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Just Wait a Few Days




The old saying is if one doesn't like the weather in Iowa just wait a few days.

We're not in the part of Iowa that's under a watch but my sister is down in Waukee.



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    • neuroticcat


      4 hours ago, JermajestyDuggar said:

      I feel like I compare fundamentalism to MLMs too much but here I am about to do it again! In MLMs, if you fail to make it big, it’s all your fault. You work your ass off trying to recruit people for plexus or young living but you got in 5 years too late. The market is saturated. There’s no way for you to make decent money. But the mlm blames the seller. They never take any responsibility for it not working it’s your fault just like in fundie mom blogger/books. If you don’t have a perfect life like Braggie, you’re doing it wrong. It’s not Braggie’s fault that you can’t be as amazing as her. 

      This is a really good parallel. I think the constant access to those "doing it right" - first via the Duggar/Bates shows and now via socials - also lets followers who are struggling keep aspiring. Like: when I have built my own home, it will be dreamy. Or if I have 11 kids, then, I'll be doing it right. Or whatever element they are lacking. 

      And while we all know reality tv and social media is curated, the truly zealous hold themselves to the high standards of the ideal. It's so sad. And gross that JB & Michelle originally (and many of the older kids now) and people like Abbie tell themselves it's some sort of divine mission of service for them to lay these heavy burdens on other people. 

    • neuroticcat


      58 minutes ago, displayname said:

      I think the lack of personal feel  also comes from the fact that they're living there free from a church if I remember correctly? Like they don't even pay rent? It would be pretty ballsy of them to personalize a house that they in no way own.

      Agree. I imagine the house also came with some furnishings so maybe it's not necessarily representative of their style either? 

    • DalmatianCat


      1 hour ago, Bastet said:

       His having things on the wall is in sharp contrast to Jinger’s lack of same. Except for that study, the house has a sterile feel to me. Maybe this explains her apparent lack of enthusiasm: people who enjoy interior decorating usually want to do something with the walls, and Jinger isn’t feeling it. There’s nothing wrong with that, but people who feel that way don’t usually offer a tour of their house. 

      To the last statement…

      I think they’re in a bit of a conundrum because their first several videos where of them “going on adventures” around LA which I’m guessing was interesting to them and things they wanted to do anyway. Their average number of views for most of those first videos seems to be about 30,000.

      The house tour (which neither of them seemed to be feeling) got almost 3x as many views in one day as their other videos did over several weeks.

      If the income for a video that gets 150k+ views is drastically different then a video with 30k, will they evaluate why their house tour got so many more views? What will they do about that?

    • theotherelise


      It's amazing they have anyone left to be a chaperone with how many chaperoned attendees they must have. The ratio of abusers and pedophiles to those with acceptable sexual ethics in this place is so disturbing.

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    • Idlewild


      @SassyPants I agree and I think that she shares his hatred of paying taxes so she’s bound to want to promote something like this rather than having people rely on social care. Of course she has a wealthy family to fall back on, a sideline as an influencer and she’s getting a kick back from this promotion- she will never know true fear of medical poverty ( or any other type of poverty). 
      If there hadn’t been a show and JB hadn’t raked in millions from investing his TLC money, these 2 would be living on the bones of their arse trying to live on Ben’s income.

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