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Weather in Iowa

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Out with the AC for the season




Yesterday I decided to pull out the window AC from my room.


Because of the way the HVAC in the house was laid out my room doesn't get as much from the HVAC as the rest of the house, and I didn't want to switch to another room just because of that after fixing it up the way I liked.  So in the summer I have a window unit in and in the winter a space heater going. 

So if it's 1000 degrees in the shade next week in Iowa, here's why.  We have a joke here in Iowa that one can experience all four seasons in the same week, if you don't like the season just wait a day or two and your preferred season will come along.

Of course the actual weather forecast is for 70s next week, and my room is perfectly fine at those temperatures.  I have fans that I can use to help as well.


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    • usmcmom


      USMCDAD and I were fully vaccinated when our grandson was born and we STILL wore masks when we held him the first day. When our son-in-law got the okay from the pediatrician, we took the masks off but the doctor said “no kissing baby’s head or face” until he had his two month vaccines. Also, our daughter asked us to get a TDAP booster, mainly for the pertussis coverage; so of course we did that. 

      Seeing Becky kissing that tiny baby really angers me. Once again, we see “pro life” idiots endangering the ones they claim to love. It really takes so little to do our part to protect these babies.  I just don’t understand these people. 

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    • throwaway9988


      On a separate note: Wow. Hype trailer! Now I know for sure that I’ve been out of RF a long time, because aside from Gwen/Joe and all the women in that old photograph used during the “stepford wives” reference, I didnt recognize anyone else! Who is this dude in the cowboy hat slinging highly-quotable soundbites left and right? I applaud his apparent media savvy, but I hope that (for his own sake) in the full documentary he doesn’t go any further than evidence and personal anecdotes can reasonably take him. 

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    • throwaway9988

      Posted (edited)

      5 hours ago, RFfamANON said:

      This is a really flattering image of Gwen. I saw her a few months before the plane crash and she did NOT look this good.

      You’re right, and I’d bet $1000 that if the overlying mosaic of photos was removed, what is underneath is actually a digital artist’s rendition of Gwen (or at the very worst a heavily photoshopped photo) rather than an actual photo. The eyes are larger and brighter than life, almost to the point of being anime-adjacent. The bone structure of her face is somewhat different than it was in real life, with larger cheekbones and an ultra-feminine jawline, and in general the bone structure looks like a hybrid between Gwen and a Barbie doll. The lips and perioral region are about as plump as a 20- or 30-year-old model’s, which is far from the thin and shrunken appearance that Gwen’s had for the last two decades. The roots of the hair are just a solid dark color, and the lighter overlying hairs are so uniform that they look like they were drawn with a brush tool. Plus, there is like a gothic-style church window behind her, which cannot be found at RF or WD as far as I know, and which I suspect is just an unrelated photo of a church window that the digital artist grabbed off of Google images or Shutterstock to use as a background. Just my guess, but look closely and see if you agree. 

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    • MamaJunebug


      2 hours ago, WeirdHarold said:

      I've heard of "oneness pentecostalism", but Gwen didn't teach that.  How do you define Gwen's "oneness" concept?

      Good question. I used the word incorrectly, thinking that it’s the same as “one god, not a triune god.”  Thank you!!! 

    • thoughtful

      Posted (edited)

      9/20, in Groton NY, Gary continues on the theme No One Keered for Me  - Like Jesus.

      Gary says he deserved "a whole lot more than what he got" from his parents.

      He does not make it clear what he means by that - more love? More stuff? More punishment?

      We never find out - he veers right off into an automatic-pilot riff about the end times, his being ready to be a martyr, and describing the tortures of Jesus in great detail (which I will spare you this time).

      I wonder if Gary has ever seen The Passion of the Christ, or if he eschews it for being too Hollywood, or because it was made by a Catholic. I haven't seen it, but, from what I've heard, he might love it.

      But then again, he can't bear to hear Becky's old nurse stories, so who knows where he really lies on the "love/hate to be grossed out" scale.

      Speaking of grossed out, Gary, after warning them that he can only use hillbilly words, tells them he used to have a problem: "if somebody was pukin', it wasn't long before ah was puking raht with 'em."

      Gary, that's not a hillbilly description - that's just childish.

      He goes on to tell them, "But but ah don't - ah ain't as bad as ah useta be ohn somma that thing an' everything, but Rascal, once in a whahl, our dog we got, he'll - he'll git sick once in a whahl, an' that darn thing'll do that an' ever'thing, but it makes it but Jesus went through thangs - " Dramatic pause. "That ah'll probably never haveta go through."

      He never explains why he brought up (you should pardon the expression) emesis.

      Back to his parents, and whether they cared for him - they gave him a roof over his head. "It might not been the uh - uh Taz Mahaul, what however ya say that thing."

      Gary says that, when they visit his wife's parents, they go by a very large, spread out house. He may never be livin' like that, but it don't matter, because he's got a home in Heaven, and "It'll outshine anything that any money has ever built, or anything that's ever been that even the Princes of Bel Air lived ohn amen!"

      Here's a question - is that phrase in Gary's head only because he's heard it floating around? Does he even realize it refers to a modern character, not someone from ancient history? Did he watch the show (Fresh Prince of Bel Air was in first run when Gary was a young adult, and before he got saved)?

      On to some Becky-insulting ("she takes pretty good keer of me when she thinks she loves me," etc.). Even in complimenting Becky, he is nasty to others: "She does things for me that some people would say that 'You shouldn't do that,' that's OK, you just keep yer mouth shut, amen."

      "Brother Mike an' Miss Jeannie has done great things for us - well, lemme rephrase that - Brother Mike has."

      Lots of laughs from the audience - er , congregation. :roll:

      Anyway, the point is that nobody cared for Gary like Jesus did.

      Annnnnd, we're back to the tortures. The captions have trouble with Gary's pronunciation of "mocked," again:



      I guess it can "barley" understand him!


      He screams about how he should have been the one on the cross for a while, then says he knows the two worst pains a person can experience are either shingles or toothache - he can't decide which.


      woman in labor

      He said he had shingles, on his forehead, and describes how bad the pain was when he took a shower, in gory detail. Again, I will spare you.

      But he still never hurt like Jesus did. And he goes through another round of describing it.

      He tells a story about Jacob hurting himself a few years ago, because he was wandering out in the woods in Maine, and "bein' a deceiver." We get a gruesome description of that.

      And then he goes back to re-describing the torture of Jesus. Which, BTW, happened long after the passage in Isaiah (which, despite having briefly mentioned it was "fortellin'," Gary keeps referring to as if it was a history of the event) was written - probably about 700 years.

      Gary says he probably started sinning ("makin' sins," and "committin' sins" - wow - both?) right after he was born, which reminds him that he's going to meet his new grandbaby on 10/1.

      He says (I think - I'm sure of the beginning - not so sure of the end), "An' ah'll spoil it and make it - uh - an' it's a good thing ah git t'see it at home."

      I think the captions have picked up on Gary's violent mood, because here's what they make of that:




      Gary says he promises them his 10-day-old grandbaby has already sinned.

      He yell for a while about a young woman he and Becky were recently "dealin' with," who said she didn't think of herself as a bad sinner. Gary made sure she knew she was, asking if she'd ever lied, or took a cookie from the cookie jar. Oh, and the next day, Becky informed him that the young woman didn't know that drinking was wrong.

      And he's off and running on how things that "tasteses good" aren't always good for us. Sweet tea will make you fat and hyper, he says. Oh, and we find out that the huge tub in the freezer is ice cream - Gary's favorite kind.

      Gary says he has never murdered anyone ("unless you wanna classifah a deer bein' murdered). But he's still a sinner.

      After screaming about Jesus suffering and taking everyone's sins for a while, Gary says:

      "Years ago ah almost went to jail, almost went to prison, an' no it's nonya business, ah got it under the blood, amen. But you know what? He took that sin away from me. He paid for that sin, amen."

      Well, that's the closest he's ever come.

      Gary assures us that he will sin tomorrow, and every day.

      He tells a story about a Pentecostal man who was talking to him.  He tells them there may be some Pentecostals in Heaven, but they will have to "hang ohn and endure to the end," because they don't take the Bible "little-ly."

      The man said he was going to Heaven because he "lived holy." Gary set him straight. The man wanted Gary to call him, and Gary said "Ah ain't callin' you - ah don't got tahm for you to call mah God a liar. Amen?"

      Pentecostals, Gary says, believe they have to get saved over and over. "Ah'm glad mah God don't do that amen. An' ah would say this if ah was ohn th'Indian reservation, wouldn't have a bitta problem - mah God is not a Indian reh - a Indian giver amen."

      Gary, you wouldn't have a problem saying anything offensive - whether the people listening have a problem with it doesn't even seem to be on your radar.

      More later. Make sure you do some sinning between now and the next recap - Gary's counting on you!



      So, did Jesus have to absorb all of this perfume?

      Edited by thoughtful
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