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It was minus 17 when I woke up this morning.  Currently it’s minus 15 out. That’s before windchill comes in to.  We’ll have to see if we can get up above zero today. 

I must be crazy since I’m looking to move further north now. 

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    • feministxtian


      2 minutes ago, purple_summer said:

      And this is why more people (at least to me) are moving more towards universal salvation or at the very least “hell isn’t eternal torment” theology wise.

      My standard reply to people who presume to judge the eternal fate of someone is to ask them if they feel they have the wisdom to speak for God. IF God is supposed to be all wise and all just then it is the one to judge, not puny, finite humans. Although, I can hope that shitty people like Duggar, et. al. can be sentenced to eternal torment. 

    • purple_summer


      32 minutes ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

      I get that, but there is nothing one of my kids could do that would cause me to banish them for all eternity.  Isn't that the same as withholding salvation for minor sins?

      And this is why more people (at least to me) are moving more towards universal salvation or at the very least “hell isn’t eternal torment” theology wise. I’ve heard people say “hell” is just separation from God which could just be here on earth (wedonthavetimetounpackallthat.gif), that it’s basically purgatory and temporary, or that it’s like Mormon “2nd place heaven”. Hell and the lake of fire are supposed to be two different places. 
      Contrary to what people display openly, I don’t think most people really think through the idea of eternal hell. I remember being told it’s worse than anything I could ever imagine. That’s probably why so many people toe the forgiveness line-they/their loved one couldn’t possibly be so bad to end up in hell. 

    • AussieKrissy


      10 hours ago, Jess said:

      I don’t actually want to do anything that defends Josh Duggar. However, I can not condone in general solitary confinement of the nature you described as being part of our system for anyone who does not present a very large danger to other inmates and prison staff leaving them with absolutely no other choice for the safety of others. I encourage you to read up on its effects and just how terrible it is it really is akin to torture. I don’t want to live in a society that condones regular torture of its prison population. 

      As to him being shanked I doubt it, unless something new comes go light he will almost certainly end up housed in a medium security prison with a large percentage of other sex offenders. Getting shanked is more of a maximum security prison issue. In medium security people generally don’t have a history of violence and are not going to shank someone and risk their own release. 

      I have worked in a prison for 20 years. Inmates and officers get stabbed in every classification Gaol. Minimum security gaols can be some of the most dangerous (at times) because well they are designed to be minimum security so when shit hits the fan the infrastructure does not handle it. The last officer to be murdered was in a minimum security Gaol.
      But you are right in my assessment of fucktard I don’t think he will be an issue in terms of threat. The pedophiles generally aren’t. 
      also there are murderers and rapists and all the nasties in all classifications of Gaol. 

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    • EmCatlyn


      8 hours ago, libgirl2 said:

      I was not aware of that. We are talking about 40 years ago however. I'm sure things have changed. I do remember we didn't all gather around a table. We had an assembly of the whole school when they went over the meal and the meanings and a few students were chosen to go up and partake of the food. 

      This does not sound to me like a Passover Seder but an educational exercise about Passover.  Education is not the same as appropriation.

      I generally feel that trying to understand and support the traditions of others is a good thing.  It is only when you delude yourself that you “really” understand that there is a problem.  A Seder in a Christian school is like a Mass in a Jewish school.  You can enact it to understand, but you shouldn’t think it has the same weight or value.

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    • HerNameIsBuffy


      3 minutes ago, AussieKrissy said:

      Yeah Jill might use the money for therapy. I wonder if the others will be made to give it to JB 

      I think you follow them more than I do,  from what you can see of their public personas do you think Jeremy would be okay with giving it to JB?

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