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Weather in Iowa

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We didn’t get much snow Saturday night.  We just had a couple inches here in Iowa and most of it was clear by noon.  Of course they’re still saying we’ll have a snowpocalypse on Monday and Tuesday so we’ll have to see what happens then. 


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    • Ozlsn


      3 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      they both feel that European people were literally God's gift to the world.

      I suspect he's not quite that nuanced - he probably differentiates into "real" white people (ie Americans, possibly Canadians/UK, almost certainly English speaking) and "other" white people (non-English speaking, have odd customs, probably heathen if they do speak English). His world boundaries are pretty narrow. 

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    • CaptainFunderpants


      7 hours ago, medimus said:

      The Catholic church specifically says that those vaccines can be used if there is no alternative available (for some diseases there are multiple brands of vaccine and not all vaccines have the fetus cell lines).  So, for catholics at least, the whole 'pro-life' thing is not a reason to not have vaccinations.

      The Catholics are super pro-vaccine. I spent two years at a Catholic university and if your vaccines weren't up-to-date by the first day of term, they would drop you from all of your classes. No messing around. We actually couldn't track down the record for my Hep B vaccine (we had a record of everything else) and waiting for the titer would have taken too long, so I got an extra round of Hep B :confusion-shrug:


    • 3 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      I don't think I made it clear in my post, but that wasn't new - it was the way he originally told the story, right after it happened, and I did post that quote when I recapped the first time.  So we've heard it at least twice now, and I think even more - I've lost track, since I hear a lot of the same things over and over from Gary.

      I think, in his mind, it's just an adorable line that endears him to all. He seems to feel that way about all of his racist spew about the Navajo people. He's joked unambiguously about them spreading Covid, never being on time, stealing (with the bit about not wanting to leave his trailer with them for fear of never getting his stuff back) and scalping, and has hinted at other bad habits.

      And, horrifyingly, he sometimes gets laughs with that crap. I often wish we could see the  congregations for some of this stuff, to see if everyone is on board, or if there are people sitting there with WTF?! on their faces.

      Interestingly, while the Navajo folks he's met get their racist crap in the form of jokes, I think Gary differentiates with his other racism. As far as I can tell, in his mind, "Spanish people" (by which I know he means anyone who is from a Latino culture) and "Chahnese" (by which, I figure, he means all Asians) are OK but sort of puzzling. As long as they are "saved," keep cooking for him, and don't give him any guilt about what a racist shit he is, he's fine with them, but  I don't think he sees them as people.

      Black people are in a whole other category to him, I  think - sort of scary, and way too demanding, with their expectation that their lives matter. It seems like something in his experience has managed to get through his thick skull that he shouldn't joke about them, at least not while preaching, the way he still does about indigenous people. That's the only thing about his attitude that actually surprises me - Gary strikes me as the type to have and use a whole repertoire of Stepin Fetchit stereotypes from decades ago.

      Becky's posting the video of that horrifying William Grady sermon makes me think they both feel that European people were literally God's gift to the world.

      But Gary claims anyone residing in the US is part of "his people," and he wants to bring us all to Jesus.

      Bite me, Gary.

      For those able to get HBO, the mini-series "Exterminate All the Brutes" is excellent.  I binge-watched it last night.  I'd like to tie Gary to a chair and make him watch it over and over again until he understood it.  White supremacy is deep-rooted and lethal.

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    • FiveAcres


      On 4/9/2021 at 8:34 AM, Xan said:

      God continues to tell Gary to get off the road and Gary continues refuse to listen.


      I have to admit that I am enjoying the fact that Gary's bargain "trail" is such a piece of crap that he has to keep repairing it.


      (Buffing my nails on my shirt.) @Four is Enough and I were right when we were snarking about the lack of roadworthiness of Gary's van and trailer. 


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    • AmazonGrace


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