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Weather in Iowa

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There be a snowstorm a brewin'

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We had just over an inch of snow yesterday around here.  Road conditions went downhill fast.  My dad said he measured about 1.2 inches this morning. 

And tomorrow the forecasters are thinking we're going to get hit with some heavy snow here in eastern Iowa.  Right now they think we'll get anywhere from 3 to 8 inches with higher amounts possible in places.  Yay.

So tonight after dinner I'm going to head in to get some provisions.  Including the dijion potater salad I'm craving once again.

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  • Posts

    • LucilleJ

      Posted (edited)

      My guesses for Josie's baby: I liked Meadow proposed by someone on this thread but I'm not gonna say the same so: Briar Jo for a girl or Sage Michael for a boy.

      For JoKen: Ashley Desiree (I went for a first name firstly used for boys but nowdays mostly used for girls then a kinda old french name)

      For Zach and Whitney: Bennett John (it seems it's either JC or Johnny for Whitney's father) or Kiara Evelyn (a K first name and a middle name ending with the Lynn sound)

      Edited by LucilleJ
    • BullyJBG


      1 hour ago, QuiverFullofBooks said:

      Yes. The reason why the Baptist Church is called that is that they broke with the CofE over the issue of infant baptism (which Baptists oppose). Then American Baptists got jealous of other denominations’ infant baptisms, and invented the dedication ceremony as a substitute.

      Thanks for the info. Just a couple years ago, my mom and I were going over scrapbooks, and I saw that my brother(who's 2 years younger) and I were dedicated at the same time. I asked about that, and my mom said baby dedications weren't really done until then(mid-70s) in the Mennonite church. So it started as a Baptist thing?

    • Alisamer


      Gary's actually pretty easy to figure out. Anyone who isn't a white KJV only Christian Baptist adult straight male who agrees with him and supports his "ministry" in some way is automatically deserving of discrimination. The white, straight, adult, KJV only Christian, chaste or married women who cook food for him get the patronizing condescension, as do their children as long as they are subservient and obedient. Everyone else is a "reptobate" of one kind or another. 

      Oh, and on saying "whenever" instead of "when" - I'll give Gary a pass on that. It's a regionalism, not a Gary-ism. My grandparents all used the word that way, and my parents do sometimes too. There are specific situations where I might find myself doing the same. Like, if someone's asking me when I'll do something they're pestering me about, I'm more likely to say "whenever I get around to it" than "when I get around to it".

    • JermajestyDuggar

      Posted (edited)

      44 minutes ago, PurpleCats said:

      Olivia posted yesterday-ish on her stories that she isn’t doing weddings the summer of 2022 because they “have something special planned” and I’m terrified that they’re going to have a baby.  From what we see on tv, they need to spend some more time maturing and getting past the trauma from the way they were raised.  

      I am skeptical that their relationship will last long term, but I hope they are in a much better place relationship wise before adding a baby. Babies (especially newborns) bring a ton of stress in to even the best relationship.  I want the best for them, and I actually think they will be loving parents, but I hope their relationship is truly ready for the stresses of a child.

      She seems like she wants to hold off on having a baby for awhile. Plus she has to be smart enough to know you can’t always plan exactly when you’ll get pregnant and when you’ll give birth. So I’m gonna guess it’s something else. Like traveling through Europe during that summer. 

      Edited by JermajestyDuggar
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    • On 1/18/2021 at 6:28 PM, PlentyOfJesusFishInTheSea said:

      Anderson as a girl's first name is...something!

      Right, shouldn‘t it be Andersdotter? 😁

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