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First snow of the season



Got some snow this morning here in eastern Iowa.  It was coming down pretty good this morning but most of it didn't stick since the ground is still fairly warm.

Looks like the next few days the weather will be cold and windy before warming up a bit by Thursday. 

Mother Nature, couldn't you have waited until November before doing all this. 

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What is this s-n-o-w that you speak of? :kitty-wink:

It's in the 90s here today, but the heat index is running in reverse because of the low humidity, which makes it feel cooler.  We had a freak snowstorm back in February that dumped the equivalent of almost two years worth of snow on us in less than 24 hours. That's still only a single-digit number, but it did shut down the town for a couple of days.:laughing-rollingyellow:

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  • Posts

    • Bluebirdbluebell


      link to rug photo

      11 hours ago, theotherelise said:

      I know Joy and Jessa  both have it and Jinger too, I don’t specifically remember Lauren having it, but probably.

      I remember this because I *also* have this rug! 😂

      Lauren has the rug! 

    • Bethella


      23 minutes ago, Bluebirdbluebell said:

      Stephen Wissman is 3.5 years younger than Jana; doesn't that make him a little young by fundie standards? (By real world standards, who the fuck cares, but these are fundies!)

      Not necessarily. It’s a little unusual but not unheard of. The best current example is Denver Bontrager who is nearly five years younger than Praise Helferich. 

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    • hoipolloi


      Watched Spanky's announcement video, and he says it is *not* going to be a franchise part of Mahaney's SGF/SGM although he says that his future scam church has many things in common with Mahaney's racket.

      The video is shot at some outdoor venue (an abandoned building or property?) that he calls San Giovanni, which Spanky indicates is going to be the future Sovereign Grace Fellowship. Among other things, he says it will be a place of healing, and have a church, a pastors' college, and a pastors' retreat for pastors dealing with disgrace & burnout in their lives. 

      In the meantime, he & the Queen will continue to have their home church.

    • marmalade


      13 minutes ago, mango_fandango said:

      Ben is younger than Jessa, but I’m not sure how much younger. 

      2 1/2 years.

    • mango_fandango


      Ben is younger than Jessa, but I’m not sure how much younger. 

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