a classmate, who she told me was called Taku Akiyama.

"Hello, Taku!" I said. "I'm Rebecca's mum."

"Hello, Mrs Williams," he said politely. 


"Elizabeth, sweetie, please don't make a mess on the floor."

"Sowwy, Daddy."


Rebecca was also now old enough to keep a Bible journal. 


Everyone in the playroom!


I was happy to find out that baby #4 would be a boy!


I always enjoyed reading stories to the kids when they were in bed.


Elizabeth enjoying a PBJ sandwich. Ymm!


Happy birthday Joseph! We love you!



That day also happened to be the day that our baby was born! We named him Daniel.



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    • Jackie3, I’d be interested in what else Justin has to say on his podcast.

      Regarding Josh being targeted, it’s my understanding that the FBI was investigating a large group of people for CP crimes and weren’t specifically targeting anyone, just going after everyone. And Josh was in that mix. There was no agenda that they were out to get him.

      Cults r us, no doubt Anna has other addictions, but chaos addiction can be included. It is a real thing. One website definition: “chaos addicts believe intensity equals being alive. The mind becomes wired for drama and the soul is starved of meaningful purpose.This type of life may produce heart-pounding excitement, but the absence of this addictive energy can bring about withdrawal, fear, and restlessness that is unbearable." 

      It’d be difficult enough dealing with a husband’s issues like Josh’s. But throw in 7 kids, not having control of your own finances and the public spotlight on not just you but your entire in-law family, and, well, chaos on all fronts. 


    • 9 hours ago, quiversR4hunting said:


      In my area, the evangelical and prosperity churches preach politics but it isn't right in any church that is tax exempted because of it being a house of worship. 


      I agree 100%. It’s beyond frustrating that churches get away with it. Flaunt it even, as if they are untouchable.

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    • Rachel333


      I find the Calvinist belief that God actively chooses who goes to Heaven, and thus who goes to Hell absolutely repugnant. (I've seen Calvinists claim that God only chooses people to go to Heaven and everyone else was going to Hell anyway so it wasn't God's choice, but come on, it's the same thing as him choosing who goes to Hell.) Now, if you believe in an all-powerful God and believe in Hell then at some point you have to reckon with the fact that God could prevent people from going to Hell (and if you don't believe in Hell then there's still earthly suffering that presents the same problem), but Calvinism is just so direct about it in a way I find incredibly offputting. They really believe that God chose them to be saved and chose a bunch of other people to suffer in Hell for eternity, whereas I feel like the Arminian outlook is a lot kinder in that they don't think it's God's plan for anyone to go to Hell, but sin happens. (Again, I know this presents logical issues as well, but I still prefer it to Calvinism.)

      (Also, I should mention that I'm not a Christian and don't actually believe in either anymore.)

      On a shallow level too, I just find the new Reformed crowd unbearably obnoxious. They tend to be so pretentious and really into this image of themselves as cultured intellectuals.

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    • sableduck


      It actually surprises me that they’d outline the level of control JB had. Jeremy, at least, should be aware of how weird and controlling it looks, and that it’s bad for their brand.

      I honestly wonder what his parents thought and if it raised red flags for them. As a mother, I don’t want to control my kid’s lives, but if they got involved in something like this I’d be voicing my concerns.

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    • Rachel333


      4 hours ago, Jackie3 said:

      4. Josh was caught looking at porn during his dad's campaign. He was probably discovered when one of the younger kids saw him look at porn and innocently ratted him out. He was made to confess in front of the church with a big emphasis on humiliating him as much as possible. He was sent to a church member's home to "dig out a pond"--apparently something that's done in Arkansas for homes with ponds that don't hold water. The sludge is dug out with a shovel. Josh was isolated in a building on the man's property (the man lived nearby and brought him meals but didn't talk to him) for weeks while he was digging. The church got reports on him each week. When Josh returned, he acted very cocky.

      5. TLC was filming the Duggars at this time, but very little was said to them about Josh's porn use. Josh was brought back to the home for the filming. 

      6. The people in their church did not know about the molestations.

      Okay, 4 and 6 make way more sense to me than the idea that he confessed to the whole church about the molestations and they all knew. Obviously some people outside the family knew about the molestations, but I've always thought it was a lot fewer than often assumed, definitely far from being the open secret in the community that I've seen claimed before.

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