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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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NEW Family! Introducing the Williams Family, Sims 4



Yep, I decided to start another fundie Sims family, because I haven't done one in a while. I have quite a few fun/useful bits of CC I can use, as well as a couple of mods. 

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Lisa Williams and her lovely, Godly hubby, Michael. Both have the "Big Happy Family" aspiration.

Lisa is demonstrating a very useful bit of CC I found - the accessory top! Now I have access to a much wider variety of clothing, as long as I use the fundie-approved accessory top underneath. It's only available in the Everyday category, but that is the most frequently worn outfit. It's the white thing underneath her hot pink v-neck top.



I moved them into a fancy house using the "free real estate" cheat. This is mainly because I hate building, but the in-game story can be that they grifted it. Because fundies.

I'm going to tell this story from Lisa's perspective.


Michael and I were keen to start a family straight away, so we went upstairs...


Sadly, the attempt was unsuccessful, and I felt rather sad. I decided to jot down my feelings in my prayer journal, as well as pray that the next time would be fruitful. Lord, I would so love a child. Help me be happy with whatever Your decision is.


Two of our neighbours, Bella and Mortimer Goth, popped over to visit. Bella was dressed rather immodestly, but I kept my mouth shut. Michael and I had only recently moved in, and I didn't want to be seen as (publicly) judgemental.


I decided to make some nice healthy salad for dinner.


That evening, once our visitors had left, Michael and I decided to try again...


And... it was successful! Thank You, Lord! 


The next morning, with Michael at work, I decided to explore the local area. It was rather chilly, so I donned my winter coat. 


It was really too chilly to be very enjoyable, so I went back home. I thought it might be a fun idea to try out knitting.


Later, I again decided to write in my journal: Lord, I pray that this pregnancy goes well, and that the baby is born healthy. Help me to be a good parent.


Now that I was in my second trimester, I was eager to go and get an ultrasound done to find out the gender of the baby! (This is a mod). I was ecstatic to find out that I was having a girl! I was excited to dress her in cute dresses and do fun things with her, like baking cakes and playing fun games. 


"So, honey, what shall we name our daughter?"

"Something Biblical, of course. Have you ever come across any names you like in your Bible reading?"

"To be honest, I never really noticed. I will definitely have a look through and take note of any I like."

"Good idea. I'll do the same."


It felt like almost no time at all until I went into labour. Ooh, it was so painful!


We decided to name our little girl Rebecca. It was perhaps more of a Hebrew or Jewish name than Christian, but I'd always liked it, and it did appear in the Bible so Rebecca it was.


I had made a really nice white beanie hat, so I listed it on Plopsy. Someone bought it, and I sent it off in the post.


The next day, we thought it'd be a good idea to get going on #2!


It was successful! Rebecca was going to be a big sister!


Here's Rebecca as a toddler. She's demonstrating one of the toddler accessory tops (which is also available in a child version), as well as toddler leggings. It's difficult to find clothing for toddlers and children that's "modest" (i.e. covers the knees), but I figured that as long as the skirts aren't too short, I can use leggings underneath for the layered look so beloved of fundies.


"Awww, I love you, Rebecca!"

"I wuv you too Mummy!"


That day, Friday, happened to be Love Day, so Michael and I exchanged romantic gifts. I gave him a rose, and he gave me a tulip.


Afterwards, I went for an ultrasound, where I discovered that baby #2 was going to be a boy! 

Rebecca was a little tired and cranky, so Michael put her to bed.


Being pregnant and a mother to a toddler was pretty tiring, so I took a quick nap.


On the Sunday afternoon, I gave birth to little Joseph. Rebecca came to meet him and seemed pretty happy. 



That's part one of the Williams family saga! Phew, one week in-game and already there are two blessings. I'm pretty sure there'll be more very soon... will Rebecca get a sister to share her room with, or will Joseph get to share his room with a little brother?

A couple more bits of info: Michael started off in the Business career. He got an opportunity that granted him fame... but got him fired from his job. Womp womp. He then joined the Political career, which gives him the option to work from home. He's now a 1 star celebrity, Notable Newcomer. I'm fine with fame... loads of fundies wanna be famous, right?

Rebecca has the Silly trait, so she's better at gaining Imagination skill. This translates into being better at creative skills later on, like cooking and painting and so on. Cooking is good for obvious reasons, and painting is useful as a way for Rebecca to earn money without actually getting a job when she's older. Joseph is still only a baby, and they don't get traits.



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Mama Mia


This is so cool! I love the Sims, but only have the Freeplay edition, which is very different, and more geared towards home design than the individual story lines. I once built a Duggar house, and a Sister Wives house


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I have FreePlay too, actually. The quests take ages to do though, and if you want to get tasks done faster you essentially have to spend quite a lot of money so that’s frustrating. I’ve never experimented with recreating an actual house in any Sims game, though. 

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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      1 hour ago, feministxtian said:

      .seeing as how the Catholic Church believes that if you leave it, you'll roast in hell for eternity

      FWIW I was taught from the Catholic Church that lack of salvation was separation from God, nothing about burning in hell.  Hell was presented as not getting into heaven.

      The fire and brimstone that still fills me with fear all came once my mom switched to fundy-lite.

      ymmv but that wasn’t the doctrine in my experience with the RCC.

    • Four is Enough


      6 hours ago, Jillybits said:

      Parents only have a year to comply or get their rights terminated, which sounds like a lot, but not when you have little resources.   

      Yes, but if a parent goes 11.75 months before doing a single fucking thing to reunite with the child, the clock starts again. Our Foster child whose adoption failed was in that hell of a state with the birth mother for over 4 years before the situation was resolved with the new foster/adoptive parents.

      26 minutes ago, AussieKrissy said:

      Where she live? well organise a fj raiding party! fuck her! people like that shit the fuck out of me!!!! Poor Babes. Who wants to make little on s live shittier!

       Our social worker? She thought the kids needed to mourn the time they were neglected. So photos of them in raggedy clothes, dirty, thin and hungry looking  would help them grieve, show their anger, etc. It sounded like a good idea. I thought they could move forward. (both hoarded food under their beds for years, for instance) However, it still came out over the years and they do seem to be happier and stable now, in their 20s.

      I have to say our social workers were ALL so helpful with resources and services for our foster and adopted children.

    • Didn't the Duggars form their own home church specifically over tiny littler details they disagreed with at their old church? Or am I misremembering? It might not make sense to us, but it's important to them I guess. 😵

    • Marionette


      2 hours ago, G33kywife said:

      I get that Calvinists and Arminians have some pretty big differences in how they view doctrine, but none of it pertains to anything that Christians consider “primary essentials.” I have studied both viewpoints extensively, and I understand that some people are super passionate about one side or another. I just can’t see how choosing to marry someone from a different side would cause division. It seems like Jinger has an extreme people pleaser personality and was terrified of causing waves. Sad. 

      (Sorry to double-post, I’m on mobile.) 

      Maybe it’s because I grew up IFB, but the differences were always a big deal. Even after leaving fundamentalism, I am still a Christian and find it a big deal. Now I personally believe God chose everyone, and I could not fathom believing in a god who only chose certain people and damned the rest to hell (Calvinism). Furthermore, Calvinists tend to believe that god literally orchestrates every. single. thing. that happens you, and if you are suffering, it is because he is trying to “get your attention,” and that he BRINGS HIMSELF GLORY through human suffering—which I find very twisted and disgusting. I tend to lean more free will (though I don’t believe you can lose your salvation like Arminians) and consequence than divine providence. 

      This is, at least, my experience with Calvinism and Calvinists/Calvinist-influenced people I know. I’ve heard the above ideas (about “god-ordained” suffering and divine intervention) a lot in the Southern Baptist Convention (2nd largest denom in the US), because SBC is heavily influenced by Reformed theology (they read/quote a lot of John Piper, Tim Keller, and John MacArthur). Those beliefs may span over several denominations/groups, but they seem to be rooted in Calvinism.

      Anyway, none of this really has a whole lot to do with JinJer, I’m just projecting. Church trauma has been a weird thing to work through. I’m happy to hear anyone else’s thoughts on the matter. 

    • HoneyBunny


      1 hour ago, feministxtian said:

      The priest won't give a damn. He probably considers you a non-Catholic anyway. 

      I told off a priest at my mother's funeral. It didn't do any good. I wanted to slap the smug right off his face. The mother had not been to Mass in years due to being housebound...he was like "well how do I know she was still Catholic?". 


      That would have pushed me over the edge, too. My mom hasn’t been to Mass in years either; however, she turned a table into an altar with her own tablecloth and crucifix for the Eucharistic minister to use when he visited her assisted living center. And since the pandemic, with no Eucharistic ministers allowed in, she is the person who has organized  non-denominational  Christmas and Easter services for all the residents. Don’t tell me she’s not Catholic enough. 

      Thank you all for your support.  It’s exactly what I need right now, and what I was pretty sure I’d find here. As for sending my letter to the diocese…the bishop is the one who is leading the charge on this. In fact, the first words the priest said Saturday evening is that he was so blessed to be serving under this bishop because of his firm stand on these issues. So, yeah, no help there. 

      There is a liberal Jesuit parish operating about 25 miles north of where I live.  It intermittently has and doesn’t have the blessing of the diocese (a different one than I’m in).  I have a feeling it’s on the outs right now. I might try there, but, frankly, am not sure if I’m committed enough after all this to even give it a try. 

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