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Something in the Air

Maggie Mae


Full disclosure: I am 100% Anti HOA. There are no  arguments that will ever change my mind on this. This may or may not be relevant in a few minutes. 

Over the weekend, I noticed that my "Next Door" app was "blowing up" (by that, I mean, there were multiple reports and people were posting on it.)  We have a local person who started a couple of facebook groups and volunteer groups to help people find their missing dogs and cats. (We have a separate one for birds.) The dog/cat rescue people have been searching (and receiving tips) about a missing Aussie for a few weeks now. I've seen the signs.  

Someone on ND posted a plea for people to start taking down the signs. He said they were making the neighborhood "trashy" and then he called the pet owners "crazy" and that the dog must be dead. I voted to remove his post because it was mean and ridiculous and the pet group has permission to put up signs. They are still getting tips, and it's likely that the dog has been stolen, or is being cared for by someone who doesn't know it belongs to a family, or the dog is just in survival mode. There are enough people around here that leave out food when they see animals that it's not impossible for the dog to still be alive. 

Someone had screencapped the post and shared that with a plea to not take down the signs. You'd think that would be the end of it. Nope. Going on day four or five of this. Someone filmed two women taking down signs. The women didn't want to be filmed and one assaulted the photographer. People are arguing and getting passionate about their hatred for a couple of missing pet signs. Which then causes the normal people who have hearts and compassion and aren't just walking bags of disaster to tell them why they are being jerks. Now people are citing state laws and municipal code.  Supposedly there are news stories looking for the women who stole the signs. 

And there are still people whining about how "trashy"  and "bad" the signs make the neighborhood look. The signs come down eventually. They are laminated. These are probably the same people who want to live in HOAs and have their house look identical to their neighbors and choose between three different shades of white for their mailboxes, while taking away resources from the rest of the city, forcing more people to have to choose between ugly pre-planned neighborhoods controlled by over-zealous people who care what color your flowers are and will put a lien on your house for daring to use the front yard you paid for as a yard. 

Anyway, this last year has shown me a lot of the misplaced passion in my municipality. For years, it seemed like no one really cared about anything. But then Covid hit, and suddenly there are people being outspoken about the most bizarre things. Somehow wearing masks is an agenda by our progressive assembly to take away rights. Missing pet posters are a scourge and people just need to let their pets die, I guess. Anti-cat people posting about how much they hate cats when no one brought up cats in the first people.  Opening a homeless shelter in an unused building is hurting people who make $100,000 a year, somehow, I don't know. 

Have people always been this selfish and they just didn't talk about it? Is there some sort of collective unconscious that's making people just lose their minds at the most bizarre things? Are we all just stressed and acting out by focusing on weird things?  

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Yes, people have always been this selfish and get riled up over the most stupid things...before Covid many of us didn't notice as we had other stuff going on.

Far too many people completely suck.  I hope your neighbor's pup makes his way home soon.

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    • 3 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      I don't think I made it clear in my post, but that wasn't new - it was the way he originally told the story, right after it happened, and I did post that quote when I recapped the first time.  So we've heard it at least twice now, and I think even more - I've lost track, since I hear a lot of the same things over and over from Gary.

      I think, in his mind, it's just an adorable line that endears him to all. He seems to feel that way about all of his racist spew about the Navajo people. He's joked unambiguously about them spreading Covid, never being on time, stealing (with the bit about not wanting to leave his trailer with them for fear of never getting his stuff back) and scalping, and has hinted at other bad habits.

      And, horrifyingly, he sometimes gets laughs with that crap. I often wish we could see the  congregations for some of this stuff, to see if everyone is on board, or if there are people sitting there with WTF?! on their faces.

      Interestingly, while the Navajo folks he's met get their racist crap in the form of jokes, I think Gary differentiates with his other racism. As far as I can tell, in his mind, "Spanish people" (by which I know he means anyone who is from a Latino culture) and "Chahnese" (by which, I figure, he means all Asians) are OK but sort of puzzling. As long as they are "saved," keep cooking for him, and don't give him any guilt about what a racist shit he is, he's fine with them, but  I don't think he sees them as people.

      Black people are in a whole other category to him, I  think - sort of scary, and way too demanding, with their expectation that their lives matter. It seems like something in his experience has managed to get through his thick skull that he shouldn't joke about them, at least not while preaching, the way he still does about indigenous people. That's the only thing about his attitude that actually surprises me - Gary strikes me as the type to have and use a whole repertoire of Stepin Fetchit stereotypes from decades ago.

      Becky's posting the video of that horrifying William Grady sermon makes me think they both feel that European people were literally God's gift to the world.

      But Gary claims anyone residing in the US is part of "his people," and he wants to bring us all to Jesus.

      Bite me, Gary.

      For those able to get HBO, the mini-series "Exterminate All the Brutes" is excellent.  I binge-watched it last night.  I'd like to tie Gary to a chair and make him watch it over and over again until he understood it.  White supremacy is deep-rooted and lethal.

    • FiveAcres


      On 4/9/2021 at 8:34 AM, Xan said:

      God continues to tell Gary to get off the road and Gary continues refuse to listen.


      I have to admit that I am enjoying the fact that Gary's bargain "trail" is such a piece of crap that he has to keep repairing it.


      (Buffing my nails on my shirt.) @Four is Enough and I were right when we were snarking about the lack of roadworthiness of Gary's van and trailer. 


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    • AmazonGrace


    • hoipolloi


      Another good podcast is Straight White American Jesus, with Bradley Onishi and Dan Miller.

      They do several podcasts a week, often with guests. Their comments & insights are excellent, and they pull no punches.

    • Jasmar


      I am a devout exvangelical, thanks in part to Free Jinger (although there were a LOT of other influences and reasons for my shift). It makes me so happy to hear from others who left that supremely toxic subculture, and who are calling it out publicly.


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