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October Iowa Snowstorm

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And down in Des Moines today they got pelted with up to nine inches of snow today.


An early-season snowfall caused headaches in the area near Iowa’s capital city on Monday.

The National Weather Service office in Johnston issued a Snow Squall Warning for parts of Polk, Jasper, and Dallas counties around the Noon hour as a band of heavy snowfall moved through the area. Visibility was reduced, at times, below one-quarter of a mile, according to public reports near the Ankeny area. The heavy rate of snowfall was enough to overcome warm ground temperatures to accumulate rapidly, causing poor road conditions.

I have a friend in Cedar Rapids who had a picture of her back yard, which was completely covered with snow.  We just had a slight dusting up here - my dad is a spotter for the NWS and he said we just had three tenths today.

Seriously, Mother Nature, can you at least wait a few more weeks with the snow.  Like in to November?

Of course it's supposed to be pretty warm mid week.  All four seasons in one week once again.


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    • Dana723


      19 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      I found videos of three of the four musical groups, so you can hear them without the screaming. The first one is a blood medley, with a "shave and haircut" ending!

      Thank you!  I love bluegrass as well as...I guess they'd be called bluegrass hymns?  I'm not sure what it's called.  But I grew up listening to that kind of music and I enjoy it when it's done right!

    • libgirl2

      Posted (edited)

      9 hours ago, SassyPants said:

      Politicians have propagated wedge issues like abortion to keep the masses distracted while they fleece our pockets from behind. They distract us with copper pennies while simultaneously stealing trillions. And it’s proven successful.

      I am paraphrasing but I recently read a book by a Baptist pastor, MAGA Seduction, he talked about how yes he finds abortion abhorent but both sides NEED that issue. It is a voting "carrot" dangled in front of the masses. 

      Edited by libgirl2
    • VeryNikeSeamstress

      Posted (edited)

      Jill Dillard modest athletic wear; it's not NIKE.

      Edited by VeryNikeSeamstress
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    • thoughtful


    • fundiefan


      I wasn't aware people still used Jayden.

      To me, and I know I don't have a ball in this game & it's 100% opinion, Jayden belongs in the same pile as Ashley, Brittney/Brittany/BritHowEverTheHellYouWannaSpellIt and Brandon.

      Overused. The world is saturated with these names and we need a break. And I don't like a single one of them. 

      I know this happens in cycles - a baby name book named "Beyond Jennifer & Jason" is a reminder of that. But - again, entirely personally - I've never grown to actually hate a name no matter how on trend it's been at any given time like I do the four I listed above. 


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