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Thoroughly pissed

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I am getting so fucking sick of the handyman we have “working” on things around the house. He makes Alf and Ralph Monroe on Green Acres look like the Scott Brothers. He has been fixing the attic store room for freaking months. He keeps disappearing, and every possible thing that can go wrong for him personally has.

ordinarily, I’d say fuck it and hire someone else, but he’s a family friend...sort of.  
added to all that, he owes us $$ he is supposed to pay us off. By finishing 3 jobs, but at this point I’ll be damned if he gets near my bathroom.

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Oh no, this sounds like trouble. Are you at least happy with how he does the work? What an annoying situation.

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He dumped us on FB in mid August. He owes us a shit load of $. I am pissed and embarrassed because looking back, I see I was love bombed. I hate the idea, but it looks like we will have to take him to court. 

we had friends of our son finish the attic. All the books are up in the attic and mostly organized. We can get the little guy into his own room in a couple weeks. Maybe Halloween.

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  • Posts

    • QuiverFullofBooks


      1 minute ago, AussieKrissy said:

      ok everyone is talking about divinity 

      can someone please explain????? 


      It’s a homemade American candy: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divinity_(confectionery)

      It came up as a pun on Jeremy’s academic program.

    • AussieKrissy


      ok everyone is talking about divinity 

      can someone please explain????? 


    • JermajestyDuggar


      1 hour ago, fundiefan said:

      I wasn't aware people still used Jayden.

      To me, and I know I don't have a ball in this game & it's 100% opinion, Jayden belongs in the same pile as Ashley, Brittney/Brittany/BritHowEverTheHellYouWannaSpellIt and Brandon.

      Overused. The world is saturated with these names and we need a break. And I don't like a single one of them. 

      I know this happens in cycles - a baby name book named "Beyond Jennifer & Jason" is a reminder of that. But - again, entirely personally - I've never grown to actually hate a name no matter how on trend it's been at any given time like I do the four I listed above. 


      I think the problem is also the flow. I know tons of people who use a modern first name and older family member’s name for a middle name. They end up being names like Austin James and Aubrey Elizabeth. These combos flow well.

      Brayden Carl just doesn’t flow at all. There are a lot of Williams in the Bates family. Brayden William would likely flow better in my opinion. Names are subjective and we all have differing opinions. Mine is that her names are so all over the place that they just don’t flow well. Except Kaci Lynn. That does flow. But I hate the spelling of Kaci. 

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    • AussieKrissy


      4 hours ago, raayx01 said:

      Jayden is just so plain, I don't hate it but I don't love it, I thought they were going to do a B because they have two K's, but it makes sense since Whitney's dad is JC, I don't know what it stands for But Jayden with be JC.

      Maybe they like boys names to have a y in the name ??? 

    • Dana723


      19 hours ago, thoughtful said:

      I found videos of three of the four musical groups, so you can hear them without the screaming. The first one is a blood medley, with a "shave and haircut" ending!

      Thank you!  I love bluegrass as well as...I guess they'd be called bluegrass hymns?  I'm not sure what it's called.  But I grew up listening to that kind of music and I enjoy it when it's done right!

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