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How cold is it?



How cold is it here in Iowa?

Cold enough I'm now getting messages saying hey plug in your car if you want it to start next time...

Yeah, you know it's cold when you start getting those messages from GM.

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So I guess you have an engine block heater? I remember the good old days when we would have to plug in our diesel truck before using it. (NOT!)

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    • GuineaPigCourtship


      Ooh, they better step up off Ben and Jessa's turf.

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    • just_ordinary

      Posted (edited)

      15 hours ago, Sops2 said:

      Please No



      I mean, I get the vision. And surprisingly everyone looks nice, but all of them together is just too much. Maybe a broader palette would have softened it (some rust, some maroon, some blushy beige...)

      Edited by just_ordinary
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    • PumaLover


      28 minutes ago, thoughtful said:

      Probably just Gary's usual inability to come up with words. But maybe, being the clean living Christian that he is, he didn't want to say "prick," even as a verb.


      I bought this for my friends who were moving to Arizona 😆

      Also am I the only one who is on the EDGE of her seat waiting to hear Jethere's song? (which will presumably be recorded on his cell phone?)


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    • browngrl


      Jim Bob would never agree of course, but the only thing that would make me watch their show would be if they put all truly awful or weird fundie stuff out there. Fundies are more aware of how they sound now and they edit themselves into blandness but remember back in the day there was stuff like Katie Morton washing her husband's feet at her wedding ?  Imagine Jana washing her husband's feet! Now that I would watch.

    • RosyDaisy

      Posted (edited)

      My ranking for Duggar dresses:

      1) Jessa--still the fundie dress to beat; love the color and the sparkle; already modest; gorgeous

      2) Abbie-- loved the fit and sparkle

      3) Kendra--cute, sparkly, suited her personality

      4) Jill--loved the fit and the lace

      5) Jinger--not a fan of long sleeve wedding dresses;  looked heavy; beautiful train

      6) Joy--would have been prettier without the long sleeves; just seemed like too much dress for her

      7) Claire--didn't like the modesty panel or the fraying on the sleeves;  liked the skirt

      8.  Lauren--liked the back but would look better with her hair up; would have been a lot prettier with some sparkly accessories.

      9) Anna--maybe if she added a few sparkly accessories it would have looked better

      Edited by RosyDaisy

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