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    • hauntedoklahoma


      Doesn’t he have a brother and sister in law in Florida?

    • Natalie22


      I think there are some misconceptions about the Willis case.  First, the sexual abuse did start when they were young, but Jessica mentions that the latest assault happened to her when she was 17.  It clearly was not a one time thing.  It is also clear from what she said about her experience reporting it is that her father seems to have a history of making violent threats and had been physically abusive.  The law enforcement team investigating this told her to cut of contact to her family in case she triggered something that caused her dad to react violently.  They were very careful to arrest him at a time when they could get him away from the family.  There is a lot of evidence that the most dangerous time for victims of abuse is when they leave their abuser, not before.  Depending on what he had threatened before, Brenda may have feared that he would kill her and the kids if she tried to leave.  We do not know of there being a similar case with the Duggars.  

      The other important distinction is both Brenda and Anna's behaviour AFTER the arrests.  Brenda stopped all publicity and worked to focus on her children's wellbeing, including fully cooperating with law enforcement.  Her children have also all made statements of wanting nothing to do with their father and it seems that no one has visited him since he went to prison.  Anna seems to be in complete denial and continues to want her children to be around Josh.  If she didn't she could start proceedings in family court to change this.

    • AmazonGrace


      I am beginning to suspect he finds himself unable to spell

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    • Smee


      I don’t hold them to a different standard. I have sympathy for Anna too, and while I still HOPE she will find the strength to leave, I can understand why she might not be able to. I’m currently reading “See What You Made Me Do” by Jess Hill, which is an excellent and highly researched book about power, coercive control and domestic abuse - I believe there are now UK and US editions of it and I highly recommend if you can get your hands on a copy. It delves in to a lot of the abuse that Anna would be experiencing, why women stay, why men continue to abuse them, and what needs to be done in the broader system and society to change things. And to be clear, when I say “abuse” here I am not speculating that Josh beat Anna, I’m speaking about the kind of abuse that we know fundie women experience, where they are isolated and broken and financially controlled, expected to provide sex on tap, meet impossible standards, and blamed for everything.

      Anna has a responsibility to get her children out, but Josh also has a responsibility to not be a disgusting piece of shit and unworthy father, and him failing to meet that responsibility is a far bigger failure than Anna’s.

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    • Ok folks!  Did you know that Gary has a ?  It's a pity that he doesn't mention his  more often.  Then everyone would know that he has a  and that he likes to organize 🎪..., er  meetings.


      (I really wish he'd slip up and use that circus tent emoji eventually.)

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