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Weather in Iowa

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Out with the AC for the season

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Yesterday I decided to pull out the window AC from my room.


Because of the way the HVAC in the house was laid out my room doesn't get as much from the HVAC as the rest of the house, and I didn't want to switch to another room just because of that after fixing it up the way I liked.  So in the summer I have a window unit in and in the winter a space heater going. 

So if it's 1000 degrees in the shade next week in Iowa, here's why.  We have a joke here in Iowa that one can experience all four seasons in the same week, if you don't like the season just wait a day or two and your preferred season will come along.

Of course the actual weather forecast is for 70s next week, and my room is perfectly fine at those temperatures.  I have fans that I can use to help as well.


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  • Posts

    • AussieKrissy


      2 hours ago, OldFadedStar said:

      SOTDRT strikes again...


      I’m glad you have a screen shot. I bet this gets changed soon... fucking idiot. 

    • AussieKrissy


      1 hour ago, marmalade said:

      Deena Dillard has covid. Remember, she's about six months pregnant.

      I hope she hasn’t been near Cathy 

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    • marmalade


      Deena Dillard has covid. Remember, she's about six months pregnant.

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    • marmalade


      Easy call. She never goes radio silent for that long.

    • Natalie22


      I get the idea behind they both need to respect each other's boundaries, but just remember that Ethan and Olivia are like 22 and got married at 20.  Expecting two 20 year olds with that amount of trauma and sheltering and lack of life experience to be equal at setting boundaries with two people in their 40s is just unfair.  I often work with students who are about 10 years younger than I am, but they're all adults.  I still realize my life experience and understanding how to navigate work situations is usually much more advanced than theirs.  I try to be compassionate and patient and also explain to them explicitly how things usually work and ideas of how to navigate our relationship.  I do this not because I think they're dumb or not capable, but that I understand that I have a huge advantage over them and it is unfair to just expect them to figure it out on their own (especially if you want them to figure it out 'correctly' and/or quickly).  That two parents are unable to do the same for their child is silly.

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