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First snow of the season



Got some snow this morning here in eastern Iowa.  It was coming down pretty good this morning but most of it didn't stick since the ground is still fairly warm.

Looks like the next few days the weather will be cold and windy before warming up a bit by Thursday. 

Mother Nature, couldn't you have waited until November before doing all this. 

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What is this s-n-o-w that you speak of? :kitty-wink:

It's in the 90s here today, but the heat index is running in reverse because of the low humidity, which makes it feel cooler.  We had a freak snowstorm back in February that dumped the equivalent of almost two years worth of snow on us in less than 24 hours. That's still only a single-digit number, but it did shut down the town for a couple of days.:laughing-rollingyellow:

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    • Joe Pukepail


      17 hours ago, FilleMondaine said:

      I think about Mary Trump's book, which unironically spoke about attachment trauma resulting in Trump's disorders and cruelties. The more we learn about attachment (in short, picking up your kids and soothing them when they cry), the sadder situations like Shiloh's and Abbie's other children.

      When my dad was adopted in the 1950s, he was five years old. He had spent his entire life tied to his crib. He was nonverbal and wore diapers. His mom cooked a chicken for dinner during his first weeks home and instead of eating what she put on his plate, he tried to eat the bones and scraps from the trash can. He didn't understand what to do with the actually edible parts.

      He had a better time of it in adulthood than most adoptees who experience that kind of early childhood trauma, and he ended up having an excellent career at an international relations organization, but the attachment issues affected him for the rest of his life. He was very "looking out for number one" in his interactions with people, even with his own kids. 

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    • Black Aliss


      3 hours ago, Flossie said:

      On paper, she seems smarter than to have fallen in with an ignorant buffoon.  What happened to her?

      My guess is that after her previous husband left her for another man her self-esteem was in the basement. She might have seen Gary even in his worst moments as more than she deserved, and when he was complimentary toward her, a real keeper. Becky, you deserve better! Not much better, given that you are still a right-wing, conspiracy-embracing nut job, but better.

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    • IsmeWeatherwax


      Both my girls had the HPV vaccine at school, they are now ages 22 and 23, I did sign the form agreeing to it. Both my boys will also be getting it when its due.

      At the time my 22year old was getting it, my good friends husband absolutely refused for his daughter. They were both of the attitude of oh well shes gay anyway so its not necessary.... shes been with her boyfriend for 2 years and they have a 1 year old son. Ah well each to their own.   

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    • Black Aliss


      3 hours ago, Flossie said:

      There's no way Gary wrote that on his own.  Either Becky told him what to say and he typed it out as best he could, or Becky wrote it and left some errors to make it look like Gary was the one doing the typing.

      Becky is also apostrophely-challenged*, so I don't think she deliberately left in errors. I agree it's definitely not GHaw's work.


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    • Giraffe


      1 hour ago, Johannah said:

      Vangie sounds like a nickname for female genitalia to me

      I’ve been keeping my thoughts to myself but I keep thinking it sounds like a stripper name. I’ll come sit with you in the prayer closet. 

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