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Weather in Iowa

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Now the rain hits

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Last night into today we got two inches of rain.  That might make the yard perk up again since it's been kind of dry lately so when I get back from Des Moines I might have some grass to cut.  I haven't had to mow the lawn in a couple weeks because of how dry it's been, which slows the growth down quite a bit.  (That just prompted me to ask my sister in law if she's still interested in learning how to run the mower here like she offered one time.  If I have to move for work then I'd want someone nearby who can help my parents with the lawn). 

And of course they're saying rain both up here and down in Des Moines over this coming week.  Fornicate.  Why couldn't it hit some other time?  Hopefully it's not raining all the time down in Des Moines and I have some chances to get out and do some riding.

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  • Posts

    • just_ordinary


      12 hours ago, OrchidBlossom said:

      Quick question: do you mean tap water? I’m frantically googling tab water to figure out if it’s some new brand (a la smart water, life water, etc) that I don’t know about? 

      Indeed I do. I fear I might have messed up my phones language recognition and auto correct by using the German and English keyboard interchangeably for both languages. It brings up the most ridiculous things and texts and I don’t catch it sometimes even if I proof read.

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    • danvillebelle


      Five bucks says Honor is swinging on that thing before this week is over.

    • Italiangirl


      Tomorrow is the day of the courtship announcement do you think we will see a magazine story come out today or will they play the surprise card and announce next week after the season finale? Like they will cut the announcement just at the end and left suspense? 

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    • forgetmenow

      Posted (edited)

      2 hours ago, Flyinthesoup said:

      I want their definition of "unfaithfulness"!  In Lisa and RC jr's world, I suspect not doing what your are told/asked to do, could constitute, unfaithfulness.  This stuff is so unbelievable.  I feel for the children.  What heartache.  

      I wonder that, too.  The wording is pretty careful.  Lisa specifically accuses her ex-husbands of infidelities, but the murky charge of "marital unfaithfulness"  is hurled at the late Mrs. Sproul.

      I'm all about discretion, but if she's publicly accusing the Original First Lady of the Sproul Household of adultery, she better come with receipts.  If it's anything other, then shame on her for using deceptive language to damage a dead woman's reputation.  She knows what people will assume when they read these words.

      Edited by forgetmenow
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    • Melissa1977


      1 hour ago, AussieKrissy said:

      Yeah fuck that. Hell it is. This chubby don’t like stairs anyway, I’ll take the highway... 

      I’m curious, and have been thinking. Do people think that the scandals of the molestation and Ashley Madison breaking actually in someway helped free Jill?  Shake off the secrets and address them. Be able to see things in a light outside of her family’s bubble of “forgiveness”. 
      Of course I don’t condone the victims being outed. But I’m looking for a long term upside to it. 

      I get your point, but the whole world knowing you were abused never helps. One thing is that a victim chooses to share information, and a very different one is that the information leaks. Jill and the other victims surely lost a lot of confidence due to being outed. Also it's not that they were assaulted on the street, it was a brother, ugh. 

      It's like when people say that, if you overcome an abuse, you get stronger, so the abuse made you better. No, never, ever. That kind of ideas make the abuse indirectly good and it's a very dangerous thought.


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