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Fun Fun Fundies: Sims Edition

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Parkers Part Twelve: Chloe's First Week

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It's been a little while since we checked in with Chloe Parker at Sims University. 

She wakes up bright and early on Monday morning, and has time to grab a quick bowl of cereal.


She ends up being a little late to her first class, but she's not that worried as she sees someone go through the door just before she does. 


That evening, she's feeling a little lonely, so she decides to chat to someone online.


On Tuesday, she only has a lecture, which starts at midday. She sits down and eagerly begins taking notes.


... oh dear.


Once the lecture is over, Chloe greets one of her coursemates, Ann Conners. She barely registers Ann's shorts... perhaps she's losing some of her prejudices. After all, no-one's thought her modest outfit weird.


Chloe's fridge was a little low on supplies, so she heads over to the grocery store.


Building skills can help with university performance, so Chloe grabs her guitar and plays outside. It's a beautiful evening with the sun setting.


Chloe was a little low on money, so she decides to apply for some extra funding. The person in charge of funding at the St John Administration Centre is so impressed by Chloe's good grades that he awards her (just over) 3,500 Simoleons! 


Almost immediately, she heads over to the local branch of SimBurger to eat.


Thursday is Class Activity day, which involves sitting outdoors and sketching. Chloe is more a musician than a painter, but she's still pretty talented.


Other students have been talking about "street art", so Chloe decides to investigate by taking a class. She then purchases herself a street art kit and begins spray-painting her kitchen floor!


The weather's getting a little cooler, so she dons her autumn/winter outfit. It's 3:30 am and she's hungry, so she bakes some cookies. Mm, chocolate chip...


I didn't get a screenshot, but Chloe befriended somebody called Asala Karam. Asala is a level 10 Rebel... and now Chloe is a Rebel, too! Wonder what her parents would think? Ah well, she no longer lives at home.

One rebellious activity your Sim can do is dumpster dive. So, feeling brave, Chloe dives through one of the dumpsters behind the grocery store. She finds a dining chair and a Lapis Lazuli ore.


Exams are on Friday, and Chloe passes all of them with flying colours! She has just one week left, and then she'll graduate! She's done pretty well so far. 

So... Chloe's now a little rebellious! Will this carry on when she goes back to Appaloosa Plains? 

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  • Posts

    • Jill Rodrigues sister Angie Hillegass gave birth

      A girl names Savannah MayLee Hillegass

      October 8, 2020

    • Suz8710


      Some thoughts:

      Regarding the gf...I don’t think she wants to be on camera (maybe a bit shy or uncomfortable) and tbh I would look the same if not worse if the camera was on me like that.

      I do wonder how this gal will feel about living on Arndt land and basically being brought into the fold. To quote The Mandalorian “it is the way.”

      It seems at this point what would be even bigger news, is which Arndt(s), if any, will move off compound. Or which, if any, end up working at a job that isn’t a family affair. And to the David turning 18 thing, I do seriously wonder if most of the older boys were so wrapped up in caring for and entertaining the under age (at the time) siblings that the oldest basically let their entire 20’s years of dating pass them by. 

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    • CTRLZero


      Wow, proto-Weenese!  It’s really baffling how he manages to hang onto a congregation.  Unless...do they all speak like that?  What’s the tower?  A cell tower so their babble broadcast can reach the masses?  

    • thoughtful

      Posted (edited)

      Gary posted a video last night to show everyone that "we do got the tent up." The Lord allowed them to do it one more time this side of eternity.

      So dramatic.

      Does David really like Gary's zeal, or is he just trying to show him how to spell "your?"



      This morning, under the tent, the video starts with the singing of I Know My Name Is There. Whoever is at the front (a relative of Gary, I assume, since this is the home church - he looks too young to be in Gary's generation - a nephew, perhaps?) waves, someone whistles, and he says he's going to "run through the prayer list real quick."



      As he's mumbling dully through it (it includes  prayers for Gary's kids to get a good education and serve God, and the news that Gary's mom is on a transplant list, as well as bored-sounding, emotionless reading of names of people who have lost loved ones to death or have cancer, like he was reading a grocery list), we suddenly see this:



      Woah! Hi, Gary's dad! Someone comes in and flips the phone back around.

      More prayers, then the choir comes up - hey, they have a choir! They groan and yell their way through Jesus Rescues Me and A Love That Won't Stop, a cappella, then He's Still on the Throne, with guitar and vocal solo from Caleb. Gary, Becky and Jacob join Caleb to try to figure out how to start together and find a tempo (still not succeeding), then  they plow through Standing on the Rock of Ages and moan I Can Trust Jesus.

      Gary's dad, Danny, comes up to the front. He thanks the singers, then thanks the Sunday school teachers for making exit signs. Really, Danny? They're six bucks at Home Depot.

      "Ah lahk t'go bah the law if ah can, and man, when it don't cost much, so we got the fahr extinguisher, and ya gotta trah t'understand, you all know how many tents you've heard of burnin' down over the years."

      He goes on to tell us about all of the laws he's had to comply with over the years, including taking a test to get certified to dig a well. The test, and the book to study for it were, of course, made up by people who'd never dug a well, so "it ain't worth two cents."

       I guess the scorning-book-larning apple doesn't fall far from the tree.




      See the fire extinguisher? I love the almost-symmetrical display of KFC buckets, offering trays, and . . . um . . . magician's half-flattened top hats? . . . bowtie displays? . . .  combination Hellween  hat/Easter bonnets? :confusion-shrug:

      Danny doesn't know how he got off on that tangent. Good - I'm looking forward to hearing some clear, on-point preaching.

      "Let's put some politics in there! Thank God for a president who's gettin' rid o' some of, ah asked 'em if they could ever get down to the counties, they said well prob'ly not, but uh, heheheh, be good it if did. Thinkin' about they gon' build a tower down there 'n' the way ah count that thing, tin thousand dollars, ah'm hopin' we could git bah with eight, somewhere between eight and tin thousand dollars, it would be better, much much better, all way aroun', if ah could take a scratch, strike a match, and ah could burn that money, and 'at'd be the end of it. But ah gotta give 'em that money for them to come and pester me, while we build a tower, what ah'd like to do is build it where it'd stay up. And uh, ah, but if ah git on that we won't be worth anything this mornin' ah but you know, ah told him when we went over it, and ah told - heheh - he got mad. Ah said ah will ah just money 'n' all this ah'm spending, it's not goin' over a tower. Well, he made it plain, you gotta do all that, yes sir. Yes sir, we gotta come out 'n' check to see if there's a Injun graveyard around there. Ah kin tell 'em already there's not, and if it was, they wouldn't know how to - what to do about it. But ah gotta give, whatta they say, oh, about a thousand dollars there if ah'm lucky. Isaiah, chapter 1 and verse 18. Isaiah, chapter 1, verse 18. Ah do think today, ah wonder, how many more towers that we could have up today, reachin' out and givin' the Gospel in how many places, if it wadn't for laws like this. . . .


      Come now, let us reason together . . . "


      Yes, that is the Bible verse he begins after this e.e. cummings-and-Gertrude-Stein-had-a-baby ramble.

      I may have misinterpreted a few words here and there, but that is what he said, with barely a pause, without prelude  or explanation, and going right into announcing the verse, complaining about the laws around putting up a tower, then reading the verse.

      Again, we know what tree the Gary-apple came from!

      Danny, I'm pretty sure, from your last statement, that you are talking about a radio tower, but I think you're more suited to the tower of Babel.

      How does this family communicate with one another? I'm imagining 5 minute rambling discourses of fragmented half-sentences to communicate "please put toilet paper on the shopping list" or "have you seen  my car keys?" How do they get anything done?

      Anyway, here's the rest of the verse, not that it has anything to do with what he says next.


      Danny's preaching is much like Gary's - dropping names of old-time preachers, frying in Hell (like sausage) for eternity, wanting God to meet with them, we're living in the last days, old rugged cross, torture, KJV is perfect, etc.

      He says his grandfather used to call their county the most backward county in the USA, and now Danny thinks it's a little too far forward.

      Back in them days, he pretended a tobacco stick was a hobby horse and "rode" it, and slid down a hill on a pasteboard box sled - never had a store-bought sled, of course. Much more fun than all them electrical things the kids have now.

      He tells us that Jesus went to Hell for us, and took our place, and he don't care if that harelips a lot of people (he also checks to make sure he's not getting too deep for us).

      "We're raht at the blink of a presidential election, and if it goes the wrong way, oh mah God, one o' these days if we - it could be this, but then was to happen, ah mean it won't be long until ah wouldn't be able to stand up here and preach. We'd have to be in caves, 'n' lahk it used to be."

      "More 'n' more pleasures comin' in the world, more 'n' more riots - have you ever heard the like? Ah mean EHHverybody's got the equal rights now. Ah mean, heheh ah heard a preacher say the other day, you know the barrr* he's got more rahts than we have, the animals, y'all know what ah'm talkin' about, they gotta have their rahts, 'n' EHHhverybody's gotta have their rahts. Anybody when they get rights they have to take it from somthin' 'n' somebody's losin' rahts for thim to git rahts."


      You'd better get saved, because today could be your last day, or even everyone's last day. We're right at the blink!

      Edited by thoughtful
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    • Mama Mia


      On 10/24/2020 at 2:39 PM, Melissa1977 said:

      Blankets were allowed, but beds had no sheets, because too laundry work. I think Zsu did something similar. IMO made children sleep in their day clothes is a decision made out of exhaustion (too laundry again, or too tired sistermoms). Outdoors clothes and no bedsheets... It's not hygienic at all and no comfortable. A little but important detail about the impossibility to properly care for a enormous family.

      Pearls were obsessed about monitoring toilet time for children and not giving them privacy, so Duggars probably share that opinion. This said, monitoring toilet time for 19 children in a house with several bathrooms is impossible. When they had the little house (16 people 2 bathrooms) probably limiting toilet time was necessary.

      When my kids were little I read a tip in Good Housekeeping magazine suggesting putting kids in their days clothes after their baths at night, to save time in the morning. If the kids usually wear sweats and tees, or leggings and tunics, it’s a big help. 

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