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Mother Nature is mean when she drinks



Yeah it's quite cold here in Iowa.  The weather service says it's -8 here now. 


That's before wind chill.  With the wind child it feels like -28 out.  It's so cold out I'm getting alerts from GM that the cold might immobilize my vehicle if it's not plugged in.  

I wish I could escape to a warm climate right now.


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I hope you can stay inside until it warms up a bit. 

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    • Jackie3


      26 minutes ago, Antimony said:

      There's also the fact that even though he's a trash pedophile, being separated suddenly and entirely from their father, especially when they're too young to understand why, would be psychically damaging in-of-itself. Explaining it to them is super complicated and wrought in any case, but I can also see this viewpoint. 

      True. Imagine you are four years old and love your father. Imagine you are ten years old and think you have a normal family, like your cousins do. Then your father simply disappears. Grownups are evasive and sad, other kids say mysterious things you don't understand. That has got to be traumatizing and extremely puzzling.

      Of course, I'm assuming there was no abuse here (which I really hope is true).

      From this perspective, it might help the kids if they saw their father on supervised visits. Then they'd know he's not dead, still cares about them, etc. I doubt anyone is going to explain things to them either way, but it might help them to see their father is alive. You have to think what is best for the kids, not what will hurt Josh the most. (We actually don't know what will hurt Josh the most anyway.)

    • HoneyBunny


      2 hours ago, feministxtian said:

      @The Baby Humanist

      …or even why I hate Colorado, I'd love to discuss with you. 

      Say it isn’t so!  Did our record setting snowy spring seal that deal in your mind?

    • HerNameIsBuffy


      52 minutes ago, SassyPants said:

      A net worth of 3.5 million is a pittance for a family of that size. Who else besides Austin and Ben have income independent of the cult? I’m betting JB has more than that stashed away.

      Is he bankrolling Jinger and family as well?  And isn't the youngest married (18 ugh) in Texas working for a father in law?  I've heard people talk about JD being self supporting, but doesn't he make his living flying Mommy and Daddy's plane?  His constable thing is unpaid IIRC.  

      I have no idea what pastors make, but is Ben making enough that if they took a stand against JB and M they'd be able to afford adequate housing on their own?  

      From what I remember, which isn't much, I think Josiah seemed fairly bright and could make his way in the world if he had to.  They just have one baby so while it won't be easy, now would be the time to do that.  Maybe connections for a job through his wife's family or something....he should be quietly networking.

      Joe and Kendra are fucked if her family can't help get him something that pays enough for their kids.  The other newly married (failed politician) should try to get something outside of the family while they'd still only need a small apartment.

      JB is on the hook for Josh's family for life, but he should be pushing the other ones toward independence for financial reasons alone.  "Remember what we said before about leave and cleave?  Well now we mean it, the umbrella can only cover so many and it's starting to smell under here so you guys need to find your own way."  JB can use that if he likes, on the house.

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    • FunFunFundie


      4 minutes ago, anjulibai said:

      There's no doubt in my mind the children will be heavily coached on what to say, with all sorts of fear and guilt tactics used. 

      I agree - but if Josh's first instinct when the computer was seized was to say "hey did somebody download child pornography?", their coaching may backfire. I could see them saying "whatever you do, be sure to tell them that daddy has never, ever touched you in this spot, this spot, or this spot. And that he never ever asks you to watch movies of naked people with him." Or whatever.

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    • CosmicStardust


      1 minute ago, anjulibai said:

      There's no doubt in my mind the children will be heavily coached on what to say, with all sorts of fear and guilt tactics used. 

      I hope that they do have the M kids checked out.  I really hope they are O.K.  I don’t doubt they will be manipulated big time.  SAD.

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