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Weather in Iowa

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One Two Punch



Well it looks like we've got a one two punch coming here in the upper Midwest, with a storm coming today into tomorrow, then another one coming Monday into Tuesday.  Depending on who you go to for weather and where in Iowa you're located it looks like it'll be anywhere from one to four inches tonight into tomorrow.  They don't know yet how much snow we'll get next week or where exactly it's going.  The local ABC station is thinking it'll be centered south of US 20.

So this winter we had a good storm in December that dropped almost a foot, which mostly melted right before Christmas.  Then right after Christmas we had more snow which has stuck around.  Now it looks like we'll be adding to the total.   Yay.


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    • lezajenda


      On 3/3/2021 at 5:21 PM, SunnySide said:

      Please explain how single people of the same gender attending weddings together comes off as gay? 

      I didn't say that.  I was referencing the fact that others have asked in the comments of these photos and they have replied no, coming off as offended at the notion.

      Also, please explain how activities like gardening or jumping a car are “super gay”.  

      They are stereotypes. They are from a short list of token lesbian cliches. The reason you see people making the assumption in their comments is the same reason my wife and I get asked "so who takes care of the garden and who takes care of the car BAHAHAHA" on multiple occasions.  And while Jana gets to take pride in her hell no, I get to feel filled with shame that I'm perpetuating a one dimensional stereotype, validating the prejudices of the idiots who make those comments. The themes of jana's carefully curated insta are often "look at my garden, look at me shopping at home improvement stores and fixing things up" and maybe/probably it's genuine cluelessness or not caring but sometimes I wonder if she doesn't do it on purpose to provoke questions so she has an opportunity to give a smug, self righteous EEW NO! Perhaps I hate on Jana unfairly for this and clearly this isnt the place to snark and vent when she strikes this nerve with me so it won't happen again.

      I think it’s interesting you add the disclaimer you’re not speculating on sexuality

      I didn't speculate on their sexuality. I acknowledged that others have and they seemed offended about it. Like not just a no but a no + genuine disgust. Noting how someone comes off isn't the same as speculating how they really are. I think Joe comes off as humble & kind at a glance but I'll speculate he only comes off that way because he doesn't talk much.

      and then in the same breath declare certain activities as gay.

      I didn't "declare" anything. I acknowledged that a stereotype exists and whether they realize or not that's why they get asked if they're a couple. You can say those stereotypes are ignorant and wrong and hurtful and I will agree with you 100%. But they do exist and they influence how people think and judge others based on what limited info they have available. And it pisses me off that this creates opportunities for Laura and Jana to remind the lgbt+ community quite publicly and to a large audience just how much dignity & compassion they think that we deserve-none.


    • SorenaJ


      I don't really get tacos at a wedding. Tacos are messy food, they will get all over your nice clothes. 

      Hilary commented on a comment on instagram asking "no masks?" and she said "not in that county". Well damn, what a moron you are. I'll send you over a caveman club in the post, because that's the level of brain development we are talking about here.

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    • GuineaPigCourtship


      Ooh, they better step up off Ben and Jessa's turf.

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    • just_ordinary

      Posted (edited)

      15 hours ago, Sops2 said:

      Please No



      I mean, I get the vision. And surprisingly everyone looks nice, but all of them together is just too much. Maybe a broader palette would have softened it (some rust, some maroon, some blushy beige...)

      Edited by just_ordinary
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    • PumaLover


      28 minutes ago, thoughtful said:

      Probably just Gary's usual inability to come up with words. But maybe, being the clean living Christian that he is, he didn't want to say "prick," even as a verb.


      I bought this for my friends who were moving to Arizona 😆

      Also am I the only one who is on the EDGE of her seat waiting to hear Jethere's song? (which will presumably be recorded on his cell phone?)


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