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Mother Nature is mean when she drinks



Yeah it's quite cold here in Iowa.  The weather service says it's -8 here now. 


That's before wind chill.  With the wind child it feels like -28 out.  It's so cold out I'm getting alerts from GM that the cold might immobilize my vehicle if it's not plugged in.  

I wish I could escape to a warm climate right now.


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I hope you can stay inside until it warms up a bit. 

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    • baldricks_turnip


      17 minutes ago, NancyDrewFan1989 said:

      Basically, all I am trying to say is give Anna a bit of a break. Her husband is a successful master manipulator who happens to be a repulsive pedophile and her entire charmed Christian life is going to crap because of it. If this whole thing goes through a trial, then I can see Anna being completely gaslighted with Josh's deception and complete betrayal of her, their children, and her family during this time. The more evidence that comes out the more likely she will may be able to see him for the monster he is. Whether she will pack up and leave him, personally, I think it is too soon to tell.

      This is kind of where I am falling as well. I know (and know of) plenty of people who found it hard to see through their love and loyalty for their partner is see the scum within. And those were people who did not grow up in an oppressive culture that teaches women to obey and basically worship their husbands and that they will be worthless without them now that they are not virgins.

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    • QuiverFullOfCondoms


      54 minutes ago, Satan'sFortress said:

      I would too. Those few moments in between hearing the news and deciding it was Satan's fault. I would definitely pay to see that.

      I don’t think JB truly believes it’s Satan’s fault. He knows his son is messed up. All he cares is that it stays under wraps and doesn’t tarnish the brand. He could learn a thing or two from Kris Jenner on how she handles problem son Rob.

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    • NancyDrewFan1989


      1 hour ago, EmCatlyn said:

      I don’t think they accept the evidence.  They know he is in trouble, but they are ready to believe that either he is being blamed for something he didn’t do (someone else downloaded all the nasty stuff, or it is a frame up by the evil left) or if he did it, then it probably was in a moment of weakness, when he was overcome by Satan’s temptation. Since he has now repented, everything is now okay, his soul is fine.

      That is the whole problem with their faith. Josh is a proven pedophile who has and never will change. Jim Bob and Michelle forced their daughters to forgive Josh and if they followed Gothardian rules blamed them for part of it after he assaulted them. Anna forgave him completely after he got exposed for the Ashley Madison scandal and blamed herself. The only difference is this time Josh is facing multiple years in jail and owing thousands of dollars in fines. Their whole belief system is forgive now ask questions later if you are a woman because you are to blame for a man's sin. It's just totally and completely disgusting. 

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    • DaysAgo


      Sign the petition to TLC/Discovery to delete all Duggar shows, including the ones available on Apple TV, YouTube, and Amazon.


    • DaysAgo


      Please tell TLC/Discovery to delete all Duggar shows, including the ones on Apple TV, You Tube, and Amazon.


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