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I despise him too!!! He cannot win in Nov!!!

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  • Posts

    • catlady

      Posted (edited)

      5 hours ago, Ozlsn said:

      What's a "dormer"? Dictionary claims it's a window, which seems an odd choice for Shaun to move into.

      I am also debt free apart from my mortgage and credit cards.

      In her case, I would guess that it’s some kind of in-law apartment, a tiny one-bedroom unit over a garage or built onto the back if the main house.  I never heard that word used in this context before either, but then Braggie is super-special and super-smart and way better than us heathen peons.  
      And I’m debt-free too!  If you don’t count my mortgage and credit card.  But I must be as special as Braggie because I don’t owe any money on my 2008 car.😃

      Edited by catlady
      Heathen and heather are not synonyms.
    • ignorantobserver


      28 minutes ago, Melissa1977 said:

      At least Braggie's children have room to move!

      I don't know how much that space is worth if there is no privacy. A giant dorm is better in terms of fire safety, but I doubt it makes much of a difference for the children's quality of life. They would be a lot better off with a lot of smaller rooms.

    • On 10/23/2020 at 10:17 AM, NotQuiteMotY said:

      Don't a lot of people do that? I bought some fiber equipment this year for my hobbies and suspect that while I like those activities the use will be sporadic.

      Oh for sure, but there are degrees. Some people learn to knit, make one hat and call it good. Some people by a bunch of yarn, knit everyone they know a hat for Christmas and then keep a drawer full of yarn for later when they want to knit again and never do. Then there are the ones who learn to knit, convert the guest bedroom into a knitting room and put up a wall of those cube shelves full of fancy expensive yarn and and buy shirts that say "Knit happens" and start an Etsy shop and then a few months later they're done with knitting. 

    • Grace

      Posted (edited)

      13 hours ago, HideousGreenShirt said:

      How much does Invisalign cost on average? 

      Sierra posted a story about taking her kids to the dentist and how she needs quite a bit of work done ($) so she can start Invisalign ($) soon. She was on her way to pottery class ($) after getting lunch ($). 

      Their family finances are inexplicable. 

      I wonder if she's going to get a sponsorship and have the rates greatly reduced or comped for naming the dentist/orthodontist she uses in her social media. I would totally get invisalign if the dentist was going to comp it just for me to talk about it online. ha.

      I just went back and watched her post....lady, you don't need to brush your teeth 3 times a day...you have grown a zillion babies and they have sucked all the nutrients out of your body....you need vitamins or something.  

      Edited by Grace
    • Melissa1977


      4 hours ago, ignorantobserver said:

      If they had the money, why not build an actual house made of materials that will last, even if it looks a little more humble ?

      I'm sure they had a better home before. With better I mean an average quality house, actually built by builders. But she wanted an enormous house with a low budget, and the weird McMansion is the result of that.

      I know the house is unsafe. But when I think about quiverful families living in normal-sized houses, I start to sweat. At least Braggie's children have room to move! Shupes, Andersons, Duggars years ago, they all turn normal houses in jails and firetraps, due to the excess of beds in each room and no privacy.never.ever.

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